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Happy New Year Nathan D, Inquisitive Ravenclaw and EtosiTAK. You all are extremely okay people, I guess. And I hope you have a perfectly above average day! :D


The interview went really well! Rare's offices are amazing, it's such a beautiful site. And they have Banjo and Conker statues as you drive in! And a Battletoads statue in the main building! And a spoopy skeleton pirate! What a cool place.


20 minutes to my interview. Wish me luck guys.


I'm feeling this sick drop Mr Krabs


Well, I hear you whispering the words, to melt everyone. But you stay so cool.


Man, it's a hot one.


Who? Whom? Whomst? Whomst'd? W H O M S T ' D ' V E


Rare have short-listed me for that data analyst job. I have a interview on Friday. Fuck guys, it's happening man, it's happening!


I miss Yoseph. RIP in pieces brotha.


I really like this channel. Putting animals into videogame-esque tier lists is genius!


2 truths, 1 lie. A) I once pushed my friend into a river for da lolz B) I got my first mobile phone when I turned 17 C) I almost accidentally gored someone with a javelin in school. ANSWERS WITHIN!


This is the greatest pants related stranger danger video ever.


FFXV is done. Platinum obtained. Menace dungeons complete (goddamn Coastalmark and Steyliff Grove). All side objectives complete. All hunts done. There is nothing more in this game for me and I'm so sad it's over. :(


Watched Hunie Boo Boo for the first time today. The urge to commit sudoku is so strong right now.


I know what I'm doing this weekend.


Merry 4th of July Dere. You're a pretty okay dude with a highly hyperactive colon.


I've got an interview for that position at Rare! Lets hope I don't fuck it up.


'Dancing Mad' is one of the best pieces of Final Fantasy music. It's tells a complete story through music alone. In fact, that final boss is probably one of the best in the series. Real happy I played FFVI, even if it ranks 4th on my FF list.


I've applied for a job as a Data Analyst at Rare. Really hoping I get it. I think I'll need to actually play a Rare game though. Can't really gush about how good Uncharted 4 or Horizon Zero Dawn is during their interview!


As I am unable to make up my mind, I'll ask you guys. Which blog idea pique's your interest the most? 1) Retrospective on Ico (and SotC and TLG eventually). 2) Thoughts on FFXV 3) FFXII retrospective 4) Top 10 anime battles 5) No blog because I suck ass.


FFXV is done. I believe I can confidently call it my second favourite FF. Everything it gets wrong pales in comparison to what it does right. It's rough and rushed but I just love it so much. If this is what future FF will be, I'm fully on board.


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