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You know a game is bad when a character does the heroic self sacrifice routine and you just burst out laughing. Homefront: The Revolution is abysmal. Don't play it. Onto an actually good game (I hope). Nioh 2!


A look at the inner workings of my mind at 3AM in the morning.


Jesus is crying because of you all. Think about that.


My new ISP called to delay our installation to the 1st June. Probably will be delayed even further tbh. Annoying, as I was upgrading from a 20MB broadband to a 500MB fibre connection. (McBain Voice) Corona!!!


Feeling cute, might delete later.


Sneak peak at the unannounced, upcoming God of War 2K18 DLC.


I also really, really, really, really want this game too.


I really, really, really, really want this game.


I've been asking for my own work laptop and time to work from home since I started my job. Thanks to Coronavirus (I don't have it), I'm now permanently working from home and have a work laptop. Silver linings!


Hitman 2 is done. Amazing game. The sense of mastery is just unparalleled. Going from a unoptomised, clumsy 70 minute run to a 5 minute Silent Assassin Suit Only run is magic. Can't wait for Hitman 3. Also @TheLimoMaker. Your scores are diabolical.🤣


I'm planning to go hard this weekend, as this picture demonstrates. What are all your plans, brothers and sisters of Destructoid? (Not you Torchman)


Beat Watch Dogs 2. It was a Ubisoft game. With the worst characters ever. 7/10. Onto Hitman 2 and man, I loveeeeee these games. So much fun mastering a location. On that note, y'all need to step your Hitman game up. Your scores are poop. 💩💩💩


Happy Halloween Limo, Jetter and Vxxy! You are all adequate. Pic unrelated.


Day 2 of mourning the loss of our hero. May He never be forgotten.


Pouring one out for the greatest heroes of our time. RIP in pasta my homeslices.


Just beat Catherine: Full Body. Got the Rin true ending. I feel like I just watched a Silent Hill Dog/UFO ending aka joke ending. Horribly disappointing. Catherine was a GOATY man, now it's just...bleh. What a waste. Wish I went for Katherine true ending.


I love this. Top tier memeage good hoontah.


I love these chinese cartoons.


Man, I remember watching this news broadcast on Youtube back in 2010. How time flies my dudes.


Apparently Netflix has a Final Fantasy XIV movie. Is it any good?


Haul time! The watch is so nice, face is made of real meteorite and strap is made of spacesuit material. Split Pad to replace my drifting Joycons. Do not like the Joycons so this can't be worse. And more Yakuza is always good!


Don't you like it when you tell someone to do something because they have all day free and you are working. Then they don't and ask you to do it last minute. Then change their mind at the last second so you have to redo everything. Real good fucking shit.


You guys ever dab so hard you start seeing double. Or, should I say...dabble.


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