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Just beat Catherine: Full Body. Got the Rin true ending. I feel like I just watched a Silent Hill Dog/UFO ending aka joke ending. Horribly disappointing. Catherine was a GOATY man, now it's just...bleh. What a waste. Wish I went for Katherine true ending.


I love this. Top tier memeage good hoontah.


I love these chinese cartoons.


Man, I remember watching this news broadcast on Youtube back in 2010. How time flies my dudes.


Apparently Netflix has a Final Fantasy XIV movie. Is it any good?


Haul time! The watch is so nice, face is made of real meteorite and strap is made of spacesuit material. Split Pad to replace my drifting Joycons. Do not like the Joycons so this can't be worse. And more Yakuza is always good!


Don't you like it when you tell someone to do something because they have all day free and you are working. Then they don't and ask you to do it last minute. Then change their mind at the last second so you have to redo everything. Real good fucking shit.


You guys ever dab so hard you start seeing double. Or, should I say...dabble.


Current status in Kingdom Come Deliverance: Got lost in the woods at night, accidently ran into several bandits, my horse threw me off, died due to ineptitude. Jesus Christ be praised.


Picked up some more cheap 3DS games. Never played a mystery dungeon game before, excited!


#Wholesometoid My employer donated £200,000 to combat homelessness. I finally have enough funds to start my property business. My cat is now a healthy weight and is more energetic than ever. My sister finally passed her driving test. I hate HotTaketoid.


Got all this for £11. I think it's safe to say retailers are killing off the 3DS and it's stock. Not complaining, good time to pick up a bargain!


Merry Christmas Wes!




Holy shit. I played so much. Rest of the stats inside.


"So take your questions, take your threats, take these two worthless wankers and piss off!"


Played DMC 1, 2 and 3 for the first time. DMC3 is amazing. So good. 9.5/10. DMC1 is good but heavily dated and bettered by nearly every character action game I've played. 7/10. DMC2 is an utter failure. It does everything wrong. 3/10.


Nintendo Direct predictions: Kratos for Smash, Switch 2 coming Holiday 2020 with Despacito 2 as an exclusive, new Metroid game but it's a match 3 mobile game, partnership with Tesla, every new Tesla has BotW installed, Starfox Adventures 2 available today


Happy new year guys! Get turnt!


Happy Halloween Soulbow! You're one of the good ones my man. Pic related.


Merry Hannukah RiffRaff! You're pretty okay! Have a cute cat! :D


Merry Christmas everyone. Hope you had a good one and it was lovely and spicy.


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