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Dat feeling when you think you farded but you actually shidded


Oi u, whatchu lookin' at, want some do ya 'ave so o that. Bish bash bish bash bosh whatchu lookin at 'ave somma that. This game was made in Dreams and I am amazed.


Look ma, I'm in a video game!


please liek and subcribe if dis happen to u too, follow my insta @immortalgajknight12 and like my bebo and live journal okay thx bye


Man, who knew the characters in Kingdom Hearts 3 were so toxic to each other. Social media was a mistake imo.


The most terrifying creature in Breath of the Wild.


Flipping heck mun, I'm proper knackered 'n that I am. Been on me feet all the live long day, Gaj do this, Gaj do that. Crikey mun, it'll be t' death o' me I swear on me mam's knickers. Now ta put me feet up 'n sip a nice cuppa, that'll do me nicely.


I am adoring Ni No Kuni 2. Especially it's soundtrack. Utterly sublime.


I've never understood why people say white people have no culture. So blatantly untrue.


Most people remember 2006 by the FIFA World Cup, the Mumbai Train Bombings or when Pluto stopped being a planet. Me...this was my highlight of 2006.


Lets party like it's 2007


That Final Fantasy 7 Remake is looking good mang


That is the Sekiro platinum sorted. An exceptional game, really pushed me hard and forced me to learn it's in and outs. I really hope we get a sequel, there is so much potential here. Dunno if it beats KH3 but it's damn close.


Community shout-out to Sharukurusu for sending me a game. What a swell dude! I'd totes touch his butt, no homo.


Hottester take: Sekiro is basically the Dark Souls of Rock Band clones.


Remember guys. Stay woke.


I feel woah right now. Real woah.


A new hero approaches...


The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legend. Legend fades to myth, and even myth is long forgotten when the Age that gave it birth comes again. Dat boi is dead but he will live on in my heart. Farewell friend.


Dey c me rollin', o shit, patrollin', tryna catch me waddup dirty.


I have another organ that expands when I see something I love. My heart. It really hurts and I have had several heart attacks. This is why I do not love anymore. Current status:


I read this magazine for the in-depth interviews of successful boi's, not the spicy bewbs.


In celebration of Sekiro and FROMsoftware in general, please enjoy this brand new and tangentially related flavour of your friendly neighbourhood boi.


He is dank. He is totally spicy. He is 3 million light years from Waddup. The unicycle. The wokeness. The shit. The boi... that started it all.


Boi 1: Hell, these boi's deserve to be as dank as me. They memed just as hard. Boi 2: Is that what I'm supposed to tell your mother when she gets another dank, spicy meme? Boi 1 : You tell her that when you found me, I was with the only boi's I had left.


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