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I just sat down and watched Green Lantern. Anyway, here's a cell phone camera pic of Mars. I volunteered to go in to work tomorrow. Good night everybody.


I'm starting to think Starbucks won't be offering S'mores frappucinos this year (he thought to himself, months after they should have been made available)


Oh boy, #plushtoid !!! I'm a 30 year old man so I'm going to have to post a majority of my pics in the comments.


Shog's July Gaming Journal

July has come and gone which is great because I’ve been sick and tired of summer since around March. There have been a few relatively big releases this past month which I would love to talk about but which I haven’t picked ...


So have I missed it or did they just not announce the freebies for PS+ for August yet? Also (edit) my July Gaming Journal is gonna be available in about 10 minutes.


Tales from the Wasteland: My dog survived Necropolis, hostile super mutants and, a handful of Deathclaw encounters (including an angry mother). Dumbass proceeds to sprint into toxic sludge and die.


Tales from the Wasteland: Books are almost prohibitively expensive in The Hub but thankfully, there are a lot of police officers who carelessly leave weapons and ammo in their back pockets which I can exchange for some new reading material.


A Shoggy Look at the Best Games of All Time

‘The Best Game of All Time’ is one of those descriptors that almost always lead to a fistfight and several lawsuits. Despite the volatile nature of the phrase though, it’s one that gamsters have used and continue sinc...


So anyway, I have a CBlog in the pipeline about the best games of all time that'll be available for everyone to look at in about 15, 20 minutes.


I was finally killed by an end-chapter boss! Alfyn ch.3 but it's OK because that boss is a babe. Reminds me a bit of Axel from Kingdom Hearts.


The actual boss fight for Tressa's third chapter wasn't too bad. It smacked me around sure but I kept it dizzy for most of the fight. Of course now I'm stuck here shipping a few characters.


Tressa's 3rd chapter is kicking my ass. I found my problem though: I lack literal fire power and lightning defense. Those elementals are such an ass...my party is mid 30's (H'aanit is high 40's) and I'm still getting spanked.


I drew a doodle of one of the Chica variants...


I just wanna watch the trailer for Megaton Rainfall but my Switch won't show me. Oh well...oh hey, Blue Man Group-Trooper is on sale!


My housemates got back late last night and to repay me for watching the furry children I was gifted a cruller from Tim Horton's. This is kind of a big deal, I've never had Timmy's before. Another house mate gave me some game or another...Nocturne w/Dante


Tonight...tonight...it turned out. Amygdala was delicious and nothing was burned. Last night I failed so that tonight I could succeed! Also I only have 1 more Ch.2 and it's Olberic's. Wooo, Octopath!


Someone mentioned a Switch Haul thread so here's my hat thrown in the ring. A couple more pics will be in the comments because a lot of what I have is digital.


The first batch was a Kronenburg Horror show and this batch also turned out poorly due to burned rice and a garlic powder cascade. Not terrible and I cooked Amygdala last so it was tasty enough in parts. I still have meat for tomorrow but no ideas yet.


So how's everybody's Monday going? I brought an animal home. I've been calling it Amygdala. I just finished butchering it. I've never done that before and I'll put pics in the comments section. Amygdala is a squid by the way, I'm not a total monster.


So hey I've never made curry before and I'm obviously biased but frankly, I think I did well. Prep could have been better but I'm still learning how to cut vegetas. Anyway, does anybody want a house husband?


I made chicken and rice for dinner because my remaining roommate bought it but he also bought beef so tune in, imma try making Curry for the first time. (Pic unrelated)


I cooked again! One day I'm going to get Omurice down 100%. Today wasn't that day but it was still good.


On this day in 1985, the Prince of Pop and King of Comedy released his most beloved album.


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