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Been thinking a lot recently about games that had me excited and exceeded my expectations. It's always great when games are better than what you thought they'd be! I'll list some of mine in the comments. What games exceeded your expectations?


Video game acting still has not gotten better than this.


What do you guys think I should play next. Deadly Premonition: Origins or The Legend of Zelda: Link's Sexual Awakening.


Current status: Playing FFX for the the first time. 'To Zanarkand' is beau-ti-ful. I'm a sucker for piano. Tidus seems highly mentally ill, the rest of the cast just moderately. It's like aliens trying to communicate. I kinda love it haha.


The new secret encounter in the FF8 Remaster is pretty weird.


I was like 5 in the 90's but most of the stuff I love is from that decade. Alice in Chains, Evangelion, PS1 demo discs. What a decade.


Priase be the whip that marketh mine back. Praise be the merciful blood that pools beneath mine feet. Praise be the holy penitence I undertake, to rid my soul of sin. For we are all at the mercy of the miracle. Blasphemous is great.


This made me smile. What a load of hoopla.


If FF7R: Part 2: Remake Harder does not include this baller track, i'mma throw hands so hard in this bish.


Been thinking of the best music from this generation of consoles. Immediately went to this but there was so much fantastic music. 'Ludwig's Theme' from Bloodborne and 'Weight of the World' from Nier Assmata are big shouts.


I love this track from Majora's Mask. Good times man.


I really loved the FF7 Remake and can't wait for the second part. Playing Doom Eternal and, besides the Maruader who is genuinely terrible, it slaps hard. Also @Bass, you're GOTY awards VN is amazing. Everyone go try it, genuinely great!


I hate you Marzano


Chapter 9 of FF7 Remake is just amazing. Square honestly nailed everything. I was crying of laughter by the end. Might be an unpopular opinion but, so far, the remake is far superior to the original. Everything feels so much richer and fleshed out.


Is Materia an instrument?


Happy birthday MattIGuess, Jasonm300 and Occams. You're all pretty fly.


Hip Hop De Chocobo is the greatest Final Fantasy song of all time.


Mine and Goof's relationship in a nutshell


My cat lives life on the edge, one paw from death. No tissue box can hold him.


Carole Fucking Baskin created Covid-19 to make sure Tiger King was successful. Change my mind.


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