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Do you remember that time in Kingdom Hearts when Malifiecent wanted to kill Santa Claus?


I think I'm in love with Slay the Spire. There's so many little choices and decisions, so much planning but when do you it right, it's just amazing. Managed to finish Ironclad (took 3 runs) and Silent (7 runs). Onto Defect. So good.


I was perusing my old WhatsApp messages and saw a message from myself to my sister. It said 'My dress size is 3XL in womens measurements. My bra size is ­čů▒´ŞĆoneless'. I'm so confused.


Rage 2 has no business being as fun as it is. It's pretty unambitious and generic but man, it feels too good to shoot stuff. And the mix up of powers and shit is really nice. Bit of a sleeper hit for me so far!


That's Death Stranding done with platinum. 87 hours, 1800 packages, 27,000 kilos of cargo hauled. I really like it, in the same way I like Journey or Red Dead Redemption 2. Not my favourite games, not the best games but they have something special. 9/10.


I was playing Death Stranding, got my truck stuck between 2 rocks, mashed the jump button and went flying across the map. Truly, a weapon to surpass Metal Gear. Trucks That Kill. We'll make them give back our BB's!


I just had a brilliant idea: Death Stranding themed gender reveal parties. What a spicy thought.


Our boy Caspian has a Kickstarter for his gaming magazine, 'A Profound Waste of Time 2'. The first is one of my favourite kickstarters to have backed. Was very happy with it. Give it a look! (Link in comments).


You know, few people realise that Death Stranding was actually supposed to release on the PS3. True story. Had a completely different story too.


This really should have been an alternate or unlockable skin in-game.


Current status (and loving it)


Medievil remake is done and platinum got. Really fun throwback and Sir Dan needs another game. Or at least, a remake Medievil 2. I love how each level has something new and the rapid pace. It's just one thing after another, so good. 8/10.


Merry Halloween Chris 'One of the Boys' Moyse. You're a national treasure my man.


I got some films! Also cat.


The Outer Worlds saved my marriage, cured my male pattern baldness and taught my kids algebra. AND it still had time to make me a pizza. Jebus bless you Obsidian.


When you've beaten every mission with an A rank and can't stop, won't stop because Valkyria Chronicles 4 is too good.


Watched Halloween 1978 for the first time a few days ago. Such a good film. Surprisingly low key and arty. Loads of tension throughout and that music is perfect. Mike Myers is mow my top horror movie bad guy, with Paula Deen a close second.


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