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Beat Dark Souls again! I even killed Artorias and Manus. Did I fight Kalameet? Yes, but he was too much for me. Did I fight Manus fairly? Yes, but I ended up cheesing it anyway. Am I going to tackle my backlog now? Probably not *checks Steam store*




Talking to a friend, and they just mentioned how Jurassic Park 5 is essentially just Resident Evil but with Dinosaurs; right down to the Mansion having a lab in the basement and the final boss being a bioweapon that has a set-piece death.


I managed to save Anastacia in Dark Souls, but I'm worried I may have doomed Siegmeyer and Solaire. Currently a level 2 Chaos servant, but I have no idea where I'll hit that point of no return with my Sun Bro...


Oh hey, let's see what Steam has on sale this weekeeeeeeeeeeend now I have all 3 Dark Souls on Steam, not just the gank-spam one.


If I spend my Stimulus money on stuff from Bad Dragon, does that mean I'll have to start referring to Trump as 'Daddy Don'? Seriously though, I'm behind on Switch games and I need advice...


A Decade in Review; Shoggy-13 (Part 2)

The Bad and Meh lists are covered in Part 1, posted previously, as is a sizeable chunk of the Good list. I'm can't say I'm surprised that this happened, but I'm a little bit proud to see that I've found and smacked against the upper li...


Yay! Final Fantasy XV made me cry again!! I like how the ending is expanded on in the Windows version. At first I thought it was because I didn't collect all of the ancient weapons...


A Decade in Review; Shoggy-13 (Part 1)

The year 2013 was a massive one in gaming! The legendarily successful Ouya launched and it was such a massive hit that it was discontinued indefinitely just to give Sony and Microsoft a chance with their own new consoles the Playstatio...


I just realized that I had forgotten Luigi's Mansion 3 happened. Is that because 3 is worse than Dark Moon, or did something else launch around the same time and just completely overshadow it?


People who cut the crusts off of their sandwiches are entitled to their own opinions and they're valid, but that doesn't stop them from being wrong either.


Headcanon: Final Fantasy X, XV, VII all take place on the same planet, and in that order. X shows the afterlife/lifestream, XV is the creation of Knights of the Round, VII's Midgar was XV's Lestallum.


Still playing through FFXV and going through the DLC as I go. So far, Episode Ignis > Episode Daddiolis. I don't have Episode Ardyn and I'm not sure if it's worth it.


I wanted to play Game & Wario to see if it was as bad as I remembered it being, but I guess that's one of the games that I left in storage down south...then I was like, OKAY! NES Remix time! But I need to use the gamepad, and mine needs to charge...boo


So about my vague post from about a week ago... (Dets in Comts)


Not sure which was the bigger pain in the ass: The Long Gui in FFXIII or Adamantoise in FFXV. I haven't fought Yiazmat, don't ask.


I don't know who needs to hear this, but get your finger out of there right now. You're embarrassing yourself.


Shog's SMarch 2020 Gaming Journal

So how’s your March going? I don’t want to make light of what’s going on in the world, and when I say that what I mean is that I use comedy to cope and I hope you don’t take offense when I do inevitably make fun...


Happy March 32nd. My monthly game journal is coming out tomorrow morning.


Well fuck...things at home are getting...weird and probably bad ...I'm okay (edit:housemate drama happened and will likely happen again in the next day or two)


My state is now under a Stay-At-Home order! Well, most of my state is: I'm essential.


BoB - Shog likes Jetpacks

Video games are fun, unless they’re not, but for the most part video games are fun! This month’s Band of Bloggers prompt is all about those parts of video games that don’t really make logical sense but which are fun f...


The Shadow of Doom DLC looks good, but all I can hear when Doom talks is Calculon phoning in another role.


GTA4 is back on Steam, FINALLY. It's listed as Grand Theft Auto IV: The Complete Edition. It's currently marked at $19.99...which is confusing to me since GTAV is currently on sale.


I have a cough at the moment, but I also have congestion and mucus issues that seem to be annual. I've had sinus problems last year and the year before so I guess I'm doing my own thing in terms of being ill. Stay safe, stay home.


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