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First day at my new security job site today. Good things: $3 an hour pay raise, 1st shift, I have weekends off, I can play handhelds during downtime, maybe free beer sometimes (it's a brewery) Bad thing: I'm stuck alone in this fucking shack for 8 hour


Grilled up some flat iron steak for dinner on the Webber tonight. Came out exactly how I like it.


I was going to fix the 32X today by cannibalizing the ribbon cables from my spare 32X that hums but for some reason it decided to magically start working flawlessly again. Whatever, as long as the stupid ugly mushroom plays Space Harrier I'm happy.


Dreamcast is back from the doctor. HDMI mod now works plus she has a socketed clock battery, self-repairing fuse on the controller board, and a whisper quiet Nocta fan installed.


The Kingdom Hearts Marathon has hit as snag. That snag is KH1's combat is fucking terrible and I'm having a miserable time playing it. So I'm going to watch the story on YouTube and move on to the next one. Wish I hadn't wasted 8 hours.


I've got the whole week off this week because work fucked up my transfer. So I'm going to try to get through Kingdom Hearts The Story So Far. Hopefully I have enough time/willpower.


Installed the GBC backlight mod. Gotta say it looks really nice. Now I can live out my childhood fantasy of being able to clearly see the screen on my Gameboy Color.


Fireworks show was awesome! Happy Birthday America!


Fucking Kansas is playing at my 4th of July fireworks show.


I know that the colors are way brighter than they're supposed to be but god damn does my PCE Duo have awesome RGB output. Look how sharp those pixels are. And there are no jailbars or color issues at all when viewed with eyes. Love this system!


I just counted and I've got 654 games for all the consoles hooked up to my TV (Minus the GBPlayer). I was honestly expecting this to be in the 400 range. It's important to note this doesn't include handheld games. I have 264 of those.


Are Kinder eggs legal in the US now or is my grocery store breaking the law by importing these?


Just ordered a pizza and am sitting down to play Mario Maker. Perfect way to spend a Friday night!


My package from Japan was delivered! This baby is totally tricked out with both an RGB video mod and a region switch so she can play US Turbografx 16 games.


Yay! My EMS package only spent 3 hours in customs and is now in the Chicago USPS hub ready to be sent out. It'll probably be delivered tomorrow.


I fucking hate texting. It's so god damn inefficient. I just spent 15 minutes explaining something that would have taken two if the stupid millennial would have just answered their fucking phone when I called them. My generation sucks.


My housemate and I are trying out our new grill for the first time.


It's nice when you go to the dentist and all that happens is they clean your teeth and tell you to keep doing what you're doing. Brushing twice a day and flossing before bed keeps the cavities away.


Looks like my model 7501 Playstation that I ordered to replace my 9001 so I could use a GameShark got sent to Indiana for some reason. It was in Cincinnati yesterday so I expected it to be delivered today. Thanks USPS!


I've never seen anything Gundam related before but I've got SEED and Iron Blooded Orphans downloaded and a few hours to kill. Which should I start with?


Oh my god, Trump is actually selling a rainbow MAGA hat for Pride Month. We are truly living in clown world.


Bought Legend of Dragoon PS1 complete in great shape for $25 at my local used game store and ate a delicious late lunch. Today has been a good day so far.


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