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Traded in a bunch of shit games (Xenoblade Chronicles 2, The Surge, No Mans Sky, Fallout 4, Watch Dogs). Picked up Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, Dishonoured: Death of the Outsider and AC Origins Deluxe. Never traded games in before. Very much worth it!


Have an excellent Father's Day everyone. I will be making my yearly pilgrimage to the shops to see if daddy is there. What have you all got planned?


Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is done. 5/10. I'm done with this shit series and these shit devs. Atrocious writing, an uncountable number of awful design decisions, uneven visuals and music and to top it off, bad framerate. But onto better things. Golf Story!


So what was everyone's game of E3? Mine is Ghost of Tsushima. It looks amazing, both technically and aesthetically. Great music, smooth looking gameplay, interesting premise. The animations looked a little unpolished but yeah, blew me away. TLOU2 2nd.


'Make a girl cry, that's not gonna fly. Make a girl smile, you pass the trial'. Please kill me.


Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is really mediocre. It's combat is worse than XCX. It's story is worse than XC1. It's characters are just bleh. It's anime bullshit and not the good kind. And it disrespects my time so much. Endless filler and crap. Meh I say.


Why do birds suddenly appear, Everytime Dr Pepper is near. Just like me, they want to have, tooth decay.


One of these days, Disney will release a blu ray steelbook for The Black Cauldron. And I will be most pleased. Best skeleton Eva.


Did you guys know that the artist formerly known as Vadicta, Kyle Yadlosky, really likes Pearl Jam? I think we should spam him with Pearl Jam. He would really like that, for sure. This is for you bruh.


A scene taken from the childhood of Torchman.


Leaked screenshot from the long anticipated Kingdom Hearts 3.


Getting ready for the weekend. Two great movies and a picture of a guys massive package. #blessed


When I turn 64, I'm gonna tell them people, I'm gonna tell them: "don't say I'm 64 because that would devalue the value of 4. Say I'm four fours fours". I see the corners of the world that you lowly worms cannot even imagine. Time Cube 4 lyfe.


Why is Mario x Rabbids: Kingdom Battle so good? Like, it's so much fun. It should not be this fun. Has someone spiked Ubisoft's drinks? Even the Rabbids aren't as nauseatingly annoying as I thought they'd be. Weird times man.


That's Breath of the Wild done. 90 shrines, 100 something Korok seeds, all main quests. Really enjoyed my time with it. Some issues, most minor and a couple big ones. There's so much potential for a better sequel. 9/10. A sign of greater things to come.


Got some thoughts on weapon durability in BotW: I think the system works really well. I get a steady supply of new weapons to replace old ones, it creates some needed tension, I use the environment more. It's great. What's the beef people had?


This is my favourite God of War meme.


This is who I want to be when I grow up.


Breath of the Wild is a real special game. It's one of those games, like God of War or Bloodborne. It comes around and just changes what you want and expect from the medium. It's not perfect no, same as Bloodborne and Dad of War. But it's so damn amazing.


Breath of the Wild: The Phantom Pain is pretty damn great so far. The adventures of Punished 'Venom' Link are going swimmingly. But man, it really does feel like Nintendo looked at MGSV and Far Cry and went 'we can do that but with swords'.


Finished Mario Odyssey. Not going to get all the moons, a bit too Ubisoft-collectathon for me. But man, what a fantastic game. Great finale too (SM3DW was better but got stale long before the end). Best Mario game I've played. 9.5/10. Onto Zelda now!


It's been real interesting playing Super Mario Odyssey right after God of War. Two games that are almost diametrically opposite in every way. And they are top of the class in their respective realms. If I had to pick one, God of War. But it's damn close.


Super Mario Odyssey is really damn good you guys.


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