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Happy birthday Mr. Peendletonghnn

...OH WAIT THAT'S ME. OMG I AM SO DRUNK Fucking shit, ladies and gents. I have been drinking ym thursday night wawy while paling GH/WT, adn i'm watching venrute brothers while eating delicious almos cake. Its beenn a good dat. sHIT IVE P...


Fear and Respect: Where'd it go?

I decided to clean out my room this week. Basically, just get rid of all the shit I've been accumulating in the room since college started. I found things I didn't even remember I had: 2 old DDR pads, a Frylock plush, some books, etc. Then ...


Pendelton Has A Wonderful Time at Wonderfest '09

Holy shit I can rhyme. This past weekend, in the lovely city of Louisville, KY, I attended my first sci-fi movie convention, a little event called Wonderfest. Earlier this year, my parents decided we should go on another family trip, sinc...


Other Worlds Than These: Arcadian Skies

My second home. Ever since I (and many other people like me) was a kid, I wanted to be an explorer. I wanted to be the first person to set off from some destination and discover some gorgeous, untouched destination, or a magical force the...


Vote For The Destructoid Tattoo

Well, after more than a week of berating this community for entries, it's finally time to vote for what beautiful piece of art will be tattooed on my body! For those that haven't heard what all this business is about, just check out my prev...


SHORTBLOG: Got A RRoD 360? Love Fighters?

THEN MAKE A GODDAMN ARCADE STICK OUT OF IT. First seen on TechEBlog, a modder by the name of Seppun decided to make a lemon into high-quality lemonade by gutting his old red-ringed 360, and turning it into an arcade stick. Now, persoanll...


[NVGR] Pendelton Steals craineum's Son...

...well, I believe that's what this Portuguese site would have you believe. So, being bored this evening, I decided to do what any petty internet user does for fun: I Googled myself. Well, not my full name, just "pendelton21". As I was goi...

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Pendelton's Thoughts on Hugs

Ladies and gentlemen, we have witness an unprecedented event in Cblog history: The Weekend of Hug. From all around the world, members of this community have gathered, for whatever reason, to discuss who they have hugged, and the conseque...


9 (short, nvgr)

Normally, I wouldn't post something like this, as I'm more a man of well-thought-out, VGR blogs. But, I have to post this. It's a link to a movie trailer for 9, the next Tim Burton movie. I'll only say 2 things about this: 1.) I got a chil...


Pendelton's 2008 Games That I Really Liked

Well, it’s that time of year, folks. The yearly running of the Cblog flamebait posts, i.e. GOTY posts. Normally, I don’t make anything like this, because most years have either not had that many great games, or most GOTY lists have done rig...


Tactix Is My New Best Freind

HOLY SHIT THAT WAS ROUGH. Finally, after 4 labor-intensive, caffeine-fueled, hallucination-filled exam days, I'M DONE WITH SCHOOL! No more classes, no more grades, nothing. So, I was able to move back home last night, and enjoy a nice meal ...


About pendelton21one of us since 12:07 AM on 02.13.2008


My name is Pendelton (well, not really, but it sounds cool).
At one point in my life I spent a hell of a lot of time here. I came back for no real reason. Let's see if I can entertain like I used to.
Also, I've got a Destructoid tattoo. Ask me and I'll show you.

Hey, look! I've been on the front page a few times!
The Fear: Chainsaws
A Time To Destroy: Rampage
Playing with Others: My Dad and I Love Shaq Fu
I suck at games: I Suck At World 8-1

Dtoid Discusses: Media Tie-ins to Gaming
WTF is this shit, Pendelton21?

Top 10 Loved Games Evar:
1. Psychonauts
2. Skies of Arcadia
3. Okami
4. Mega Man X
5. Zombies Ate My Neighbors
6. The Binding of Isaac
7. Chrono Trigger
8. Odin Sphere
9. Super Mario RPG: Legend Of The Seven Stars
10. The Legend Of Zelda: The Phantom Hourglass

Bottom 10 Games:
10. Diplomacy
9. Shaq Fu
8. Halo
7. Draconus: Cult of the Wyrm
6. Castlevania 64
5. Backyard Hockey
4. Magical Starsign
3. Spawn Armageddon
2. Simpsons Wrestling
1. MTV Sports: Skateboarding
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