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Shog's January Gaming Journal

In a feeble attempt to write more I've decided to write about the games I've been playing recently but when I realized I don't have enough motivation to do this weekly, I've decided to try and go for more of a monthly thing. Overall I ...


I just had a rough morning. Frankenferter was ready to go (the grey one in the pic). He was a very good boy, he loved chicken and he would politely ask for food by putting his paw on you and looking at you intently.


I'm on my second playthrough, 121 hours into Persona 5 and I'm still having those, 'if I don't stop now then I will likely be up until sunrise playing this' internal struggles. This game is truly the Bloodborne of Pokemon.


My sticker came in the mail too so yay! My car registration is officially up to date and I don't have to worry about being pulled over and/or towed!!!


I got stuff!! Happy birthmas to myself (also a box for the cat because stereotypes)


I needed a new jacket and some clothes so I ordered some things off thinkgeek. Actual image of me at the moment:


FOUND: Lost a Prarie Fish????? Found on floor upstairs by Freyja, leaking fluid. Please remember to throw in trash. (Added context in the comments)


Taco Bell fries are fries good


Battle Chef Brigade is hella charming <3


There's no better time than now to post the beauty and complexity of Swedish pastry-craft


It's almost the end of January and I just finished Steamworld Dig 2! What? 100%? Why should I go for 100% completion? I beat the final boss, what more do you want from me?


Me: I should play something less involved now that I've finished persona 5...something I can finish in less than 100 hours. My mind: Buy Monster Hunter World


It took a lot of grinding and a lot of patients. I even had to kill one earlier on in Mementos but I'm finally strong enough to have summoned the face of the Persona series.


Early birthday present! My roommate gifted me a digital copy of the N. Sane trilogy!! Everybody else gets to yell at me to download Old Hunters for another month or two xD!!!


I'm at that point in Persona 5 where I'm supposed to feel sorry for discount Light Yagami but I can't because I wanna fight store brand Steven Armstrong.


I drew a Jack Frost on the back of a receipt but I'm not going to post is because it's on the back of a receipt and paranoia...I drew a Sanic yesterday too but again, receipt doodle.


Yusuke making mouse puns makes me love him that much more but it also makes me want to break his face again.


So if I were to get a copy of game maker would I be able to make text adventures or is game maker mainly a medium for side scrolling platformers and top-down rpgs? I have no experience with any of these things xD


Earlier today I got through...I think 11/20 in Persona 5. I could have sworn I messed things up but no, it was just a really great plot twist.


Yeah, beat the Reaper in Mementos (that is, the flu killed the reaper because I insisted it fight me during flu season)


I've got a CBlog ready to go and it should be up shortly if it's not already there. It's to do with Bloodborne.


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Hello all! I'm Joe, from Maryland! I've was released the same year as Mega Man 2 but I haven't really been playing games until around the time of Mortal Kombat 2's home release. I'm mostly harmless so if you wanna talk to me send me a message I guess. I'll be around, lurking maybe. I'm not sure yet.