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"This is a surprisingly insightful death trap." Ok, new DuckTales. I'm with you for now. Nostalgia defense system deactivated.


Dear Marvel: I'll take one Heroes for Hire, and a large helping of Daughters of the Dragon. Extra sauce. A medium Moon Knight for the drink, and if you could have that lovely waiter with the flaming skull head bring it out, that'd be great.


I wish there were more games like God Wars on PS4. I had no idea how much I missed things like FFT and Ogre until right now. It's not the best game, but man is it scratching an itch I didn't know I needed scratched.


Must...not...keep bingeing...Defenders...This is the moment where all that training as a child, being told to sleep, this is when it gets used. I can do it. I swear. It's totally happening. Tomorrow is going to be rough.


Batman and Harley is a weird animated flick. It's pure extremes. When it's good, it's absolutely fabulous. When it's bad, it's absolutely freaking awful. It's like some madman developed the ultimate gobstopper, compiling all the best and worst flavors.


Yo Gamora and Wonder Woman, the Wasp said THIS is how you prep to be a comic book badass. You show 'em lady. All jokes aside though, wow. I really admire how motivated and excited she seems to be about it.


Damn. Idom's Laura causes heart attack level Punk salt, and he 3-0's Smug?


You have to love B horror sometimes. This flick just invented Zombifisharkanthropy.


The title for this Maniax poll should be "People are Predictable." It also always amuses me that the MC wins these things. It's like voting for yourself.


Why hasn't anyone ever made a macaroni model of Slan forming herself out of mac and cheese?


How to tell if a man is about to go scream at the sky in the parking lot:



Trump is what happens when you take the level down mechanic from FFXI and use it as material to construct a homunculus.


Finally had the opportunity to see Spider-Man. Those last ten seconds left me with exactly the feeling I was hoping for. That moment completely embodied what I love about a comic flick. Can't wait for Scorpion.


Thought of the morning: If Cthulhu looks in a mirror, does it go insane?


Wow. Castlevania is already exceeding any expectations I had and leaving them well behind. There is some serious love in this. It's only been twenty minutes and I'm already captivated. I'm heavily biased toward the series, but still. I love this already.


Wait, wait wait wait. Terry isn't Doomfist? Pull the line back Blizz, I'm swimming back out to sea.




For anyone on the fence about it, The Surge was surprisingly good. It definitely has some faults in the physics and enemy scaling, but the level design and overall tone was great for a sci-fi souls. I'd definitely say the combat is more BB though.


Finally remembered in some rare free time to watch all the new Bloodstained footage. I feel like a much younger me just jumped out of my chest and high-fived the screen. I think I actually giggled a little when I saw her collect a summon ability. Joy.


It would seem that someone finally figured out a legitimate issue with Scout Flies in MH World. They're a double-edged sword. [I actually kind of want them to implement this lol]


Dear Asteroid Apophis: You fuck right the Hell off, right now. Don't even think about it. I know we've argued about you for a while, but you're getting way too close. I got a Kraken Club on my first try. I don't trust your chances. >_> Back it up a bit.


I'd never thought about Jackie Chan getting old. An entire genre of grizzled-old-men action flicks, and I'd never once imagined Jackie in that spot. It's a match made in Heaven. Out with the new and in with the old! I love it.


Sandwich. Sandwitch. Sand Witch? I blame this community for my brain working this way. 100%.


The peanut worm gives me grand hopes that we will one day hunt down the elusive vagineel and rectupus.


Attn: Mr. Sounders! I'm at the point where I should or shouldn't watch Gundam AGE. Watch or no watch? The younger folks in my life exploded into a gigantic argument over this for some reason, that in no way helped me reach a conclusion.


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