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Pooping is shit, I will make it better.

Why no, this is not videogame related. We all must poop, yet the act of evacuating one's bowels is not very exciting. Relieving oneself is not an emotional experience, nor does launching a sub help us better understand the human conditio...


Dtoid UK: My Curse & My Cure

It would appear that I have somewhat of a curse hanging over my head when it comes to Destructoid meet ups. For PAX 09, I bailed on the last day due to falling terribly ill, I still feel I made the right call but I still wonder what it wou...


Dtoid/Capcom Prize EPIC Unboxing!

I awoke this morning (9:17am to be precise!) to a loud banging, the kind of banging that can only be made when someone decides to ignore the letterbox and bang their fists against the door as if all of Hells minions were after them. I was n...


Left 4 Bed 2: The raunchy sequel to Left 4 Bed

NSFW AUDIO! Hey everyone! Been a long time since I first made Left 4 Bed. I had no idea how big that video was going to get! So with the release of the Left 4 Dead 2 demo on PC, I was finally able to make the long awaited (by me) sequel! ...


I got Interviewed for being Internet Famoose�

The following is an interview that took place a few weeks ago for the British newspaper the Daily Evening. DailyEvening: So what inspired you to make �Left 4 Bed�? TYS: Well, ever since I was a small child I�ve always had a fascination wi...


Epic Euro FNF Recap Video

This would be longer, but I got bored. Enjoy! For best viewing you should probably go to youtube to watch it in high quality, but if you're too lazy to do that, I don't judge you, much. (Also, this took AGES to fucking edit, not that you...


Left 4 Bed: Bill is a bad bad man

After playing the awesome Left 4 Dead demo a lot, I couldn't help but notice something about Bill..... something sinister . I bring to you this exclusive expos� that Valve doesn't want you to see! The real reason you shouldn't wander ...

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Feel the Hatred: Sephiroth

[It's not a theme about hating stuff in videogames without a blog about Sephiroth. -- CTZ] Final Fantasy VII was the first proper RPG I’d ever played. I think my favourite game prior to that was probably Sonic the Hedgehog. That kind ...


Euro FNF Video Recap/Montage!

Last week BunnyRabbit2 posted a Photo Recap of that weeks EuroFNF. I've decided to show him up and create a video recap of the fun times! Good times were had all round and the lag didn't hit quite as hard this week. I look forward to the ...



I know I can't win this contest, but I'll be damned if I wasn't going to enter. Plus I can't let Wardrox have all the fun. So I made this video, in keeping with the theme of the meme, it's pretty random and took far too long to make. Enj...


My Pointless GTA IV Video

I recently (yesterday) bought myself an external video capture card, something I've always wanted. So naturally, I need to get the hang of how this thing works. So I made this video to get the hang of it. There really isn't much of a point...


Gaming conventions that need to die: Doors

Yes, you read correctly, doors, or more accurately, locked doors. Locked doors have been the bane of gamers for decades, constantly slowing down progress and tempting us with the unimaginable riches that lie mere inches away on the oppo...


About Jamie McGinnone of us since 9:41 PM on 02.22.2008

A PC gamer at heart, but with soft spot for consoles, Jamie is very passionate about games.

A long term fan of Destructoid, he now makes his own video series called "Challenge Scot", in which he attempts to complete various self imposed challenges in different games.

May or may not be an international man of mystery.

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