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Excited to give the Nikka a go. Hibiki is an old favourite. Ice cream goes well with whiskey #LifeHack


Decided to replace my Sennheiser Momentums with the Sony WH1000XM4s and they are amazing. My first noise cancelling and wireless headphones, they sound and feel amazing. Fully recommended.


When you cheat and steal your way to fortune and a lady's heart, but arrogance and cruelty result in your disfigurement and fall back into destitution.


Reversible cover art for Ratchet and Clank: Rifts Apart is (chefs kiss) 😘😘😘


Just finished reading my man Dango's book, 'Up Against Mooneye' and fully recommend it. It's a really, really great fantasy novel. I read the whole thing over 2 days, which I rarely ever do!


When you can finally work out again but the reality of the last year of no workouts plus your recent injury hit you ☚ī¸


When you're a little too helpful


Gamemaniac3434 when he finds a new book on microbiology to read


I'm finally getting mainline SMT. About 10 hours into SMT4 and it is finally clicking, more than Strange Journey or Soul Hackers did. It's great fun. #CurrentStatus


So, if Carl Jung is the first Persona User and King Solomon is (probably) the first Demon Summoner, does that make Jesus the first Stand user? And is Moses the first Beyblade master?! Who was the first Digimon master?!! Tutankhamun?!!!


This is also important


#AMA I am willing to bare my soul in the name of community engagement. Pic related(?)


Organise a gender reveal party


Me: Mum, can I have Invincible by Tool? Mum: No, we have Invincible by Tool at home. Invincible by Tool at home:


The sky is red, the wind whispers in tongues and the black obelisk is screaming. A child can be heard, crying for his mother. The crying suddenly and violently stops. There are tears running down your face and you do not know why. And now, the weather.


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