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Used some hillbilly engineering to make a bathroom exhaust fan. Works so well my mirror didn't even fog up. Now I won't have to dry off a 2nd time in my room because the bathroom humidity made me wet again. And I can use the fan elsewhere when I'm done.


Lots of walking at work. My feet and legs are sore. Probably going to help me lose weight and get in better shape though. Especially since I discovered today they sell salads for $3 which are probably better than the candy bars I've been eating.


Well, the CD Game Exchange by me had to close because of the shutdown. Now only their Norwood branch is open and that's hard to get to. So that's fucking shitty.


Always buy Retro Access or Insurrection Industries SCART cables. Everything else is a dice roll. Now the video from my RGB modded Sharp Twin Famicom is crystal clear unlike when I was using the cheap Chinese cables it came with.


My cat in a state of ecstasy getting his head scratched.


Finally finished my cable management project. Used 26 feet of label tape labeling both ends of every cord and made everything look like less of a mess. The right side still looks bad but I have 14 systems there so making it neat is impossible.


Four hours later and I definitely underestimated how long this would take. Worst thing is I'm not even at the hard part yet. I'm dreading putting it back together tomorrow. At least everything's labeled on both ends.


Bought a label maker and a bunch of cable management stuff. Let's turn this into less of a clusterfuck.


No literally every website that asks, I don't want to sign up for your fucking mailing list. Kindly take that popup and fuck of so I can do whatever I came to your site to do in the first place. Is it just me or is this getting worse lately?


Kroger cut my hours so I got transferred to Walmart. Yay still having a job, even if it's Walmart. I filled in there once and it's 10 hour shifts mostly spent walking around the store. I'm gonna be sore until I'm used to it but it's only 4 days a week.


Frodo likes watching NES games. I think it's the fast moving sprites and types of sounds the system makes. Whatever it is, he seemed pretty enamored with The Guardian Legend.


Why the fuck is NCAA Football 14 so expensive?


Cat got a bath today because his white fur was turning yellow in places. He hated it but didn't thrash as much as I was expecting. Now he's super soft and smells nice.


"Acceptable Condition" my ass, this is Parts Only. Also it's missing the manual so it's not complete either you lying prick. Saying "look at pics" isn't a substitute for explicitly stating the game is broken. Negative feedback has been left.


Now does not seem to be a good time to buy retro games. Prices are insane and keep rising. Maybe it's because of the $1200 check but demand is super high. My Price Charting collection has gone from $23000 to $24000 in a week. Good for sellers though.


Would anyone really be surprised if Biden just randomly started saying La-li-lu-le-lo during a speech?


Is it just me or does May the 4th feel more like a memorial than a celebration?


After beating Streets of Rage 3 Me: "Did you hate playing that as much as I did?" Housemate: "Yep."


Finished SoR2 and it's WAY worse 2P than SoR1 because the sprites are so big. Friendly fire was constant. And WHY CAN YOU GRAB EACH OTHER!!! You have to social distance in this game because if you get close you'll accidentally grab the other player.


Housemate and I are playing through the Streets of Rage games in prep for 4. Just beat 1. Stupid tv has a shit ton of glare and I couldn't turn the lights off in time so there's a crazy massive reflection.


It sucks that there's basically only two places that sell SCART cables that are of good quality. Retro Access is your best bet and the lady running it is based in my city so that's cool. Paying $40 for a Neo Geo cable to fit my Twin Famicom sucks though.


Slow dry beef jerky is so much better than the Jack Links juicy style. It's probably my favorite food. Shame it's more expensive.


Finished the GBA Consolizer. This thing is magnificent and was surprisingly easy to install. Games look great and I didn't have the sound issues I expected. Really cool device. Expensive but awesome.


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