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Went down to the old Taco-Fried-Chicken and caught Dance Macabre on the radio. I liked it in general but it made me feel wistful and sad because apparently my brain still associates Ghost BC with my ex. Stupid feelings...


Accidentally killed Siegmeyer in Anor Londo and Demon Firesage killed me 9 times. Plus side, I saved Solaire this time.


Met Patches in the Catacombs (not Tomb of the Dark) and saw him in Firelink. Killed Quelaag, came back and found that he left Firelink and the mute fire maiden was dead. I. Have. Fury.


Woo! New Game+ where the first Capra Demon I've fought is the one you can get too after killing Ceaseless Lavaburns and Quelaag couldn't kill me this time even with her AOE attack. Moonlight Butterfly got me once with its AOE though.


Enjoy your horse testicles everybody, I need to figure out if I want to fight Sif or try getting back around to Quelaag's place.


BoB - So you Can't Stay Dead

           Halloween is upon us so I guess it's kind of obvious that this month's band-of-bloggers subject would revolve around the undead. Looking back through my notes of what games I've played this month tho...


I'm not too late right? Well, I don't care if I am or not: My Band of Bloggers, October dealy will go live tomorrow morning at 8am...uh...Destructoid time.


I scheduled myself for a few hours with Shipt today so that's a thing. Apparently job security with Shipt is linked directly to customer reviews so I have worry. Woo-yay!


Names of all the bosses I killed and the number of times they killed me are on the left. So what's the concensus, new game with a new character or NG+?


Oh cool! a ring that lets me talk to Quelaag's sister! *one conversation later* I'm a monster


Artorias of the Abyss is kicking my shit in so effectively that I think I'll try again later on...I can still explore after I kill Gwyn, right? Or is it straight to NG+ after that?


I watched Black Cauldron for the first time today and I'm interested in checking out the source material. Other than that, I got my card and shirt so yeah: I'm in with Shipt. Woo, second jorb. Can't wait to deal with the taxes.


Double Posting to essentially tell everyone that the sun will rise tomorrow morning.


I did a bunch of grinding this morning and managed to craft the Greatsword of Artorias! Then I realized I was too stupid and too much of an atheist to use it and the Darkmoon Bow which I could make now...Oh well, I can use Golem Axe one-handed so yeah!


I just went through and fought 3 bosses in relatively quick succession; Demon Firesage, Centipede Demon and, Bed of Chaos. One of them killed them significantly more than the other 2 (unless I'm counting fall-deaths, in which case the obvious one did)


It took me 4 tries but I beat Ornstein and Smough. Biggie killed me once and Tupac killed me three times, once while under the influence of a rage-induced Super Saiyan transformation. Funnily, I killed Gervais twice and Merchant once.


So, did the VA who voiced Vamos actually deliver his lines over the phone or has he always sounded that bad? Also, the cats in Darkroot killed me more easily and effectively than 6 of the actual bosses, 9 if I'm counting the bosses who killed me once. AMA


It's not my favorite horror movie but I make it a point to watch Yokai Monsters: Spooky Warfare every year around this time and one if not both of the Vampire Hunter D movies. Also AMA because other people are doing it and I haven't done one in a while.


Roommates are gone for the night so I'm cooking again. This time I bought the thinnest beef I could find so my bulgogi turned out correctly this time.


Went to the mall this afternoon and while it's depressing to see what it's become over the years. The FYE there had a copy of Black Cauldron and I couldn't grab that up quickly enough. Need more forgotten Disney movies, like Robin Hood and Mouse Detectiv


I got a neato key that opens a door I found hours ago! Huh? What do you mean there's a spider-lady at the bottom of Blighttown with her hobnobs out?


Woe to you oh Earth and Sea For the Devil sends the beast with wrath Because he knows the time is short Let he who hath understanding reckon the number of the beast For it is a human number Its number, is six hundred and sixty six. (like my total p


Whoops, I slipped in Best Buy and accidentally bought a classic (which I didn't like playing but I'm giving it another chance)


I've come to the conclusion that the Valley of Drakes isn't suitable for a level 30 character. Even an awesome level 30 character with a black knight AND Drake sword.


Wooooooo Dark Souls!! Current boss order: Asylum Demon 0 Taurus Demon 0 Bell Gargoyles 1 Moonlight Butterfly 1 ...yeah, the Butterfly killed me once. It kept using magic needles and those are hard for me to dodge.


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