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All chores and errands are done for the day and now the plan is to get drunk and play my first ever Yakuza game (Yakuza 4). What am I in for?


Me and the wife both played hooky today and are having a gaming day! She's playing some Breath of the Wild on the big TV and I'm playing No More Heroes on the PS3 on our little Gaems screen. Also got Y's VIII loaded up and ready to go!


I was expecting a throwaway, cheap ass, jump scare laden shitfest when I went to see IT. It wasn't any of those things. It was really good.


Is Wipeout usually this hard, or do I suck at it this much?


The Handeggtoid draft went pretty well with 8 of the 10 teams participating. Most importantly everyone had fun. Not too shabby for a first year fantasy league.


45 minutes til it's draft time! We are in the final stretch! See you all there. here's the discord if you wanna hang out during it. https://discord.gg/CMVQ9Zc


We have one open spot in the football league if anyone wants to play. Leave a comment and PM me your email if you want to participate! Oh also here is the league Discord link again https://discord.gg/9e84tX


Friendly reminder that we have a Discord for the Dtoid fantasy football league. Come talk football (and probably a bunch of other shit) with us on Sundays! (or whenever) https://discord.gg/CMVQ9Zc


Changed the draft time for the fantasy football league to Sunday 9/3 @ 3PM EST, if any of the teams have an issue with that time let me know so we can iron it out. Also opened a discord for chatting during the games which is https://discord.gg/mpJJaX.


Last chance to join the Destructoid football league! The draft is this weekend so I have to fill the remaining spot tomorrow or the next day. Let me know if you want that last spot!


One more week till it's draft time in the HandeggToid league. Still a team short, but I'm leaving it open for a couple more days before other arrangements are made. PM me if you are interested in joining the fun!


Still need one more person for the Fantasy Football league. So far we have CJ, Dere, Wes, Zero, Anthony, Jiraya, Funk, Kaiser, and myself. I'm going to give it another few days to find a last dtoider before we go outside of the site to fill the last spot.


I hope everyone got their Ys collectors editions this morning!


CJ has joined bringing the total to 9 teams playing in the first annual Destructoid fantasy football league. Only need one more team to hit the minimum, or 3 more teams to make it a more robust 12. PM me if you wanna join in on the fun! *bump*


Still need 2 more teams to complete the roster for the first annual Destructoid Fantasy Football League. If interested PM me with an email for an invite. It's a casual league so there no pressure if you've never played before.


Anyone want to do a Destructoid fantasy football league this year? I can GUARANTEE fun will be had. *Update* Late night bump. Dere joined the league so we have 8 teams and need 2 more for 10 or 4 more for 12. PM me if you wanna join!


Took a loooooong break from finishing Persona 5 to beat every and all Ys games available. Time to go back and hammer this puppy out.


It's time!


They came in Larx ... thanks a bunch bud! I'll be sure to give your boys a good home! Pic of them hanging out with their new friends in the comments!


It's been pretty peaceful here for the last week or so. Feels good. Feels right. Quick ... name one way that another Dtoid user has changed your life. It can be purely superficial or utterly profound. Mine in comments.


Just got X4 and X5 for a decent price. My Mega Man collection is only short three games now ... Mega Man 5, 8 and X8. Two of those should be easy, but MM5 has been a thorn in my side for a while.


Arthur paying attention to ... something.


Yo ... if you want a physical copy of Super Meat Boy for PS4 it's on sale at signature edition games for 15 bucks till they run out of copies.


So what would Nintendo have to do to "win" E3 at this point? Also, where has Square Enix been?


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