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Here ya go Seymour. Feel free to sub in Low Place Like Home as well.


Visual representation of every subplot in the Westworld finale:


Anyone have any good sci-fi show suggestions at the moment? Preferably fun, ridiculous fluff like Dark Matter. I deal with enough drama stuff all week. xD. Animated works too. I don't have enough things to watch to balance out the daily blah lately.


Very, very interesting foreshadowing in Luke Cage season 2. Not at all what I was expecting. They went very subtle with a lot of it, but there's definitely a shitstorm coming. xD. Whereas JJ was more focused on her own thing, LC set a stage.


No reason for this. Just shitposting this back into reality for joy.


Is a pie a hot sandwich?


Pft, hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Thank you for that, Sakurai.


Archer is doing Alien as the next seasonal setting. I didn't realize how much I wanted this until it started happening.


NOT how I expected the Nintendo direct to start. You have my full attention. Damn.


Be honest. When the head of your department is talking to you, this is what's really going through your head.


You have to hate when something you've worked on for months yields basically nothing. It's an expected part of life, but oh what a kick in the junk. EDF needs to come out faster and give me a mood booster.


Ah, that swirl of thoughts when you come across certain people you haven't seen since you were in school.


Crap. I totally forgot to try and spot the Arrested Development reference that would inevitably be in Infinity War. I was so into the movie. Turns out it was a damn good one this time. Pic in comments. Not really spoilery, but still for courtesy.


So we're getting a revival of the F4 series, and Wolverine is alive? I wish I could time travel to five years from now in the MCU. Yar, thar be schemes afoot.


Thanos was awesome, but an ant playing drums? Now you have my attention. Marvel knows what's in my heart.


Now that I've seen the finale, I'm ten times more upset that Ash vs Evil Dead is ending. Are you serious? You can't tease me with that ending and not do another series. Damn it.


I laughed hard at the hunters watching the turf war. I'll also never forget the moment I first experienced the new Jho pitfall change. I was totally taken aback for a moment after he bit me.


Kulve Taroth is a gold digger.


100% the most accurate game parody I've ever seen.


How on Earth did I ever miss this image? It brings me such incredible joy. It's uncanny.


Wow. Ancient Deviljho matriarchs were scary as Hell.


You know a take on music is good when you can actually see it fitting in a game. I 100% want Kirby's Russian Adventure. Obviously, the gimmick will be hats. Many large, furry hats.


Huh. Wasn't expecting that! That's actually kind of great. Neat little Jessica Jones spoiler comment in the comments. Not story related, but spoiler none the less. Hurray Easter eggs.


I never thought I'd see this Godzilla reference again, let alone in a way that almost killed me with laughter. Screw it, I'm calling this canon. That poor old world fools.


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