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I was having a discussion about sniper rifles in games and trying to figure out the first game that had the world visible in the scope when aiming from the hip. Earliest I remember is Halo 2 but there had to be one before that. First console and PC game?


I'm kind of hating Death Stranding so far. Traversal can be pretty frustrating when laden, the menus are poorly done, and why they hell is the button to make Sam scream and give away his position the same as the map button on almost every other PS4 game?


Got my BB Pod from the Death Stranding collectors edition. Can of Monster for scale. Now I'm off to start the game!


My upstairs neighbor is moving out and left us a few things including a shelf made from a barrel which we plan to paint like a DK barrel. Of course I had to go on eBay and get this little guy to sit on top of it.


Finally got some free booze from the brewery I work at.


A couple of Smash Mii fighter costumes may have leaked and they indicate that two extremely fucking awesome characters might be coming including my most wanted one. Pic in the comments if you want to avoid spoilers.


Decided to grow a bit of facial hair for fall/winter. Also I spent 20 minutes taking selfies a couple days ago and didn't get any that were usable then I took this single one today and it was perfect. #selfietoid


I had a REALLY fucking weird dream last night. I dreamed I was Glenn Beck's daughter (I'm male irl) and he was bonding with me by helping me build a Nintendo Labo kit. It was totally wholesome and nice until I woke up and actually thought about it.


I'm passing out the good shit this year.


Another video from the best videogame documentary channel on YouTube. This time it's on the making of Ecco The Dolphin. Shame the algorithm doesn't like their infrequent uploads because everything they make is fantastic.


Went to Arcade Legacy with my supervisor. It was smaller than expected but the selection was top tier. We beat Battletoads Arcade and T2 Arcade and had a few rounds on some fighters including Project Justice which they had an import of. Good place.


My supervisor is a total bro. He helped me sneak out of the facility to hide my facial hair I'm not technically supposed to have from the guy from the main office who's here delivering a new work phone. Also we're going to an arcade this weekend.


I just ate an entire medium pizza. I am immensely disappointed with myself.


Finally built and installed my 3rd tall shelf I got at Ikea this week. Now I'm no longer completely out of room for new current gen games.


Got my new bookshelf set up. Had to move the art around so it would fit but it's done and now I'm ready to fill it with books and knickknacks.


"I don't carry cash" Is the greatest thing you can say to a begger. It makes them go away every time. Plus if you're a dick like me you can follow it up with "so I can't help you even if I wanted to."


They painted a mural by my bus stop this week. It's pretty badass.


Spent a bit too much but damn this was a fucking phenomenal Half Price haul.


Catalina dropped today and I'm excited to install it when I get home. RIP iTunes. You are one bloated clusterfuck with a terrible UI that I will not miss using.


Got my new phone. Glad I chose the red. It's purdy. Also with 256GB of storage I'll be able to fit twice the lossless game soundtracks that I could in my old phone.


I forgot to plug in my 4 year old phone with its spent battery last night and it fucking died which would have made me miss work if I hadn't woken up at 4:45 on my own. I finally said fuck it and now my new iPhone 11 will be arriving tomorrow.


Beat Link's Awakening and I've decided to start my October Silent Hill marathon 2 days early. Super early impressions are that Silent Hill 2 looks like crap on a 4K TV but it's the kind of crap that makes it spookier so I'll accept it.


I really wish they let you use the dpad in Link's Awakening Switch. It would make those stupid path generators in Turtle Rock so much less frustrating.


I took a picture of my GBA SP AGS101 screen with a $500 macro lens and got pretty spectacular results. Check the comments for the high res version.


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