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Astro Bot is genuinely one of the best 3D platformers I've ever played. It just never stops throwing new stuff at you and is a joy from beginning to end. Charm by the bucketful and banging tunes too. 10/10, must buy.


That's the Kingdom Hearts 3 platinum all wrapped up. Was quite fun! Great game all round, lived up to the hype but it is far from perfect (just like FFXV, funnily enough). Looking forward to playing Kingdom Hearts 4 in 2069.


God this is so true.


Bernie always knew what was up. True American. Also I wrote a thing in the blogs, read it if you have a spare 5 hours!


Happy Easter Xeo! You're pretty good!


A Breakdown of Everything I Played in 2018

I think 2018 was a fantastic year for games. I played some games that are now in my all-time favourites, got sequels to games I’ve wanted for ages, I got to revisit classics with an incredible new lick of paint and I discovered a...


I'll probably have some more coherent thoughts tomorrow but I finished Kingdom Hearts 3 and it was absolutely worth the wait. There's just so much heart and passion, it really gets me man. That ending is strong too. An early GOTY contender.


Me for the last few weeks


Rolling around at the speed of fuck, I haaate myself I wanna killll myself, I don't care which method I useeee, I could stab myself or drink a lot of booze. Follow me, set me free, please set me free, oh please set me free please God please why


Won't be able to publish that my blog of games I played in 2018 blog today, been swamped by some work stuff and applying for new jobs. Had to prioritise. Hopefully I can carve some time out this week and get it done. Get hype! (Don't get hype)


It's been a long time. So happy and choked up.


Finally finished writing my blog about everything I played in 2018. Now I just need to spell check, format check and put in pictures. Hopefully done by next weekend. So far sitting at 9200 words. I need a vacation.


This loss of life is heartbreaking


Repugnant is the Torchman who would squander the ability, To lift an eye beyond Gunpla's, conscious of his fleeting time here. He must have been high. He must have been high. He must have been...




Happy Birthday Wes, Panda and Larx! Y'all are a bunch of trick ass wiggas, but you my trick ass wiggas. <3


Been working on a blog about every single game I played in 2018 and somehow, I played 117 games. I think it's gonna be a long read guys.


Merry Christmas Shibboletho. You're a real human bean and a real hero.


Okay, Son of the Mask is definitely not as good as Kid Gaj thought it was 13 years ago. Actually it's really, really, really, really bad. But at least I got to look at Traylor Howard for a bit. Can't complain about that.


I found this bootleg copy of Son in the Mask in a box while cleaning my attic. I know what I'm doing today.


I ate a taco and I liked it.


Happy New Year everyone! Here's to a fantastic 2019! And Happy Birthday Soulbrow, you're fine I guess!


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