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A Shoggy Look at 2018

If you’ve been following me closely, you’ll likely have noticed that throughout the year, I’ve posted monthly journals (for want of a better word), detailing the games I’ve played that month and my general thoug...


OK everybody, it's still 2018 but I guess I'll put out my Game of the Year dealy now...well, in a half hour.


So I can understand the benefit of sending Primary and Fighter spirits into the caves and ruins, they level up but is there any reason to send support spirits into caves and ruins since they don't level up?


OK so it's not that I'm bad at Smash, I'm just bad at playing as Marth.


So quick question: Sine Mora EX or Ikaruga? I'm also kinda on the fence about Yooka-Laylee and Fractured But Whole...It seems like the people who didn't like Y-L loved Banjo and Mario 64 but let's just say I don't have that kinda baggage.


Merry Christmas everyone! Be safe if you have to go out.


Happy 260th anniversary of the discovery that the object we see in the sky every 75 years isn't a fallen angel or a dragon but a Comet: Halley's Comet


Just gotta get through work tomorrow...then I have a day off...then a work then 2 days off in a row. Woo, Retail!


I'm surprised by how much of a tougher time I'm having as a spell-caster than I had as a melee-focused character in Dark Souls. Good surprise but a surprise none the less.


Hey everybody, it's the 21st of December so you know what THAT means!! #Rushtoid


BOB! Shog tries not to spoil Soma

  This month’s Band of Bloggers is all about naughtiness and niceness so of course a part of me wanted to write about DID Napper; an RPG-maker game about a guild of kidnappers. DID Napper is headed by a deviantart person and...


Attention Destructoid. My Band of Bloggers submission is primed and ready for publication. Either submit to my demands or I will unleash it upon you. You have 30 minutes to comply...and to show you I'm serious, you have 5.


I gave Rebecca a plush Pikachu and a hand-drawn Mimikyu. I was given 2 hugs. I don't think she seriously expected me to get her anything.


Something that's become a tradition for me is listening to hip-hop and gangsta rap from the late 80's/early 90's while I wrap presents and drink egg-nog.


I Christmas Shopped today! My siblings, my Sister's dogs, 2 of my 4 roommates and Rebecca have been Shopped at. As for my secret Santa recipient: maybe I have, maybe I haven't. Maybe they already got their thing(s) from me.


Not to sound melodramatic but I always feel a sort of 'dead-on-the-inside', hollowness after I beat a game. Considering Soma was the last game I beat though, I think that feeling is justified. Now to hastily shift my focus onto another game!


Since Tumblr is dead I deleted the app off of my phone and now I have room for...ya know, anything else. Is Fire Emblem any good or would anyone recommend anything else?


I have to be awake in 7 and a half hours and my schedule forecast shows that I'll be working from the 19th through to the 24th. 6 days is a row is better than 8 but it's still kind of a kick in the pants.


I just started playing Soma and I don't want to name-names or come off as antagonistic but Joseph Anderson is an idiot. Possibly even fucking idiot.


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Hello all! I'm Joe, from Maryland! I've was released the same year as Mega Man 2 but I haven't really been playing games until around the time of Mortal Kombat 2's home release. I'm mostly harmless so if you wanna talk to me send me a message I guess. I'll be around, lurking maybe. I'm not sure yet.