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Fun fact: Black Panther's actual name is Black Leopard. He uses Panther because it sounds provocative. It's caused confusion unfortunately, as every time he comes to the US someone confuses him for this other guy, Black Jaguar. The more you know!


I've come to an epiphany. Monster Hunter now has both a rampaging pickle, and a rampaging bagel. I can 100% guarantee that the next invader-style monster is going to be some kind of fish monster. It adds up. Water is coming back.


Ha. That TMNT/Batman dialogue. Bats: "Everyone has a weakness." Donnie: "Had to dig Batman, but I found yours." All I can imagine now is Donatello creating a sonic device that screams "Martha!" on an infinite loop in every known accent.


Fighting game tech has come a long way. A lot of young masters are changing the game, but I'm not sure that even sonicfox himself can master what has to be the greatest tech of all time: Pizza cancelling. Only a true master will understand this science.



Okay Bageljuice, you officially have my attention. Deviljho and I have had our share of conflict in the past, but never once did he go so far as to carve-grief me after a hunt. You've crossed a line, you exploding assbag. I'm gonna turn you into pants.


norpop's post below reminded me that this was a thing. Disclaimer: Video may cause nausea, drowsiness, and punching of your heart's genitals.


These new players don't know how easy they've had it so far. Bring unto us the true trials.


YES! FINALLY! For those of you who never saw the first half, go watch it. No, really. It's that good. If you were on the fence but afraid of disappointment, don't be. It's marvelous. Warning: There's a bit of a...cliffhanger. xD


If Riverdale and Sabrina are going to be things, then I say let's get more dark and vicious reboots. How about sociopathic Sister Sister? A battle royale take on Saved by the Bell. Family Matters, except Steve's alter ego is a serial killer! Good times.


I have full faith that humanity won't allow this to become a computerpocalypse and that people everywhere will show restraint in not exploiti-OH GOD PLEASE MAKE QUANTUM COMPUTING VIABLE BEFORE WE ALL END UP IN A NEW DARK AGE OF-ahem. Sorry. Need coffee.


Round 1 to the FCC? That's only a battle, not the war. RELEASE THE LAWYERS!


Huh. Never thought Colbert would be a thing that reminds me of Dtoid.


Dear Mother Nature: I appreciate a good fire as much as the next guy. I just think that maybe, just maybe, four fires would be a good number to stop at, yeah? Let's stop at four please. Moderation is important. Also, homes. Homes are important.




Mega Man 11 is real? Well, time to start stocking canned goods. The end times are coming.


A friend and I were discussing the new LoTR Amazon series, and we realized that something different could be great. How about a comedy based on Tom Bombadil, traveling around doing nonsense while all the dramatic stuff is just in the background. xD


It's being reported that the reason Justice League was pushed out as it was, was due to WB's President and CEO wanting to preserve their bonuses. Ouch, my inner child just got a cramp.


It's crazy to think that we live in a time where the Avengers trailer is approaching 50 million views. It feels like just yesterday, when things like being a comic fan could get you laughed at. Life is funny.


Wait, hold on. So they'll cgi out the Superstache, but they left it on Ares, God of frail Brit men that don't physically transform for some reason? See, I had let the stache thing go, but NOW it bothers me. Motherforkers.


The set footage from Jim and Andy is a better Man on the Moon than the actual film was. I really wish this didn't have a soundtrack or talking heads, just the set footage. It gets cut off every time it's compelling.


YES, I'M ME AGAIN! Wait a second. Am I? Was that the real me all along? I'm scared.


Huh. That's bizarre. I'm Meanderbot if I go to qtoid, but I'm still me if on the main page. I can flip back and forth like a switch. Did I do some drugs that I'm not aware of?


Grim Dawn or Path of Exile? I only really have time for one. Votes?


Dwarfs are incredibly insensitive. Can't they understand that WAAAGH is an extremely difficult condition to live with? Widespread anti-associative alert group hysteria is not a joke, it's a compulsion that takes years to adjust to. Donate your gold.


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