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Been bed-ridden for a couple days due to flu. I seem to get this every year and it never ceases to infuriate me. But it is a great excuse to binge films! On that note; the Lone Wolf and Cub films are amazing. Definitely recommeded.


Finished #Darksiders2, really good game. Dumb story but those are fun ass dungeons. Started #Darksiders3 and just beat Wrath. All I was thinking was 'this is basically Dark Souls now'. It's still really fun though! Hard as balls too.


Thank you to my secret santa for sending me this! Received it a while ago and it is gorgeous. Will go nicely next to my Bloodborne one. You da real MVP Secret Santa!


Have you guys ever wondered what Hypno gets up to on the weekend? Well, I have some photographic evidence. Despicable.


My boring boss and my boring co-worker were talking about tax evasion. All I could think while they droned on was "PRIDE FEEDS THEIR BLACKENED HEARTS. AND THE THIRST MUST BE QUENCHED TO FUEL HYPOCRISY."


I decided to buy get #Darksiders3 in the end. My apprehension over the quality of the game did not win over my desire to support the series. On that note, going through #Darksiders2 now and man, it's so good. Death is the edgiest edgelord ever, love him!


I think I'll be cancelling my #Darksiders3 pre-order. Just can't justify it for what sounds like a merely okay game. There's far too many games this year to play to spend money and time on mediocre. Ah well, it'll be £20 in a couple months, that'll do.


May I stand unshaken. Amid, amidst a crash of worlds?


The life and times of young Torchman


I got my PSVR today. Played The Playroom and it's amazing. Honestly, just being able to look around you is crazy immersive. However...I now feel incredibly nauseous and have a headache. Hopefully it passes but still, man, what a trip. RE7 VR will kill me!


Been on a 70s-80s jazz/funk binge recently. Bobby Caldwell, John Coltrane, Robin Kenyatta, Rob Ayers. It all serves to remind me how much good music there is to hear and the small amount of time I have to hear it. Good shit man.


Cool Cat Saves the Kids is genuinely one of the funniest films I've ever seen. Right up there with Birdemic and Manos. Can't wait for the sequel; Cool Cat Stops a School Shooting (not even a joke).


Hi I have a question for a friend, you guys know a good way to remove blood and semen from a car boot? Unrelated question: where can I procure strong and durable garbage bags and some hydrocloric acid (for medicinal purposes?) Answers on a postcard.👊


Happy Birthday Flanx, the realest bruh on the Dtoids. May your day be on fleek and your night spicy.


The latest haul. Lotta good shit right here.


I did my part and voted with all my heart, will and groin. The Actual Charles Heston for President 2K18. Also, happy birthday Kevin and Descruff! You guys are alright I guess!


Happy Birthday Chris. You are a great guy and I'd touch your butt anyday.


Falling off a small cliff while on my horse in Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of my gaming highlights of the year. Those physics are so good and hilarious!


After finishing Shadow of the Tomb Raider, all I can say is that I'm glad this trilogy is over. Truly awful. Expect some further writing on it and the other two games soonish. The wasted potential is what kills me most man. :( SAD!


I had a salmon and cream cheese sandwich today. First time I had it. So bloody good. And then I had Stroopwaffles and tea. Best. Lunch. Ever.


I don't want to set the world on fire. I just want to start a flame in your butt.


My whisky odyssey continues. Had some Johnnie Walker Black Label, is some good whisky man. For the price, pretty much can't beat it. My mate has a bottle of Jameson 18 that he wants to crack open over the weekend and I am so there. Good shit man.


The Suntory Chita is a damn fine whisky. Nice and light, pleasant flavours. I'm a bit of a whiskey newb and don't drink much, so the alcohol part was quite strong for me but still, enjoyed it. Think I'll save the Glenfiddich 15 for tomorrow. 169% turnt.


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