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Todays Splatfest was actually kinda hard to pick. I went with Werewolves because that seems like the least shitty one to be. You can manage lycanthropy. Vampires can’t go out during the day and people hunt them. Plus they can’t eat normal food. Fuck t


Looks like the two caffeine pills I took were 200mg, not 100mg like I thought they were. Fuck it, we’ll do it live. The crash is future Peter’s problem.


Gave myself a $100 budget to take advantage of the GameStop.com sale. I think I did all right for myself.


I've changed my avatar for Halloween. It's nothing drastic but I like it.


A figma of Genji from Overwatch is up for preorder for those who’re interested. http://www.amiami.com/top/detail/detail?scode=FIGURE-033841


Here’s what Alex Jones would sound like if he ranted in folk song. All of these are real things he’s said. Even the “literal vampire potbellied goblins are hobbling around coming after us” part.


This song is stuck in my head now.


Nintendo should bundle the games from NES and SNES Classic consoles on Switch cartridges and release them as an alternative for people who can’t find the systems. It’d make them a fortune and mend some fences with their fans who can’t find the syste


Walmart came through and delivered my SNES Classic. Here it is surrounded by redundancy.


I’ve always wanted to own a real human skeleton like the kind they used to have in medical schools from people who donated their bodies to science. I’d dress him in a top hat and tailcoat and he’d be Mr. Bone Jangles the Gentleman Skeleton.


I wrote a CBlog about hooking up retro game systems. It's fucking massive and took me forever to write so I'm hoping it's positively received. https://www.destructoid.com/--464105.phtml


Finished setting up my new gaming center and I am REALLY happy with how it turned out! (I labeled the things that are hard to see.)


Just got back from the Star Wars costume exhibit at the Museum Center and holy shit was it amazing. I highly recommend going if it comes to your town. I took a fuckton of photos that I’ll try to post at some point.


It never sunk in just how many systems were in my entertainment center until I unhooked all of them in anticipation of the new shelves I ordered.


Could everyone please stop referring to the SNES Classic Edition as the SNES Mini. It isn’t the SNES Mini. This is:


Apparently this is a thing they’re making now.


So the camera system here at work is bombarding us with alarms because my old supervisor didn’t fix it like he was supposed to. He also didn’t teach his replacement anything so I’m now the most knowledgeable person on the cameras. We’re so fucked.


Bloodborne Hunter figma is up for preorder! (link in comments)


Just beat Samus Returns and I really liked it. It was a massive, challenging adventure and the 3D was amazing. My only complaint is how many pallet swaped enemies there were but they were all fun to fight so I didn’t mind too much.


I like how hard Samus Returns is. It’s so much more satisfying plowing through a previous area to as a fully powered up badass when that area gave you a lot of trouble before.


Just installed a mod chip in my Model 101 SNES to give it RGB video out. I’m going to have to be careful not to cut myself because these pixels are SHARP! (See comment for examples)


Samus Returns tip: you can tap the map area of the touch screen to instantly go into the morph ball from any stance.


Work’s a mess. My old supervisor didn’t teach his replacement anything so now I’m stuck having to do it. On the plus side it gives me a chance to ingratiate myself with him and shape his knowledge of our operations to my liking (muah ha ha ha).


I'm now downloading Samus Returns because I'm going to be up all night and I couldn't wait for the special edition to come in the mail tomorrow. SR388 here I come!


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