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Full offense apparently but some people need to stop bitching and come to terms with the fact that Johnathan Taylor-Thomas is, in fact, a duck. Wake up from your dream world and enter into our avian reality.


The Gutter was kinda bad but FUCK Black Gulch. At least it's short. Consider the above a sneak-peak of future episodes.


I've spent a chunk of my evening yesterday and my afternoon today downloading and kajiggering Fallout 3 mods. Everything seems fine except for the fact that the Brahmin seem to have active camo.


Fallout 3, NV and 4 are on sale so I got the two good ones. So far modding F3 has been more work than anything else I've modded so far. Mirror was kinda dicky and I haven't tried DS2 modding (all I would want for DS2 though is to change the death text)


It's been over 2 years but I'm trying to bring back my youtube channel. It was never big to begin with but it was something I did for fun anyway. There was an episode 0 of this but the sound decided to go corrupt. All that's missing is the tutorial.


I didn't know a third John Wick movie was happening at all but my housemate tells me it's happening this weekend. He also rented the first 2. I don't think they lived up to the hype but they were still good. They made me want to watch Crank again.


I found The Gutter! I don't like The Gutter! Blighttown wasn't nearly this dicky!


My GF surprised me last night with a thing. They haven't seen this yet though so I'll be needing to show it to them soon.


The Angry Joe review for Dayz Gone was a quicky. It mentions how on a PS4Pro, it suffers frame drops. It's said to be buggy and have 'weird, floaty shooting'. It's said that the game gets good about 6 hours in. Anyway; 8/10


OK let me try again with the whole #VGTwins thing. BAM! Look at this awesome render of Johnny Sasaki from the Metal Gear series! Only that's not Johnny and I haven't shit my pants since I was a child.


9 hours of Dirty Bomb later I still play horribly but twitch-shooting isn't something older people are all that good at anyway. Still fun though and the second loot crate I opened had Cobalt gear. Woo, Blue Rhino! I TELL YOU WHUAT!


Detective Pikachu was pretty good but that scene where they bust a drug lord at a maid cafe just reminded me that Hard Boiled exists and I could be watching that instead. The gratuitous full-frontal nudity was kinda out of nowhere too.


Shog's April Gaming Journal

Well, I’m about a week late but I’m not giving up on my monthly gaming journal. The month of April was a strange one for me: I’ve been anticipating a tax refund that would enable me to build a PC which led me to focus...


I played TF2 for the first time in about a decade today. Glad to see 2Fort hasn't changed all that much!


Bad: Had to be awake at 5 this morning because work Good: I'll be off at 2:30 which gives me a huge chunk of the afternoon to lock myself up in my room and play Dark Souls 2!


So! Stayed up til 4 wiring and screwing and whatnot. Got up at 10 and I'm at the point where I can fiddle around with the bios screen. Just need to get it to boot and youtube tutorials have been helpful so far. Just need to think up a Shoggy name.


I forgot about getting a wireless network dealy xD I'm starting my build tomorrow


Oh snap...my tax return...soon, the build will begin.


Carnival Kerfuffle is kicking my ass. Wooo! Major roadblock!!


Final Fantasy IV, V, and, VI are on sale through steam...so have they been modded to be less mobile-like?


The Office Quest is seriously pretty excellent as far as point n click puzzlers go. Just finished that and started Cuphead today.


Going to see Endgame again this afternoon! I saw it with my housemates opening day, gf today.


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