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Top 10 anime romances


I have now achieved the single greatest achievement of my adult life.


I forgot it was International Men's Day yesterday. My favourite male character in games so far.


I don't know why this made me laugh so much.


Perfect Blue is such a incredible film. Y'all uncultured mofo's who ain't seen it gotta watch it asap.


Me when my sister wants pineapple on the pizza


Welp. Congratulations Deck 13. You did it. I'm officially done with The Surge. After crashing on me 5 times during a boss fight, I just don't give a fuck. Worst game of the year and worst developer of the year. Trading this shit in asap.


Ahh, you were at my side all along. My true mentor...my guiding ass chainsaw.


I got so salty with The Surge (seriously what a shit game) that when I went to pee, I slipped on the bathroom floor and went ass first into my bath. Not even mad doe. Current status:


It's pretty unlikely but I would kill so many babies to get the Emperor's New Groove in Kingdom Hearts 3. Underutilised Disney IP right there.


I didn't think a souls like game could be worse than Lords of the Fallen. But The Surge. The Surge is so much worse. Cheap, unbalanced, bland, boring, tedious drivel. This is the first time in months where I straight up want to stop playing. Ughhh.


My cat is getting into the Christmas spirit.


I feel like this is something that would appeal to you guys.


Just popping in to say that I'm taking a break from Dtoid. I'll be back when I feel like it. See you guys.


I've not finished Hearts of Stone yet but I think I might just have to call it now. This questline may just be the best one in the game. At least, it's damn close to the Bloody Baron's. Have to see how it ends but man, it's so fucking good.


I was reading some 'guides' on British etiquette and found this passage rather amusing. "The English avoid speaking in superlatives. "I am quite pleased," means they are extremely happy."


Shani is best Witcher waifu. I will not hear any talk to the contrary. Also, the wedding mission is hilarious and wonderfully written.


Man, I forgot how much I loved The Witcher 3. Going through the Hearts of Stone DLC is fantastic. So pretty. The writing is bloody fantastic too. The way all the new locations intertwine to tell over-arching and personal stories is divine. Magnificent.


Toto-Africa but sung by Mike 'Tone Deaf Muthafucker' Martin.


This will always be my favourite Resident Evil game.


Here come dat skeleton, oh shit waddap


I have changed my avatar to coincide with this month of spoopy stuff. There is now an invisible skeleton next to me. Can you spot it?!


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