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Sonic The Hedgehog DJ Style Party is a fucking amazing album and you all should listen to it. It's on Spotify and iTunes. Give it a listen.


Is it weird that I labeled my porn folder "Banana Horde" with a picture of DK bananas for the icon?


I recently found out about a Taiwanese bootleg GameBoy Color port of Metal Slug 1. I played the ROM and it's shockingly well done. As you can likely tell from the art, they made some minor changes to the story.


Everyone should buy Sonic 3 & Knuckles on Steam for $1.24 and download Sonic 3 Angel Island Revisited. It's basically the Taxman and Stealth version of Sonic 3 we never got. Links in the comments.


I'm losing a ton of weight. I dropped from 243 to 207lb in a few months. I'm probably eating ~1500 calories a day. Yay being on a pill that kills my appetite. The cat is sad though because he likes kneading my belly and it's getting less cushy.


You're a piece of shit Soulbow. Getting me to buy this nonsense.


I know I'm late to the party but I've got one of those confession thingies. It's game related and I've been told by experts that it's really bad.


There's no way finding out what people actually think of me will end in tears right?


A while back I created a Japanese sounding equivalent to my name for JRPGs. The first name shares the root meaning of mine and the last name is how mine sounds in an overdone Japanese accent. Anyone else do this?


Went to the dentist today. My teeth were X-rayed and cleaned and, like the last couple times I went, I was told to keep doing what I'm doing because my teeth and gums are super healthy. Just brush twice a day for 2 minutes and floss. It's not hard.


Taking into consideration their entire history and body of work created before November 22 2005; which is the better game publisher, Capcom or Konami?


After half an hour of fucking around I learned that just because you buy it from GOG doesn't mean it's going to work. Fucking Shogo Mobile Armor Devision. If anyone has a working guide for Windows 10 please post it.


I may hate the PS5 design but I don't hate everything with a black and white color scheme.


Strongly considering dropping FFVIIR until there's an update fixing the blurry textures and starting Persona 5 Royal With Cheese. Thoughts on this?


Went to Arcade Legacy and splurged in their store. Felt good supporting a local business that's struggling. They have a crazy good selection as seen by my haul. Prices were great too. Recommend going if you're in Cincinnati.


Housemate made me dinner. It was good.


I love their N64 and Dreamcast controllers. They're considerable improvements on the originals. But this thing feels like heresy.


How do you unblock a commenter? In a fit of peak I blocked someone and I feel bad about it and want to undo it but can't figure out how because Disqus is a pain.


Going through a really bad time right now mentally. Gonna take a break fro Dtoid for a while.


Why the hell did my body decide it was time to wake up at 2:24AM?


Went to Half Price and Walmart. Walmart was closed due to the riots but I got a few decent things at HP.


Fuck the USPS and fuck my company for not having direct deposit.


Well, I'm on Prozac now (another drug to the pile). Hopefully it doesn't do what the other SSRI I was on did and make my dick stop working.


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Hi everybody! My name's Peter and I live in Ohio. I was introduced to gaming on that fateful Xmas where I got a SNES with Super Mario World and Donkey Kong Country. All these years later and I love gaming more then ever!