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I love the Spyro remakes. They are how I remember the games looking, yet somehow even better. I love the redesigns too. For...reasons.


Water-wheel, why do you moan? For I've troubles, I moan. I fell in love with the lord, That is why I moan. My name is troubled water-wheel, My water flows pure, Thus, as the Lord wishes, For I've troubles, I moan.


Celebrating Father's Day. Hug your daddies my bruhs. Love ya dad.


Stand name: Captain Planet. Stand Master: Za Warudo.


A fine vintage. 1:31


A culturally sensitive meme from your friendly neighbourhood brown person. Indian soap operas are the worst thing on TV. This shit is par for the course.




Wait, when was Nicholas Winding Refn in Death Stranding?! I love that guy! This is a really strange cast of people man. I hope Lard Von Trier turns up in the game somewhere, just complete the madness.


Taterchimp has sent me down a dark path. The path of Funk Metal mashups.


First day at my new job tomorrow. I want to throw up but in that good, happy nerves way, not the 'oh god I saw Torchman nude' way. Positives of the new job: 10 min commute instead of 70 min. 3K higher pay. Free gym and private healthcare. Happy camper!


It all makes sense now.


#Pettoid My little baby boy, Koda. Couple more in the comments.


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