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Finally, some good fuckin' Star Wars


Out of nowhere, a massive chunk of my Steam Wishlist is on sale for the next 2 days and here I am, not getting paid until Friday. What the Hell, Steam!?


I'm going to associate AMC's Ride with shit.


I just watched Toy Story 4! It was a lot better than I was lead to believe. I liked it more than 3 overall, though I liked the end of 3 more...hm? Oh also I got a game code to some PS4 thing by the Policenauts and Metal Gear guy. Doom Standard I think.


So after beating KotOR 2, I can finally buckle down, focus, and go right back to playing KotOR 2 again, but dark side and male this time. This will always be canon to me #fuckDisney


The new Zachtronic game looks like Opus Magnum, if Opus Magnum fucking hated you. I hope this leaves early access soon.


I want to talk about the Pokemon Sword/Shield leak


#ArbitraryMetalSaturday because Ne Obliviscaris is quickly becoming my favorite band and this is one of the reasons why. Also, I have a boner for the melodic vocalist, Tim Charles. I mean look at the guy, he looks like ME if I had my shit together.


Shog's Halloween 2019 Gaming Journal

This is Halloween, this is Halloween, try not to spend all my money on Steam. This is Halloween, The Outer Worlds isn’t on Steam, so I guess my money is mostly safe in that regard, besides, I have a massive backlog of unplayed ga...


Gonna play Man of Medea by Supermassive with my housemates in a bit. We left a candy bucket outside for the children. Happy Hallomas everybody!


I got these yesterday. I wish Cadburry was more of a thing in the US. Happy Halloween eereh'buddy!! Love you!


If Spider-Man 2 was such a great game, then why didn't they ever make a Spider-Man 2 2? Take off your nostalgia goggles grandpa, it's time for your hip medication.


Steam Spook Sale! Picked up Call of Cthulhu and Wasteland 2 finally. Voodoo Vince Remastered is less than $4, you should all buy it! It's like Psychonauts but even more forgotten about!


Should I go for Bloodstained since its currently on sale or should I wait for the Steam Halloween Sale to see if it's still on sale, or available for a better price?


I have a code for Concrete Genie (PS4 Exclusive) but I'm not going to use it. It's first come, first served and I'm just going to put it, and my Steam wishlist, in the comments. It recommends using PSVR, but it's not required to play.


Mike says the plot of Death Stranding leaked. Please spoil it for me: I still don't know what the genre of the game is, I feel completely un-informed and I've been keeping up with trailers and gameplay. I want to know what it is before I blow it off.


Oh Snap, I won the Anime-Girl Bullet-Hell dealy! Thanks Wes!!


Cavalry charge, on the hull of a Star Destroyer, among a fleet of them, in flight, while riding goat-horses, possibly in space. Pretty sure I saw The Ghost, and The Outsider in the trailer too.


My sister is getting married today! Woo, free food


I'm sick. Nothing serious, just a sore throat, leaking face, and sunny disposition. In other news, a load-baring manager just walked out and I'm curious to see who else is going to quit at work.


The last couple of days have been really bad brain health days for me. Now I'm sick in a cold-like way. I'm still hella depressed but it's gone self aware and meta.


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