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I finally saw Infinity War! (Spoiler thoughts in the comments)


I made a short CBlog (for me) about game collections that I didn't like. It should be live shortly...or...in an hour or so. It seemed like a good idea since it's almost E3 and I wouldn't be surprised if we see a bunch of new collections this year.


I'm going to call it before walking into the last room and watching the last 40 or so minutes of plot: I've beaten Xenoblade Chronicles 2 again! 2017 was a great year for JRPGs considering this is the second one I've played through twice in a row.


Game Compilations that Disappointed Me

Game compilations can be awesome! I love the idea of buying one disc or one cartridge for the price of a new release and having instant access to multiple full games. I especially like when beating those games unlocks even more full on...


Hopefully this Royal Wedding won't be interrupted by hipster Auron or Leviathan.


Went on a spree yesterday: Pinball FX 3 w/Portal 2, Fox n Forest and, Super Borgir Time, all on Switch. Wooo-yay!


OH SNAP My moviepass card finally came!!!


Next week is the Switch release of Mega Man Legacy Collection 1/2 and I'm considering getting the 2nd one because I've never played MM9 or MM10. I already have collection 1 on 3DS but is anybody else thinking about just downloading MMLC2 or just me?


With rumors of a Star Fox Racing game come me speculating on which Nintendo character'set fursona will be outed. Probably Captain Falcon but don't forget that Link's sona is a purple rabbit.


10% off eShop cards? On the week when Burger Time and Fox n Forests and Curse of the Moon launch? Fuck you Target *throws my cash*


Happy Mother's Day! No matter what you may think, nobody loves their Mom more than Sephiroth loved his Mom. So if you're still fretting about a last-minute Mother's Day gift, just remember that global catastrophe doesn't cost extra for express shipping!


It would be nice if my roommate's went one day without shrieking at each other. I'd vent about this elsewhere but neither of them follow me here...uh...boy there are a lot of neato indies coming out. Can't wait for Fox n' Curse of the Moon.


Maybe it's because it's a beta, maybe because it's on Switch but the Blazblue Demo did nothing for me. Persona 4 on switch would be great but I'm gonna continue waiting for Guilty Gear XX Midnight Circus Acorn Electron ETC.


Things that are hard: rocks, Bloodsouls, early platformers, not saying, "That really depends on you." when certain coworkers ask "When are you getting off?"


GUYS! SUPER BURGER TIME IS COMING TO SWITCH ON THE 17TH! Sorry...sorry, big nostalgia trigger here...I've never played the arcade version but...geeze...I expected to grab Fox n Forest and nothing else next week.


Hey, guess what Target decided to mark down? Just need to get my Tharja DLC now.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MqeHjtVVROI Hey so this is 100% impromptu but if anybody is interested in watching me fail at Gradius 3 and maybe a NES game or two check out my stream. I don't shill often so maybe I won't be smote this time.


I felt like a grumpy old man yesterday while I was scratching my head and wondering why people are praising Raging Justice. Now I feel like an even grumpier old man for not really liking any of the E3 leaks Walmart* ... leaked.


Cloud saves on the Switch? Yay! Paying $35 a year so multiple Switch consoles can have online? Also Yay! 20 NES games with no confirmed 3rd parties, no confirmed SNES, N64, GC, GB, GBA, VA etc and no idea how frequently titles will be swapped? Uhhh...


A Shoggy Look at Fast Food

Much like Greenhornet214, I love fast food, grew up eating fast food and, eat it fairly often. I’m essentially just stealing his concept but that doesn’t mean I don’t have my own thoughts, feelings and, preferences wh...


I've stolen from Greenhornet214 and in about 15 minutes you'll all get some insight into my fast food preferences.


I just beat Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and I have some feelings to eat. This has been my favorite of the Nintendo Xenoblade trilogy by far. It's probably unlikely but I hope the older Xeno games release on the Switch.


Friendly reminder that May 5th is a very serious holiday: on this day in 1992 Wolfenstein 3D launched, taking the 3D Monster Maze formula and adding guns and Nazis. Happy Holidays everybody!


I'm on Chapter 10 of Xenoblade Chronicles 2. That 9th chapter hit me hard, several times. I don't want this game to be over but I also don't think I'm going to 100% it. Also my room mate left a butt-plug on the bath tub.


Woo, Catgirl Friday! Also may the Stars Craft today or something, I dunno.


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