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https://www.destructoid.com/--482195.phtml I wrote a Cblog about the best way to hook up the Sega Trio. I think it turned out fairly well.


The Mess That Is Hooking Up The Sega Trio

I've been collecting retro games for half my life but recently I decided to focus on beefing up my Sega collection. I started out by replacing my entire Sega Genesis setup with the best possible versions of each system. First I got a ...


Got my Creeper controller back from Battle Beaver Customs. I had them instal two remappable buttons on the bottom and they chose to make them green to match the controller. It looks fantastic and ties the whole thing together. Battle Beaver is great!


I just spent about an hour rearranging and organizing my desk. I'd say it turned out pretty well. #Desktoid


Apparently my original Xbox One was worth $130 trade credit at Gamestop because of a +$50 trade credit for consoles. So that’s a nice birthday treat for me (Today is my birthday).


I got this Model 1 Sega CD off eBay for half what it would normally cost because it wouldn't read discs. 25 minutes of tinkering with it and guess what? It totally reads discs now!


Got my figma's of Tracer and Guts. I can't wait to rip these babies open and pose them!


Just got a “broken” (dirty contacts) High Definition Graphics Genesis Model 1 from eBay and I cannot believe how staggering the sound difference is compared to the model 2. It’s like it’s a completely different console! Streets of Rage 2 sounds AM


Delicious Christmas dinner. Obviously I went back for more mashed potatoes.


Mom and I made some Christmas mashed potato magic. Seriously, they’re the best mashed potatoes you’ll ever eat. They have butter, half and half instead of milk, garlic powder, sour cream, cream cheese, chives, and savory in them. They’re divine!


My parents Christmas tree is awesome! (Dad is an electrician)


This Christmas Eve was pretty great. I saw The Shape of Water with my godmother and then stayed up till midnight getting drunk and laughing with my housemate while playing shitty retro games. Now it’s time for bed. Merry Christmas everyone!


I have to work a 16 hour double shift tonight. While normally this would suck, it actually means I don’t have to work on Sunday which gives me a four day Christmas weekend!


This Wikipedia edit comes curtesy of an IP address belonging to the US House of Representatives. Apparently someone there thinks “Zelda is the boy.” God save our country.


My housemate got me an awesome early Christmas present.


I found an awesome used game store with really fair prices near my house! Naturally, because I lack any form of self control, I spent nearly $100 there. Here’s my haul:


I've now got about 60 CED movies that my parents found while they were cleaning out their basement. My old bus driver gave them to me when I was in high school and I'd totally forgotten about them. These four are totally getting displayed somewhere.

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One of my 3rd shift coworkers just told my supervisor “Friday’s my last day” because apparently she thinks 36 hours notice is acceptable. At least I may get some overtime out of it.


Deadly Premonition is coming to Xbox One via backwards compatibility. Now all they need is Lolliopop Chainsaw!


That amazing Majora's Mask replica from First4Figures is up for preorder again this weekend. They updated the design so it looks even better now. Here's a link for people who've got $450 to spare: https://www.first4figures.com/majoras-mask-exclusive.html


Todays Splatfest was actually kinda hard to pick. I went with Werewolves because that seems like the least shitty one to be. You can manage lycanthropy. Vampires can’t go out during the day and people hunt them. Plus they can’t eat normal food. Fuck t


Looks like the two caffeine pills I took were 200mg, not 100mg like I thought they were. Fuck it, we’ll do it live. The crash is future Peter’s problem.


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