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That's Hollow Knight down, what a fantastic game. You know, I'm not really sure why people go crazy for a new 2d metroid/castlevania game when indie studios are knocking the genre out of the park.


Apparently my ISP is already fucking with me. Internet has been out from my house most of the day.#ThanksFCC #FuckFCC (probably unrelated but bad timing anyways)


Finished Witcher 3: Blood and Wine, what a perfect end to the series. Although I could probably spend another 100 hours doing side-quests, it will be nice to move on to other games on the never-ending backlog. #TeamYennefer


No new game purchases (so far) this weekend, but did get to see the phenomenal one in a steel cage match from the 4th row. Not a bad weekend.


Cutetoid - Happy Saturday everyone.


On the final challenge of mario. Damn I hate when Nintendo tries to do "super hard" in 3d mario games. It always ends up being way too long and a fucking frustrating slog.


So many Superbowl/Valentines Day babies. Happy Birthday to everyone this week.


#UnpopularOpinion on main game world in Odyssey. (Minor spoiler about world name and opinions on it in comments)


#AccorDtoid (also don't know how to play, yet?) We can start the worst accordion band.


Drinktoid - store band diet mountain dew, coconut rum and vodka. Not the worst thing I've thrown together. Ready to start my Odyssey after food cooks. Anything good y'all are drinking tonight?


Damn those gut punches. I never thought another Nintendo game after Mother 3 would cause such a wealth of emotions . . . but here we are. #SuperMarioOdysseySpoilers


Anyone get into a funk after beating a game? Finally got to the end of Witcher 3 last week. Incredible game, but now I feel meh about playing anything. Guess I could start the DLC, but it has already held up my backlog for months. Hmm decisions.


I may be 2.5 years late, but I finally got to Drunk Geralt + Friends scene in Witcher 3. This might be the greatest cinematic achievement in all of videogames. [Hopefully text is legible below]


#Wallpapertoid - Computer's attempt at art or something. Quote from an article where I found this "The product of an artificial neural network being asked to amplify and pull patterns out of white noise. Michael Tyka/Google"


Hmm looks like I'm getting low. I may need to make an emergency beer run.


Wanted to post a slightly amusing picture of the amount of wine I have sitting in my basement but after hearing about The Orange Fuckface pardoning the racist Shitstain former sheriff, I'm not feeling in a very humorous mood. Fuck these corrupt cunts.


Darn powerball machine, I think they rigged it so it didn't pick my numbers. I'm definitely pouring some more points into Luck next level.


Just found out that Oxford and Merriam-Webster don't agree in the "hotdogs are sandwiches?" debate. The quest for truth continues. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/sandwich https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/sandwich


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