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If anyone wants to watch an awesome Irishman build the Dragonslayer from Berserk, here ya go.


The old timers will get this.


I have it on good authority that the upcoming Spiderman game is based on this version of Spiderman.


Merry Christmas Panda! You're my favourite member of the Ursidae family!


Happy Birthday Wes and Larx! A couple of stand up guys.


Secret chapter from the young life of Mike 'Fingerbang ' Martin.


Current mindsplosion status:


Anyone got any opinions on these books? I bought them purely because they were hardcovers with nice artwork. :P (Torchman sabotaged me last time, everyone go egg his house)


I was watching the darts championship (don't ask) and they started playing Evanescence. Yeah, that song. My fam were wondering why I was giggling.


The weekend is finally here. I'm shattered. Waking up at 6:30am for the 70 minute drive to work is rough. But it's been a productive week! Had lots of fun, great place and great people. And the new car is so nice. Things are coming up Millhouse.


The first week at work has been great! Lots of learning, too many excel spreadsheets, many many coffee's. And Happy Birthday Naked! You're great!


I come to you today as someone who carries within him the true aspirations of America. From the dawn of history, mankind has played in this cradle called β€œEarth.” But humanity must leave the nursery behind! We will build a Gundam and Mexico will pay!


Shocking real life behaviour from ZombZ.


I...remember...shooting a local school,... I did it...to Snow Halation. -Bass, 2017


Spongebob is my A E S T H E T I C.


Confirmed secret boss in Kingdom Hearts 3.


You know what, fuck my cunt ass car. My mum offered to help me buy a new one and I can pay her back and I'm going for it. Called up work and I'm starting next week now. There's always a silver lining guys. My blood type is B Positive, feel me. πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘


My first day at work. And my car breaks down 2 minutes from my house. I want to step out my car and stand in traffic. Literally the first time my car has given me grief. Oh well, could be worse. Could be Torchman.


Here is my prediction for what 2018 will be to us, from a political, sociological, psychological, anthropological, philosophical, supercalifragilisticexpialidociousical perspective. B U T T E R E D T O A S T.


"I hate the moon-I am afraid of it-for when it shines on certain scenes familiar and loved it sometimes makes them unfamiliar and hideous." Thought of this yesterday during my midnight stroll. The death and birth of a year is a scary time. #Existentialism


Has anyone taken a look at Eurogamer's staff top 50 games of the year? They put Mass effect Andromeda and For Honour over Persona 5, Nier, Nioh and Horizon. I can't even.


"Darkness within darkness", "Dream within a dream" "Time travel" "I'm Xehanort, you're Xehanort, everyone is Xehanort". Kingdom Hearts 3D is a mess. Not just story but in so many other ways. Better than CoM and Re:Coded but only just. Nomura have mercy.


I would like to put forward video evidence that Obama is, in actual fact, the lead singer from Korn.


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