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Some dipshit just crashed their car into a fence about 200 feet from my house and now they're screaming up a storm. It's a Saturday night so I'm assuming they're drunk. Best part is I'm pretty sure the car is a Camero or a Mustang. What an idiot.


Looks like next week is going to be rough. I volunteered to work 16 hour shifts Wednesday and Friday and 5 hours on Saturday. So that's 21 hours overtime in one week. Future me is going to be miserable but the money will be nice.


I saw an awesome guy at work today. He had cowboy boots, boot cut jeans, a jean vest, well maintained cowboy facial hair and long head hair, and best of all his fucking hard hat was shaped like a cowboy hat. This guy rocked.


Okay so apparently leaving Shinobi III paused for an hour and a half on my LCD TV was a bad idea because now I have fucking tubes with monsters in them burnt into the screen. Guess we'll try one of those burn in reduction videos and see if that fixes it.


Reasonably decent haul from Half Price yesterday.


Looks like I've exacerbated my sprained wrist to the point where I can't pick up a controller with my right hand. I can still use a controller thankfully but I can't hold it. Fucking of course it was my dominant hand too. I'm going to have to but a brace.


Just had the worst Chinese food of my life. The sweet-and-sour pork was cooked in tempura which tasted like cardboard and there was hardly any of it and fuckloads of vegetables and onions. I forced it down and then found out the fortune cookie was stale.


Been mentally all over the place with obsessive unpleasant thoughts. My shrink gave me a Lexapro and my mom told me to smoke some weed to help sort my thoughts out. Well the pills are in the box for my night meds. Now it's time to take mom's advice.


If anyone wants something fucking awesome to watch, the anime film Redline is the most fun I've had watching a movie in years. It's a nitros powered thrill ride that grabs you by the balls from the opening shot and doesn't let go until the credits.


I'm quitting Birth By Sleep and watching it on Youtube. The environments are barren and boring, the enemies are now damage sponges and I picked aqua so the story is out of order. This series seems to be actively fighting me trying to like it.


Just preordered the Woozle’s GBA Consolizer kit from Game-Tech.us. Looking forward to not having to screw around with GBInterface to play GBA games on the Gameboy Player. I never could that working with Swiff so it looks kinda shit.


Here's a fantastic video on the Sega Mickey Mouse games. It's a crime this channel has so few subscribers because their content is fantastic.


My housemate and I just visited the cats the zoo is doing tests on to see which one we want to adopt. It's a tossup between a black and white named Frodo and a beautiful tabby named Bruce. Which one we get depends on how testing goes.


Ordered ramen from DoorDash. Itadakimasu!


Meant to post this Thursday but the new TV is up and the entertainment center is functional again. I wasn't really expecting the difference between 49" and 55" to be so dramatic but this thing feels almost too big. Glad I didn't get the 65" one.


Seriously Amazon? I preordered this a year ago.


TV stand is finished! It's cut to the right shape, painted black, and has little rubber feet all over the bottom so it doesn't slide around. Now I can FINALLY set up the TV when I get home from work!


Since the TV is currently not up I took the opportunity to put tin foil over the foam board covering the windows in the game room. It's not perfect but it makes a noticeable difference when the lights are out.


Amazon really dropped the ball. I'm painting a board of wood for my new TV to sit on so I ordered primer and sandpaper with same day shipping and black paint with next day delivery. Both orders are late a day so I have no TV until Thursday.


Update on me smashing my TV: I bought another one from Best Buy and it turns out all TVs now have done away with the center stand. So I had to buy a board of wood to fit its wide feet from Lowes and primer and paint so it won't look like shit in my setup.


Got mad at Spaltfest results. Threw controller at ground. Controller left hand early. 4K TV is fucked. Literally earlier today my phone fell of my counter and cracked. Seriously considering going to the gun range and renting a gun to blow my head off with


Went to a local burger place and damn do they have good food! Burgers are better than Five Guys, fries are like McDonalds only seasoned, and I got both those and their homemade lemonade for $8.50. If you're in Cincinnati, Ollie's Trolley in OTR is great!


First day at my new security job site today. Good things: $3 an hour pay raise, 1st shift, I have weekends off, I can play handhelds during downtime, maybe free beer sometimes (it's a brewery) Bad thing: I'm stuck alone in this fucking shack for 8 hour


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