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Huh. That's bizarre. I'm Meanderbot if I go to qtoid, but I'm still me if on the main page. I can flip back and forth like a switch. Did I do some drugs that I'm not aware of?




Grim Dawn or Path of Exile? I only really have time for one. Votes?


Dwarfs are incredibly insensitive. Can't they understand that WAAAGH is an extremely difficult condition to live with? Widespread anti-associative alert group hysteria is not a joke, it's a compulsion that takes years to adjust to. Donate your gold.


Nature is full of wonder.


Finally picked up TW: Warhammer 2. Now for a nice, relaxing sessi- *chases a Skaven lord around the map for two hours*


After reading through the posts, I have come to the conclusion that I must change my name to 'NakedTinaFey' and declare that it is my birthday at some point. I will keep this knowledge in reserve for when it is most needed. Yes.


I have no words profound enough to express how wonderful it is that this is real. https://twitter.com/VancityReynolds/status/928693460814778369/photo/1?ref%20=twsrc%5Etfw&ref%20=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.cbr.com%2Fdeadpool-2-good-housekeeping%2F


Tonight a lesbian taught me that gay gargoyles are actually referred to as gaygoyles, and that they're incredibly picky about which architecture they choose as a perch. This is why one shouldn't discriminate. So much to be learned.


Huh. I've seen a focus on waifus ruin series story content and such, but I've never seen it outright ruin an established combat system. It's a shame. Nights of Azure had some fun combat for being a B title. The sequel butchered it with babes, literally.


Happy Halloween from all the terrifying monsters of the night. Mostly terrifying. Terrifying a good chunk of the time.


So this is what we're ditching X for, huh? Meh meh meh...dumbly...dumbly. Sure, that's words. Why not. The "MEH!" right after did evoke a good laugh. That's worth it I suppose.


Stranger Things just reminded me why I still love those old locked-camera angle survival horror games. So much subtle referencing. I'd totally play a Clock Tower style ST spin-off game, complete with fuzzy resolution.


So, if Goku eventually figures out how to go SSJ while he's under the effect of Ultra Instinct, will that make him an Ultra Saiyan? Because I can totally see Ultra Saiyan being a thing about two years or so from now, mostly just because it sounds right.


Today I remembered that EDF 5, Musou 9, and MH World are all things I will have soon. If I had a tail, it would be wagging up a storm.


Well, damn. Any hope about the new Spawn being decent just got tossed out the window. A 10 mil budget and Todd directing. Wave goodbye folks, the train just passed coulda'been mountain.


The archivist from episode 4 of Ducktales might just be my new favorite anything ever.


Vegeta = players, Broly = Destiny 2 design choices


It's a sad feeling as a Titan, knowing a Warlock tanks better than you. Nezarec + Devour and heal circles makes Titan look like a damn joke.


Holy crap, The Tick turned out great. I need more. CLIFFHANGER!


Jedah's Prova Di Servo looks ridiculous with the grape drink. The change from blood bothered me a little before, but now it just outright bugs me any time I see his level 3. It's an actual blood contract. Come on now. At least use red for that one.


I just realized: If 18 is incapable of ever tiring...damn. How does Krillin even walk half the time? Hell, how is he still alive? There has to be a serious risk of cardiac arrest. I don't think I could marry someone with infinite endurance.


Dear Square Enix: What you did to Terra's meteor makes me want to punch you in the dick. Correction: I'd punch you in the dick IF I didn't suddenly jump instead every time I try.


WBDC has ordered a script for a Joker origin movie. Is it possible to hire Patrick Stewart for five minute intervals as a professional face palmer?


I kind of wish that Summerslam had just been four more hours of Ember and Asuka. :/


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