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Everyone at work: Working. My brain at work:


That's Returnal done. 14 hours, 8 deaths. This game fucking rocks man. Few more thoughts in the comments (non-spoilers).


Played Returnal for 7 hours straight. It's amazing. Just about to fight the boss in the third Biome and just loving it so much. The Dualsense haptics are really cool as well, you can feel every shot. Sound design is crazy. So good.


Finally finished with Nier Replicant. Automata is better in almost every respect. But I still loved it. The replays are incredibly tedious and frustrating though, far more than Automata's route B playthrough. Kaine is queen.


I feel like this will be me when I'm 69 years old


Had to stop working out for a bit due to a shoulder injury. Currently on week 1 of 3 for recovery. #CurrentStatus


Public Service Announcement: Thursday no longer exists. It has been replaced by nothing. Please adjust your calendar's accordingly. Now, the weather.


Fun game. Say "toy boat" over and over. Do it for the rest of your life. Retreat from society and live on alms. Whisper "toy boat' as you die.


Me as I contemplate whether to pause Nier to start Returnal, keep on playing Nier or play both concurrently.


#CommunityShoutout TheBlondeBass is a really cool guy. I always look forward to whatever he has to say and he makes Destructoid a better place. (Dabs with respect)


Happy birthday Occams and Jasondm300, you both are the real ones. I made you guys a cake.


Yo Capcom, I know you're busy with Resident Evil, Monster Hunter and stuff. But like, can I get a Maximo 3 or Shadow of Rome 2 pleeeease.


PS1 is here and ohh, it's a beauty. Crazy good condition, it's like it's never been touched. Controller too. It's so light! Will wire it and the PS2 at some point. But man, my heart is full. 💖💖💖


Does anyone have tickets to the Sawcon convention?


People when they pick the saddest moment on TV: Fry's Dog in 'Futurama', Will's Dad in 'Fresh Prince'. Me:


Neronium, this is for you homeslice. Merry Christmas.


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