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I should have probably put a little bit more thought into mine...oh well, the important details are there. For the record, I would have put Uncharted 1 in the bottom if it had been represented.


I just realized that I didn't get Starlink or Twilight Princess in these ... Wii U bro!


I could wait until next week, because I have another Switch game coming to me. I haven't actually opened up Fire Emblem Musou, under Mega Man 11 is Octopath and the Mana trilogy.


I figured out how to make my mic work! I'm going to make this everybody's problem.


#Destructoy'd...? Toyd? Toid? Hm...work stocked some awesome Thanks Legends figures, they weren't stupid expensive, now I have one. I have things coming through the mail too!


This might not count technically, but I just placed an order for a number of comics and a Switch game I've had my eye on for a while through Wizards Video Games, my favorite independently owned games shop. #indietoid can support indie stores, right?


This might be a hot take, but the first 2 Five Nights at Freddy's are good. That's not my #indietoid vote though, my latest dad-game is; There are 5 on PC (1 is VR) and at least 1 is on Switch. Check em out!


Shog's Birth-month 2021 Gaming Journal

Recently, I found and started listening to audiobooks of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. Unfortunately, the LotR audiobooks were taken off of youtube and maybe I should just subscribe to spotify, but I don’t like commitment...


Did I forget that a Pokemon Direct thing was happening today or did I miss the memo? All cynicism aside, I'm very excited about the Diamond/Pearl remakes but I'm curious about what's being added in. C'mon, complete dex!


What I got from the State of Play coverage is, I should just stop waiting on FF7Remixed and download ReMako already (or maybe the new FF7 mod thing I've heard about)


I got mail today! I also got the 3 Mario posters. Unrelated until he's announced in Smash: I also got a couple of Dragon Ball manga collections. I think I'm almost at Z.


I really liked Tron Legacy. I saw it in iMax so I might be coming at that film with a little bit of a bias, but it was a great theater experience. That's about all I have to say about Daft Punk; I appreciate the band, they're just not my thing


Night in the Woods is $10 on Steam at the moment, flash sale style. I am once again strongly encouraging you to pick it up. It has a great story about change, growing up, and a spooky, murder cult.


It might be 23 years old but You've Got Mail holds up.


Stubbs the Zombie and Ninja Gaiden were highlights for me. I like what MHRise is doing despite not liking the franchise. No More Heroes 3 looks great, and I'm glad the only good Xenoblade has a rep and stage now.


I'm going to try to go into the Direct spoiler-free before work tonight. Last predictions before bedtime - Ultimate Alliance 1 and 2 launch on Switch TODAY, Classic Star Wars games launch on Switch TODAY (KoTOR 1/2, and Republic Commandos). D/P Remakes


For personal reasons, I've started drawing again and I've done more in the last 3 days than I've done in the previous year.


I can't help myself, I have to make a Direct prediction...I'm going to guess Nintendo will announce a new IP that me and 3 other people will recognize as just Puppeteer, the PS3 exclusive that me and 3 other people played, completely unaltered.


Happy Inexpensive Candy Day everyone! Let's enjoy one last junk food binge before spring aka: workout season!


On this special day, I think it's important to remind you all that I love...Conquest of the Crystal Palace on the NES. Have a fantastic day.


MyNintendo did a restock and I finally got a thing I've had my eye on for a couple of months now! Now to wait for shipping.


I started playing Injustice 2 the other game and that was probably the best possible way to sell MK11 to me. Blue Beetle plays great, Grodd and Swamp Thing play way faster than expected, but I'm missing Nightwing and Raven...Titans Forever.


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