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Patrick's Bizarre Adventure: Mayonnaise is Unbreakable


Freya really resonated with me. Having an over protective mother is easy to resent but it's good to see the whole story and her character was super good. Also, she lives in a giant turtle tree. Bruh. Second place goes to Kat. #Womantoid


It's missing a lot of games but this was a fun exercise. Didn't bother listing games I don't like. What's the point.


My sister put this in our group chat and it gave me a good chortle.


I'm with broski at the bottom.


#Indietoid Sagebrush, a PS1 styled lo-fi walking sim about a creepy cult. Would recommend.


In the future, humour will be randomly generated.


When people change their avatars and usernames.


Do not just dissuade challengers to your throne. Crush them beneath your boot, splinter their spirit and hold their hope in your palm, before extinguishing it in front of their eyes. (Dabs)


The most iconic voice clip in childrens animationed entertainment.


Hey Parismio. Astro's Playroom is calling you. (Dabs)


My favourite track in THPS1+2, besides the almighty Superman, is probably Afraid of Heights by Billy Talent. I dunno man, shit just hits different. Also, I really love THPS1+2. Hope we get the Underground games remade!


I have a terrible headache and hurt all over. But I'm feeling good. Working out again is great. #CurrentStatus


Started working out again. Can't feel anything. Getting back to my old weights feels so far away but hey, gotta start somewhere. At least I can start my shakes again! Seriously, strawberry powder, berries, peanut butter, milk and egg whites. Tastes great.


Is Blue Eyes White Dragon an instrument?


A slower year, as work has been a killer. Really surprised at these top games though, I never even finished Kingdom Come. And don't really like Nioh 2 too much either. FFX doe, that's the good shit. More in comments.


Work gave me some funds to facilitate my working from home. So naturally I bought a new gaming monitor. Finally can see what this new-fangled 4K and HDR business is all about.


You know, I don't like to get into politics but I feel I need to say my piece here: Long live the Empire! Down with Ulfric Stormcloak!


20% of Spiritfarer is a touching and beautiful story. The other 80% is a tedious resource management grind and endless amounts of waiting around for something to happen. It sucks. I'm glad it's finally over. 4/10. Most disappointing game of 2020.


My Name is Mayo 2 gets to the heart of the modern way of life. Love. Self Worth. Depression. Unemployment. COVID-19. Coming out to your dad about your horse BDSM fetish. Play it and learn about yourself. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.


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Top 69 games.

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