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Happy Birthday Occams and jasondm300! You are both great guys and I am happy to tolerate your existences.


4 hours into Dad of War. Yeah, this is something special. Seriously. Combat is really engaging and juggling all these new moves and abilities and Atreus together gets complex fast. And this is still a God of War game. Brutal moves shit man.


Dad of War has arrived. And the limited edition is fantastic.


You know that feeling when you shit in the bath and think, 'I should really clean that'. But you need to get up for work in 5 hours so you go 'ah it's fine'. Then in the middle of the night you hear screaming and crying from the bathroom? Yeah me neither.


Shadow Warrior 2 is the funnest 6/10 game I've ever played. It's wonderfully mediocre yet great fun. Perfect to tide me over till Dad of War. Speaking of: spoileric picture of Jormungandr.


The next 8 days till Dad of War are going to feel very, very long. But more importantly than that: Happy Birthday Shade! You are amazingly okay!


What I have learned from Until Dawn.


I was listening to the Evangelion soundtrack on the drive home from work. Takes me to a good place man.


You know, I was pretty surprised when the big bad guy in Until Dawn turned out to be a guy in a Spiderman mask. But when they removed the mask and it was Occams, I was super surprised. But then they removed his face and it was Jimmy Page! What a twist!!


Actual picture of Larx with his true master. (Colorised, 1943)


Two-Lane Blacktop is such a excellent film. Probably my favourite road film. Glad I picked up the steelbook for it. Also, I'd forgotten I'd finished Quantum Break last month. Shows how mediocre and forgettable the game is really.


Man, these steelbooks are totes gorge.


This new cut content from Bloodborne is amazing.


I got the hottest new look right here. Get it while it's still fresh and spicy.


Beat a few games in March. Lara Croft GO, Small Radios Big Televisions, Observer, Dragon's Dogma, Yakuza 0, Hatoful Boyfriend, Skyforce Anniversary, Crackdown. Pretty productive. Extended thoughts within but quick tease: Dragon's Dogma is 6/10.


Wake me up Inside. Now with brand new Funky Mode.


Not turned my Bone on since March of last year but still picked up Prey (X360 version) and Crackdown 1 for it. I might just blow through my Bone backlog this month and then look to sell it. Anyone in the UK looking for a near mint Bone, hit me up!


Occams is my favourite member of The Offspring. I hear he's also the lead singer of Led Zeppelin too. What a swell guy.


Yakuza 0 is unbelievably immersive. Just walking around 80's Tokyo is a so good. Also a chicken and a 14 year old girl are managing my real estate ventures. Also, underground bikini wrestling. Also also, Walking Erection. What a joyous experience.


Well, that's Steins:Gate finished. Shouldn't have played it so soon after Shadow of the Colossus, I'm just a mess of feels. Goddamn. Fantastic game though, perhaps even better than the anime.


A traumatic scene from my childhood that I wished to share with you all. In fully 144p glory.


Got the Suzuha ending in Steins;gate. Feels bad man. Feels really, really, really bad. Like a black hole has crushed my heart and sucked out the joy. Goddammit videogame, let people be happy.


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