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I saw The Nun tonight! I liked Hereditary a bit more since it didn't rely on jumps like The Nun seemed to. Also, both movies use Demon's from The Goetia and Hereditary actually bothered to get the sigil right.


Shog Reacts to the 9/13 Nintendo Direct

Wooo! Nintendo Direct! I had some pretty high hopes for this Direct considering how Smash-Heavy the last two had been. I enjoy Smash and I’m excited to play the next entry in the series but my Switch is more than just a Smash-Mac...


I've written up a CBlog about the Nintendo Direct from a couple of days ago. It'll be up in about 20 minutes or so. Pick could be related.


Yay! New season of Bojack! Oh no! The second episode hit a little too close to home! This shit is fantastic! Pic unrelated!


I think I died more often in Mega Man 9 than I did in 8 but overall, I had more fun with it. MM9 is definitely in my top 3 when it comes to classic Mega Man games (even though it technically isn't I guess??)


I'm kind of disappointed that Pocket Edition is the Final Fantasy XV that found its way on Switch but it's better than nothing. I can see why Nintendo would want to re-release NSMBU too but, I think a New Super Mario Bros All-Stars would be better.


I would have never guessed there was going to be this much Final Fantasy during the direct. I've always wanted to try a Chocobo Dungeon and I'm curious about whether or not FFXV-Pocket edition is a complete narrative or not. As for the Smash reveal...


Leaked image of Undertale 2: Botanical Boogaloo. ...hm? Oh hey I won a copy of Ninjin! Thanks Wes!!


I went to the zoo today. Look at these Arapaima! They helped keep the Tanooki Mafia off of my ass a few years back. They're also huge and I have newfound respect and fear of the Villager.


I'm playing Mega Man 9 for the first time and after killing my first Robot Master, it said I completed an Echo Fighter Challenge?! Galaxy Man confirmed for Smash guys!!


Yay! Looks like Maryland is under a state of emergency now thanks to the upcoming hurricane! Good thing I've already spammed some of you with my unsolicited art and the like.


I've never played Mega Man 8 before...I don't see myself ever playing it again. I can't say for sure if it was worse than MM4 but I can't remember the last time I've been this frustrated with a game. How much longer until Senran Kagura Reflex again?


Playing Mega Man 8 for the first time and either I'm playing in the least efficient way possible or the weapons you get from each robot master is just flat-out useless. I have all but 2 and the Mega Buster is leagues better than all except the tornado one


#screenshotsaturday even though it's going to be Sunday in 2 hours. This is from Night in the Woods and sums up how I feel about alcohol in general. Night in the Woods is available on most platforms and has a great story, I can't recommend it enough.


There are only 2 moods in early September


I got yelled at pretty hardcore in my dreams so...that's a fun way to start my day I guess. On the plus side, I have a party to get to after work and with Dark Souls behind me, I'm free to start the Mega Man 11 demo...or just MMLC-2. Or DS-NG+...


I did it! I finished Demon's Souls. There were a lot of bits that caused me grief and I think I'll do a write-up specifically about it. I liked Bloodbourne a bit more but this was still very damn satisfying. I'm ready for Dark Souls.


On this day in 2001, the second-best episode of Spongebob first aired. Band Geeks. The best episode is Krusty Krab Training Video, which first aired on May 10th, 2002.


I've had a sort of success cascade in DS: I broke through my brick wall and killed Old Hero, Storm King, Dirty Colossus and, Maiden Astraea in one go without dying. I'm kinda unnerrved by the new Nexus theme TBH...I still have Maneaters to kill.


Yeah, I'm officially farther along now in Demon's Souls now than on my first playthrough. Wooo! Old Hero fight! Then I guess I can move straight on to Storm Ruler? Storm King? Manta Rai-nstorm with a wind advisory?


I was killed by Man-Eater (both of them a couple times) about 10 times today. So I went to kill Dragon God and succeeded on attempt 9 or 10. Then I went to 4-2 where I slipped, fell and, drowned in the swamp. Demon's Souls hurts so good.


Hey uh...does anybody want a copy of Detroit: Become Human? I somehow wound up with a digital code but I already have this so if anybody wants it...I dunno, tell me a funny joke. Or maybe I'll just comment the code.


Surgeon Simulator CPR (Co-Op Play Ready) is launching on the Switch on the 13th of this month. I haven't heard about this before now and this is definitely the kind of game that would be great to play on Switch because of HD-Rumble. 12.99 on the US eShop


Apparently, on this day 7 years ago I beat Majora's Mask for the first time. 100% too. It's not my favorite Zelda game.


Not that I keep it out where anyone can see it normally but I kinda, accidentally, drew up some lewd content on the sketchpad that I use for my game journals. Oops. It's not with the game list itself but on the next page so if I'm holding it up...yeah...


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