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The birthday swag has come in, good shit this year. I'mma put those whiskey stones to good use. Best gift is in the comments doe.


This is the most inpawtant news story of the year. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-53692188


Let's give a quick shout-out to Christina Applegate. (Applause)


Weekend officially starts for me today, getting ready to get lit. Y'all got any plans, fellow kids?


I think I'm going to need several whiskey's to get through Yakuza 3. Big oof of a game right there. Whoever decided to make every enemy block all your attacks needs to be Tiger Dropped in the dick.


I would like to welcome a new member to the Gajknight clan today. With this, my collection is almost finished. Just need a black dial dress watch and I can stop. For now.


Ghost of Tsushima is done and the platinum is obtained. Incredible game. Deserves to be up there with God of War, Bloodborne and The Last of Us 2 as the best of the generation. I loved every second.


This has shot to one of my favourite tracks so far this year. So good. 'Sucker Punch Presents...Ghost of Sushi'. Goosebumps.


Mongol approaches. Fingers twitch, sweat drips. Silence. Slice! Body falls.


Billowing pampus. Sunlight streams through sakura. Mongols have no chill.


Ghosts of Tsushima. An immersive open world. It's snowing on Mt Fuji.


Current Status: (sorry Kiryu)


If TheBlondeBass is so cool, why isn't there a TheBlondeBass 2?


Nothing quite like whiskey and a Yakuza game. This is Suntory Chita. Favourite of mine, real easy drinking along with something like Glenfiddich 12. Really want to try some Hibiki eventually.


Is crabs more embarrasin' than aids?


I have been chuckling at this gif for the last several minutes.


I don't hear much talk about the music in TLOU2 (which is fair, it's quite sparse throughout) but it's pretty damn amazing. My favourite of the bunch.


Finally got around to watching Solaris (1972). Really, really, really, really good. Beautiful cinematography. Just constantly looks gorgeous throughout.


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