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I'm re-reading my old blogs for reasons and accidentally got myself hyped up over the thought of PKMN Trainer in Smash Ultimate getting a Sinnoh Echo...it's not impossible, but I've been hoping for this since the 2017 reveal, pre Shield/Sword.


So wait, is Hitman Season 3 a for-real Epic exclusive or is it an exclusive until 2022?


Just about to start day 4 of Disco Elysium and somehow I managed to get a nice, gluten-free pie. Yes, I used a guide. No, I didn't follow it religiously, I just checked in on it from time to time. I thought I missed it too!


Update: I've dusted and my lights are set up! My room went from looking like a Gamestop to looking like a Chuck E Cheese.


Amazon sent me a broken mug which is lame but I requested a replacement. Let's see if they fuck it up again! I should have my answer by tomorrow.


Oh what the Hell, I guess $15 for the Diablo III Battle Chest is fine. Not sure when I'll start it, but now I have the option to do so.


Day 2 of Disco Elysium. I need to talk to the Dock Workers union in The Whirl, scrounge up 14 bucks for my room, and see if I can convince that cargo container to open up to me. Still can't believe my name is...no...no, my name IS Firewalker.


I had a great days sleep and now that I'm awake I'm ready to start my night! I certainly hope nothing whacky and uncharacteristic has been going on in my general area!


Unsurprisingly given how hard I've thrown myself into it, but Arkham Knight was the first game I beat in 2021. Uninstalled at 110% with Arkham filled to 100%


I'm...what, 5 days late, but since everyone else is doing it I'm going to post a comment with all of the games I've beaten in 2020. "Beaten" in this case meaning "play from story beginning to end, not necessarily 100%".


I'm at the point where I have 4 riddles left, Dent & Penguin to deal with, and the thing on the GCPD roof to go through with. I think I missed something with the plot before Scarecrow's arrest, but I'm still really liking Knight.


33 hours into Arkham Knight and all of my frames seem to have disappeared! There's a lot going on in the city though so that's probably why. I've had a couple drops before this but things are at a crawl for me ATM. Time to play windowed.


I probably should have done the Azrael stuff in Arkham Knight last. I'm determined to do the Riddler stuff before finishing the main game content though.


After going back to and loving Arkham Knight, I think I'm going to go back and replay other games I disliked. I might even do it on Twitch even though it would be sporadic and chaotic.


Band of Bloggers January 2021 Prompt!

Welcome to 2021, and if nobody’s told you to do so yet you might want to get a glass or jar or gallon of water to help out with that hangover. Nobody really remembers the hangovers or indigestion though, especially if you’v...


I don't normally do New Years resolutions, but I think I want to try posting fewer hot takes this year. I feel like a lot of my takes and tastes are on the hot side. Anyway, my 2015 was worse than my 2020.


Shog's December 2020 Gaming Journal

December has come and gone, and there are a lot of things I really wish I could have done this month. I didn’t see any of my relatives or friends during the holidays because I’ve been LARPing that one episode of Invader Zim...


Happy New Year everyone! 2020 Director's Cut, let's go!


11 to 14 business days my ass! I can't remember the last time I got anything from Club Nintendo, but I know it didn't arrive this quickly (about 4 days, maybe)


Stage 12 of Streets of Rage 4 is really, really hard


Got Streets of Rage 4 during the Steam sale so let me give it a few minutes to impress...I'VE BEEN PLAYING FOR 2 HOURS!?


@occams My store got one NECA box in tonight, but no TMNT stuff was in it. I'm off tomorrow night, but I'll be in the following night so I'll continue keeping an eye out.


I can't find the original post so consider this a general public service announcement: Deadbolt is currently $4 on US Steam, and if you already know it's a great game but you haven't played Gunpoint, THAT is currently $2 on US Steam. Potatoes will run the


Hope everyone is having a great day. I'm going to sleep and avoiding everybody. On the plus side, the clothes I got yesterday fit very nicely!


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