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My gaming wish for 2021 is that I can finally play a video game that doesn't kill my damn horse for the feels. My heart can't take no more horse death, I swear down. Also, Bloodborne 2: Blood Harder please.


Desperados 3 is amazing. I didn't know I wanted a Real Time Tactical Stealth Cowboy Simulator until I started playing it. Super cool.


I've beaten Android Apartheid Simulator 2K18. I really liked it! Definitely the best Quantic Dream game. Crazy good looking, interesting situations. Subtle as a brick and a bit too dramatic. Kara's ending got me, that was so good. 8/10.


The Lord was a savage. Judas got done dirty.


I stand with my brothers from other mothers Anthony, 🅱️ass and Vince. Monogatari 4 lyfe.


This is easily my favourite Chinese cartoon opening. If you remember this OP, you had a good childhood.


28 STAB WOUNDS! YOU DIDN'T WANT TO LEAVE HIM A CHANCE, DID YOU?! I am really liking Detroit: Become Woke so far. Connor is bae.


Did that backloggd thing and...yikes. This is like 60% of my PS4, Switch and Vita collection. Barely even looked at PS1/2/3 or DS/3DS or PC or mobile.


My exploration of Nietzsche continues. Current status:


Finally getting around to reading Thus Spoke Zarathustra. Current status:


This fight crab music absolutely slaps. 👋👋👋


Sometimes we must suffer for fashion.


Merry Halloween Blues & Hlarge4. Y'all aight.


The most powerful hero in animated history.


Hey everyone, Autumn is coming. You know what that means? It's gonna be Fall Guys. Ultimate Knockout.


XCOM 2 is pretty fun but man, I like Mutant Year Zero so much more. I think it's the world, Mutant has such a cool world and XCOM is so sterile, generic even. Plus, one has a gritty talking duck. Clearly superior.


The birthday swag has come in, good shit this year. I'mma put those whiskey stones to good use. Best gift is in the comments doe.


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