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Since the Super NT was briefly available for purchase it got me thinking about other consoles like it and I've gotta ask: is the Retron 5 worthwhile? On paper it looks absolutely perfect considering all the stuff it's compatible with. Thoughts?


Shog's March 2021 Gaming Journal

Man, I’ve been...I don’t even know. March was a really damn weird month for me. I’ve been busy with a lot of different things, I’ve been re-evaluating a few things, I’ve neglected a few things…I sti...


Band of Bloggers April 2021 Theme

Happy April Fools Day everybody! I hope you've been enjoying Waluigi Day as much as I have! One of my favorite things about modern April Fools Day celebrations is just how many of these jokes turned out to be. It really subverted my ex...


Today is the last day for Fire Emblem 1 but in english too, isn't it?


I haven't had the time to do much writing at all this month, so my #BoB is this simple question: Why did nobody tell me about Misao sooner? It's the bizarre lovechild of Corpse Party, I Wanna Be the Guy, and Looney Tunes.


I still haven't watched the Snyder Cut, and I probably won't for a while though. I admire the people who were lobbying for it though; they were protecting what they loved rather than trying to destroy what they hate.


Rockstar finally got me. When I played GTAV the first time it was a borrowed copy of the PS3 game. Playing it on Steam now, and that first person view changed things a lot more than I expected. Good stuff.


Okay but in all seriousness, how does the Snyder Cut compare to the 2016 The Killing Joke film?


I got a heavy, heavy box last night.


Lord Sadler: We have injected the Los Plagas into you and Ashley. When you return home, things will get very interesting indeed. Also Lord Sadler: Kill them! Kill them both!


Tracking a package, and it should be here tomorrow. I'll do the package picture toid toid thing Saturday morning though. Much excite


Mutant Football League is fun, but it's kind of lame that I have to spend a dollar on DLC if I want to play as Bal...er, Brawltimore. There isn't a DC team either, but at least the Tokyo team is scarlet and gold.


Happy Birthday Destructoid! For the love of God, please continue to not go the way of Screwattack or The Escapist. I know you won't though, because you are, and always have been, awesome.


I blame Xeo for this, even though he's more NECA, but I've been looking at the Mezco site and agonizing over whether I want to pull the trigger on 1 or several things...While I agonize over that, I went and placed another order from Wizards. Whoops.


Not sure if this counts for #mashuptoid but why not: Saint Ronnie James Dio, and Yngwie Malmsteem cover Aerosmith.


A few months ago, or maybe as much as 4 years ago, I did a ranking list for fast food chains. I put Dunkin Donuts in a low or bottom tier, but I'm changing that. Either I live near an uncommonly good DD, or I used to live near an uncommonly bad one.


Mixtape wants everyone to know that he claims my box.


#womantoid? Sure, why not. Wait, is this Women's History Month? That would make sense! It was a toss-up between Miriam and Laylee, so I went with the one whose game is Symphony of the Night, because I like it more than Banjo.


I should have probably put a little bit more thought into mine...oh well, the important details are there. For the record, I would have put Uncharted 1 in the bottom if it had been represented.


I just realized that I didn't get Starlink or Twilight Princess in these ... Wii U bro!


I could wait until next week, because I have another Switch game coming to me. I haven't actually opened up Fire Emblem Musou, under Mega Man 11 is Octopath and the Mana trilogy.


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