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The US Military named one of their new tanks Baby Yoda. Imagine being a terrorist and getting blown up by a tank called Baby Yoda. Your 72 virgins would totally make fun of you.


Just got out of the Sonic movie. I really liked it. Like, REALLY liked it. Had a big stupid smile on my face the whole time and Jim Carrey was perfect. Definitely recommended.


Left my umbrella on the bus and had to buy a replacement. Thankfully Totes made exactly the one I was looking for.


Just tried coffee for the first time in years at my housemate's continued insistence. Turns out I actually like it now. Go figure. It was Black Rifle Coffee's AK-47 Espresso and I drank it black. Blacker than the blackest black times infinity.


I decided against buying the hat and instead paid off my Amazon preorders for Doom Eternal CE, Persona 5 Royal CE, Resident Evil 3 Remake, and FFVII Remake. That's all the games I wanted from the spring release deluge completely taken care of.


Yay, my tax return got deposited! With the magical technique of not wasting money on stupid shit, I managed to recover my budget after the $397 I owed the fed so now I've got $421 that isn't earmarked for anything. Maybe I'll get that $200 hat I want.


And with that I can now play Japanese games on my US PS1. Region locking can eat a dick.


Finally got Panzer Dragoon Orta cib at a low price. Now all I need is Zwei and a box for the first game and I'll have the complete set.


I despise IT people. Every one I've dealt with professionally has been an arrogant asshole. Just now I wanted to put this guys head through a fucking window as he condescendingly (and incorrectly) explained Javascript and other shit I already knew.


The Pokemon Company released an ASMR video for children staring Grimer.


Walking 25 minutes from the grocery to my house with three gallons of milk and a 10 pack of Monster Energy made my arms hurt less than I thought it would.


Drunk able%20 news: I decided to try and get my PSTV I thought was broken to work and succeeded. I wouldn't have done this is I wasn't plastered so getting drunk ended up benefiting me. So that's 22 systems hooked up to my TV now.


And to think this was filled just below the label 15 minutes ago...


EMPLemon somehow made an hour long video about Nascar riveting. Now he's done an hour and a half long video on the top ranked pro Melee player and it's fucking glorious.


If you have a pet (dog or cat) these Pugalicious pet treats amazing. They're puréed duck breast and liver that's been freeze dried. My cat loses his mind for them and they're not full of garbage additives so I feel safe giving them.


Someone stole the generator that powers my shack at work. So now I have no power and no heat and I get to deal with the cops later today. What a fucking perfect start to the work day. At least it's 40 degrees so I'm not totally freezing.


Frodo wants me to stop taking pictures and resume ripping and tearing. #pettoid


So the bad news is I have owe the fed $396 because my stupid employer didn't withhold enough again. The good news is I can pay it off with the $421 the state is refunding me. So my budget is unaffected at least, unlike last year.


Finally got my package from USPS. I'm on a WW1 kick so this is appropriate. I'm listening to Hardcore History's Blueprint for Armageddon podcast (which I highly recommend), saw 1917, and now I've got a figma of everybody's favorite WW1 German psycho loli.


USPS is fucking garbage. They didn't ring the doorbell so I couldn't sign for my package then I told them to hold it at the office so I could pick it up and found out when I got there that they took it out for delivery again and I have to come back.


Our cat Frodo decided he likes sitting on my lap while I play games. He was watching me play RE2 for an hour yesterday and hardly moved at all. The sound the plant zombies make and their waving vine tentacles were particularly engaging for him.


Today I cut my hair and trimmed my beard so I at least have the appearance of a (slightly) respectable human being. #Selfietoid


"Translation: He requires proof of good faith. We must make a contribution to his people that shows we are not a threat. Shall I blast him now, master?"


Life advice: Going to bed at 11:30 at night is a bad idea when you have to get up at 3 the next morning.


Someone made an Andrew Yang fighting game. You can buy it for $8 on Steam right now and it actually has positive reviews. Probably going to get this because there's a Mac version so I can play it easily.


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