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In the original Super Mario Sunshine you can unlock a pair of Sunglasses to tone down the bloom so...is that unlocked sooner in the All-Stars version or is it still something you need to find? I usually turn bloom off before starting a game.


This is probably old news, but Guacamelee is really, really good. I probably shouldn't have slept on it for so long.


Just interviewed for a Team Lead position at Target. I'm currently in a 1 or 2 week, "prove you can be a leader" period before I'm given a second interview. More money would be fantastic yo, NGL.


I want to play as a Slytherin who takes a hardcore Muggle-studies playthrough. I really hope this Hogwarts thing is open and short enough for multiple playthroughs.


I swear to God, if Final Fantasy XVI is episodic I'll riot. Well...I'll grumble at the very least. Also, it was funny as Hell to see that asterisk: Only on Playstation* (also available on PC)


Are we still doing anime openings? Has nobody posted the best one from the 90's? Let me fix that...#OPtoid


A Decade in Review; Shoggy-18

2018 happened, and I think this is my most anemic list so far. I’ve tried to keep up with modern games, but it’s easy to lose track of everything as it comes out. That being said though, I think I managed to put together a ...


Since it's possible to kill enemies enough times in DS2 to cause permanent de-spawn, I think I'll go for a true Genocide Run. This probably won't be too tedious


BOB - A Delayed Game is eventually Shogged

Shigeru Miyamoto once said, “A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever”. You may have noticed a delay in this month’s Band of Bloggers prompt, and that was totally to drive this point home. We&rsquo...


The next Final Fantasy that should be remade is 13 and it should be done in the style of Octopath Traveller.


Just finished Call of Cthulhu (2018) and even though I have nostalgic ties to Dark Corners of the Earth, I think I like the new one more. Gonna go through it again to get that damn, fourth ending and hopefully clean up the rest of the chivos.


I didn't like Super Mario 64 or Sunshine. I thought SM64DS was an improvement, but okay, let's wallow in the past instead of improving it. Making the collection a limited time thing baffles me too, but I guess that'll guarantee sales.


It's annoying to me that I've only ever seen Ultimate Alliance 3 on sale during 1 Black Friday since it launched but Mario & Rabbids, another Switch exclusive made by a third party, is almost always $20 or so. I don't get it, but I blame Disney.


So, I moved a bunch until I was about 9. Then I moved a bunch more until recently, so I don't think I have any of my original childhood toys. This isn't my original FFMystic Quest, but it's a game that I played as a young child #childhoodgametoid


Shog's August 2020 Gaming Journal

This month has been...meh. I’m getting tired of blaming seasonal depression for my feelings of ennui, especially during Summer, so I’m going to start blaming people who eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Anyway, I chos...


I hate fighting the mules, I hate fighting the BTs, and I hate Low Roar. Has any of that been modded out of the PC version of Death Stranding?


I took some time today to finally finish building my Guntank! Unfortunately, I was a little heavy handed and it ended up a little bit damaged. Good thing I have some super-glue.


I only just realized that Eagle Moss is a thing and I have a sudden urge not just to get a curio cabinet or two, but to fill them with their figures.


#arbitrarylovecraftianmetal because it's Monday and I felt like sharing. I hope everybody started off their week happily! If not, than I hope you were able to fake it.


BoB - Grand Theft Auto IV & Shog Andreas

Something I love about video games is that when one does well, it usually means that a sequel will happen sooner or later, and unlike movie sequels video game sequels usually add new stuff with each new game. Knights of the Old Republi...


I'm not sure how many of you also listen to/watch EFAP but their 100th episode began streaming yesterday at 9am EST. Between the Batman trailer and some of the guests on this (currently) 30 hour stream I feel like 2020 has turned around significantly.


I feel so let down by Gotham Knights and Suicide Squad that I'm not sure if The Batman legit WOW'd me or if my standards just fell. Batman looks great, and I can probably mod SS characters into Left 4 Dead and have a better game right now.


Not sure if I should try keeping up with DC Fandome as it plays out this weekend, or if I should wait until Monday/Tuesday when all of the news that happened will be more easily found. Until then; I ordered New Teen Titans v4, Batman/TMNT v1, and a book


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