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Even though I got a smaller than usual check and that makes my anxiety happen, I checked back in at Toys R Us today. Probably my last haul (< $60)


My goth GF invited her cute new goth GF over for dinner last night. They were cute as Heck but I couldn't stay up and hang out with them because early work day.


I've been awake since about 230pm. I think I need a nap.


Hot take: I like ass and have nice video games


Is there a cut of Masters of the Universe where all of Skeletor's lines are dubbed over by Alan Oppenheimer or a sound alike? I love this movie and that Skeletor but I miss the goofier voice...and Orko.


I've killed all of the Colossi and found a handful of shiny things that were never explained. I haven't had this many eldritch black tentacles invade my body since...well wait no, Mysteries of the Necronomicon was surprisingly lacking in that department..


Me on Wednesday: "I'm going to have the house all to myself until Monday! I'm going to fucking cook, I'm going to experiment and have fun and I'm going to honest-to-God Cook!" Me Now: "Yeah I think I'll order a pizza to break up the Chinese"


I have failed my Irish...I think great-grandfather? I haven't eaten any corned beef or potatoes, I don't drink and, I haven't told a single pagan to get the Hell off of my property. Oh well, maybe next year.


I've used Destructoid for years but I've only really been active in the community for just over a year or so. Thanks for putting up with me and happy birthday to Destructoid. Here's to many more!


I don't like posting back to back like this but the Japanese eShop is listing The Adventures of Bartram Fiddle episode 1 for March 29th so that's probably gonna be on the nindies showcase. It isn't rusty lake but it is on my steam list...was


Okie Dokie! I've watched a few reviews and I've watched a few reveal trailers and I've written up something that's pretty short compared to my other CBlogs about the next Smash Bros! It'll be up shortly. Also, I'm totally not a robot.


So I'm kinda cash strapped and Cradle of Filth is next week and most importantly, my Target didn't have the drawstring bag so no Kirby for me today. Maybe in 3 weeks from now.


Other than my March gaming journal, I'm going to write a CBlog about Smash Bros because that's what you do in this situation. I'm definitely doing a character focused one but I might write a second one just for the sake of not having one be 25,000 words.


I went to my local Toys R Us just now and while there's no obvious signage about that location liquidating or closing, I understand that the writing is on the wall. I grabbed a few things and I hope it's still open next Friday so I can grab a few more.


I've seen complaints about Colossus #8 in the past but so far my most hated has been #11, the Tiny Colossus. I keep thinking I'm playing Legend of Zelda so I thought I could just shoot an arrow through the fire. Then it wouldn't stop shaking.


I'm house sitting this weekend so it's going to be up to me to prevent the cats and ferrets from throwing any wild parties. If I wasn't cash strapped I'd be the one partying...oh well, back to Xenoblade!


No work today or tomorrow so more xenoblade and colossus today! I fought the sand snake (7?) And it has so far been my favorite. I haven't seen a snake that aggressive since...uh...little help gang?


Woah, did not know Yahtzee had a new book out! I've got to wait a while before the physical version comes out but it's there on Audible. Kind of a shame audio books make me fall asleep. It's called Differently Morphus by the way.


I killed 2 more Colossi! 6 was really interesting and 7 felt kinda like a puzzle boss more than most of the others I've fought up to this point. Also got the trick rider and fruit eater trophies.


New Switch update! For the first time in just over a year I've changed my icon. I was tempted when they added BotW characters but I couldn't resist D.D.D. (though Waddle Dee tempted me)


Re-installed Shadow of the Colossus and took out the fourth and fifth Colossus. The fight against the fifth has been my favorite so far, holy crap!


I could be exaggerating but it seems like every single time I hear about the development of any given Legend of Zelda, there's always a part that points out Miyamoto wanting to incorporate future/modern day tech into the game.


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