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Wake me up Inside. Now with brand new Funky Mode.


Not turned my Bone on since March of last year but still picked up Prey (X360 version) and Crackdown 1 for it. I might just blow through my Bone backlog this month and then look to sell it. Anyone in the UK looking for a near mint Bone, hit me up!


Occams is my favourite member of The Offspring. I hear he's also the lead singer of Led Zeppelin too. What a swell guy.


Yakuza 0 is unbelievably immersive. Just walking around 80's Tokyo is a so good. Also a chicken and a 14 year old girl are managing my real estate ventures. Also, underground bikini wrestling. Also also, Walking Erection. What a joyous experience.


Well, that's Steins:Gate finished. Shouldn't have played it so soon after Shadow of the Colossus, I'm just a mess of feels. Goddamn. Fantastic game though, perhaps even better than the anime.


A traumatic scene from my childhood that I wished to share with you all. In fully 144p glory.


Got the Suzuha ending in Steins;gate. Feels bad man. Feels really, really, really bad. Like a black hole has crushed my heart and sucked out the joy. Goddammit videogame, let people be happy.


W H E N Y O U R K R A B B Y P A T T Y T A K E S Y O U T O Y O U R H A P P Y P L A C E. . .


Happy Valentines Day! I bought flowers for my mum, as I do every year and will do every year because I'm a good little boy. Hope you all had I good one. I'mma go back to my crippling loneliness now k thx bye.


Downloaded all of Soundgarden's stuff to my phone. The drive to and from work should be much more enjoyable now. I'll probably just end up putting 'Black Hole Sun' on loop though.


6 Colossi down and I already hate myself. Good times man. SotC remake is so gorgeous. The lighting, the fur, the water effects. It's incredible. So happy to see this game get a well deserved update. Think I might do a picture blog like I did with Journey.


"Silence, you unfaithful bastard! All your 2D wives are crying". Holy shit, Steins;gate is hilarious. Loved the anime and loving the game.


This weekend is gonna be amazing. Just me and Shadow of the Colossus. Oh man. Oh yeah, other stuff is nice too.


Cats and Alice in Chains. The ultimate combination.


I have a headache, one of the worst I've had in months. Was seeing double on the way home, shouldn't have driven to be honest. And yet, this song was in my head for the entire 80 minute drive.


A #Shoutouttoid to my boy RocketKnight. You may be the worst of the Knights but you're still pretty okay. A Dtoid old timer and a real gem of a guy.


This #Shoutouttoid goes to a guy who's the real cream of the crop. When I'm down, he and his inspirational words are there to pick me up. A swell guy, kind, considerate, pure athlete. And goddamn handsome to boot. No-one can do it better. i cri evry tiem


Silent music videos need to be a thing.


I wish I had a brother. I feel I missed out on some potentially amazing times.


Actual cutscene from Kingdom Hearts 3


Wes asked me to the prom but then stood me up to play Halo 2 with his frat boys. What a douchenozzle.


Monster Hunter World has sold 5 million copies in a weekend, more than the previous Monster Hunters have. And some dumbasses thought Monster Hunter would fail on console and should be handheld only. Truly hilarious.


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