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Never watch a show/anime about cooking late at night otherwise you start to eat too and start to regret. Then get hungry again cause you keep watching the show.


Oh man, may have found my new obsession for the week. They're so good. Such high energy jrock.


Ohhh just got my Octopath Survey! I hope it helps them. I have very few problems with the demo itself. The biggest flaw was the unskippable cutscenes. The other being the tiny font sizes and the slight menu lag. Other than that: I'm sold.


Tried Project Ocotpath on Primrose's side and wowweee that story. But THIS song. Dis song, it's so good. I have high hopes for this.


Man I started watching Made in Abyss and this insert song was lovely.


If I become rich enough, I'll make a dating site for scientists. I'll call it Carbon Dating. People will one day ask if I made the company and site just for the pun. I'll shuffle out of my cardbox and whisper to them *yes*


2 Truths and 1 lie? OKAY. 1. 3 is true; 2. 3 is false; 3. 1 is true.


Tried Warframe and goodness. That movement system is amuhzing. If I can get some of that in Borderlands, that'd be great.


I bought Blood, Sweat, and Pixels by Jason of Schreier. He wrote that fantastic article on what happened to Andromeda's development. And the book has been great so far!




Man, I'm loving some of these Destiny trailers.


Catgirl monday! This is how my cat drinks her water most of the time, she has to put her feet into the other side, too feel...snuggly and cozy I guess? Stupid cute cat.


Man I forgot how addicting Borderlands 2 can be. All dat loot can get addicting. Especially when they do some unique shit. I got a shotgun that upon reload, flies like a rocket homing in on enemies while shooting shotgun shells.


Oh man, I don't play Destiny (or plan to) but this trailer is great! It's just entertaining.


What tickles me about Metal Gear games is the contrast of a serious story with the actual gameplay. Like you're a covert badass on a stealth mission but you can fire a rocket arm while screaming "ROCKKETT PUNCHHH!" That's just amazing.


Oh my god, this works so well. Combining two of my favorite things.


Oh man after seeing Monster Hunter Stories run on a New 3DS, its kinda jarring to see it on my OG 3DSXl. Oh well, it's nice that it runs so smoothly for those who has a New 3DS. EDIT: Why did this double post?


Oh man after seeing Monster Hunter Stories run on a New 3DS, its kinda jarring to see it on my OG 3DSXl. Oh well, it's nice that it runs so smoothly for those who has a New 3DS.


Welp, AmiAmi amiibo order never arrived at my house despite it being nearly a month. Turns out it was in retention and eventually sent back to sender. I never got a notice or anything. Now I have to pay for a reshipping fee once they get my package. smh.


My cat has a little cowlick and it's the cutest thing ever.


OHHHHH SHHEEETTT. I FINAALLY DREW IKEEE!!!! What a nice beacon of light in this shitty week. I don't even care his IVs kinda suck haha.


Rez Infinite's soundtrack is sublime. Take a listen.


Oh dear, I am so charmed by Monster Hunter Stories. The art style is just so pretty and I'm starting to like it a lot more than Pokemon or Yokai Watch. I can't wait for it to be released.


Tried out Rez Infinite in VR and holy fuck is Area X one of the most chill and best VR experiences I've had. My sister tried it too and couldn't stop saying how cool it was.


Mario 64 sure is different than what I remember.


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