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Steam: "We have enough server capacity to host legions of shovelware. But we can't handle the one time a year we know we'll be busy."


A quick check on IMDB confirms that John Cleese will not be in Fallout 76. Which automatically means it will not be as good as it could have been.


Why Do We Forgive Blizzard's Homophobia?

Why do we give Blizzard a pass for homophobia? Now before a bunch of folks toss out the token maybe lesbian in Overwatch, I want to remind them that it used to be corporate policy for them to ban any mention of LGBT issues in World of Warc...


The Question of Queerbomb

It’s no secret that the term safe space has been turned into an amorphous blob of a thing. Made into a strawman not so much made of straw, but dryer lint soaked in gasoline. And safety, or perhaps the illusion thereof, has become an even ...


Also, unrelated to drag queens and gay shit. I haven't had a Razer mouse last longer than two years. What the fuck? For like 60 bucks I expect it to at least keep pace with my Chucks.


Havens and Handgrenades

It has been a number of days since I last wrote. And that's partially because I have been rather busy. But also because what I want to write about is more than a little close to those tender spots where I have to recognize my mortality, an...


Oh hey, this is topical towards my upcoming blog post: Twitch.Tv/HavenCon (Crossplay drag show)


Vegas Oddsmakers are now branching out into Twitch streaming. Offering very lucrative odds for anyone willing to bet Logan Paul won't say the N word within his first month on twitch.


Drove by the wreckage of a serial bomber's last stand on my way to work this morning... Another things video games gets wrong. Thank god.


Reflections on Rukus

The Obama-era queer kids are a different make and model from the Bush-era ones. That’s the excuse I like to give myself when I try and measure up to the folks a few years younger. They’ve a certain hope and confidence that I can’t hel...


About to post blog about furry shit. Website says "Are you human?" Well fuck...


Falling Back Into Things

With every new gimmicky fast food creation, I find myself flocking to the drive thru. I enjoy each new thing they realize they can replace with fried chicken. Though everything from those places tastes like the same thing: Rome before the...


One week after the Furry convention I find myself playing A Night in the Woods. This feels like a reverse slippery slope.


This year I intend to get into the spirit of the season by continually eating Christmas Cookies until I am jolly.


On Shoving it Down People's Throats

There’s an episode of Ally McBeal’s first season. It involved a Ally getting a transgender off a prostitution charge. And a job at the law firm. I was excited for a moment, looking up the actor who played the character. Only to find ou...


One of these days I'll write a blog that's not mildly depressing. Or I may die tomorrow on my way to work. Both are possible outcomes.


Comments on Community

I suppose I’ve always been a bit of a loner. I’ve had a few friends that were close. Comrades in arms and humor. But as time has passed, there’s a handful that have stuck around. And a smaller handful that I’ve let stay. I’ve purg...


Lifehack: Save money on games by making Bubsy your custom character on Sonic Forces


Schadenfreude Salesmanship

I’ve decided to buy Fortnite. When I get paid tomorrow I’m going to buy it. And it will be wonderful. I only played one round, and while I do enjoy it, and find the art style to be breath of air to my usual pixel faire; it is a schadenf...


I like to write existential bathroom graffiti. "You'll never get these moments of your life back"


Death Drama

I got drunk about a week and a half ago, banged out a rather heartfelt smattering of words. And I’m not sure if I made it live on this site or not. I hope not. Because that will make this version a bit more awkward. A friend of mine is s...


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R5H1YJobH2A Oh hey, this only has like... 15k views. Shame on you, internet! Shame on you!


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