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What are people expecting from the "First core console" Pokemon game in 2019? Hearing people rage about the easily ignorable Let's Go games makes me wonder if their expectations are crazy high for what will probably be games just similar to Sun/Moon.


There is no competition. I've watched the start of Ubisoft's press conference at least 9 times already. This is just amazing.


You win Ubisoft. Every year you bring out Dancing Panda you win E3.


Kingdom Hearts 6.8 done. What a fantastically strange series. Definitely need a break before the next game though. Few quick thoughts in the comments.


On what appears to be the final bosses of dream drop distance. Somehow ended up woefully underleveled even though I didn't skip too many battles. Hmm decisions whether to grind 10 levels, keep bashing my head in on boss attempts, or just watch the ending.


I remember Miiverse ending last year, but I never got this email to download my post history :/ Damn I miss that service. (screenshot from going to miiverse.nintendo.net website)


Dream Drop Distance is strange. Am I supposed to just keep bouncing off the walls until everything is dead?


You did it WWE, Network cancelled. There is only so much terrible booking and shilling for terrible countries I can take.


Damn infinity wars was bold. Never expected Disney to combine all their brands into one cinematic universe. Watching Cap'n ride dumbo into battle has to be one of cinemas greatest achievements. Plus that Jack Sparrow-Rocket scene was glorious.


#InternetUnpopularOpinion - I'm hyped to replay FFXV once all the content is out next year. Prospects of nudist sexy boi band road trip also may be contributing though.


A good dumpster-fire comment section is a welcome treat every now and again.


Well, that's WWE's Mixed Match Challenge done. Some of the most consistently entertaining, bizarre, and fantastic matches each week. Thoroughly sports-entertained, now onto Wrestlemania.


So for anyone that played Kingdom Hearts 2 when it originally come out, did it just make absolutely no sense at the start? I can't imagine most people playing the original chain of memories beforehand. (Let alone 358/2 days coming out years after).


Wife gave me my easter basket early.


#puptoid, unfortunately phone looks like it is uploading picture sideways. Ow well.


Fucking damn repeat boss fight. Whelp, I may be almost done with chain of memories if minor grinding doesn't work, thanks for not having difficulty change options mid game.


Name change. Cause I want to be a cool hip adult whose not using the first user name he could come up with for the original xbox live while in middle school. Hope everyone's having a nice lazy Sunday.


KH playthrough update: I'm really digging Re:Chain of Memories themes and overarching story. They really dive deeper into the idea of memories than I was expecting. Hopefully it sticks the landing (and my patience for the mediocre bits doesn't break).


Part 3 of Clemps' Nier Automata analysis video was released today. He must be a fan of #2BTuesday


Finished Kingdom Hearts last night. This game was definitely written by two very different people (teams?). Half the cut-scenes are super charming, full of Disney magic; the other half is convoluted garbage. Off to Re:Chain of Memories.


Dicking around with a sculting app. Surprisingly easy to make a weird monster things. Not really useful for what I wanted, but fun to play around with for a few minutes.


Problem, I want to play more Kingdom Hearts, but my wife is working tonight and enjoys watching story driven games (still near the beginning so lots of things still happening). Time to find something on my steam game list she won't mind missing.


FF12 finished. Great game, although probably middle of the pack of FF games I've played (6, then 15 or 12, then Type 0). Characters are great. Story is fine, combat ranges from good in boss battles to mindless against scrubs. Overall WesLikesBunnyGirls/10


#Caturday Currently slowly dying in a "smoking room" hotel room. Didn't realize these still existed. Cats aren't here so they're safe from room. Happy Saturday!


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