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Within the past...like...day and a half I perfect-ed 2 games on Steam. Between Sex with Stalin and Cube Escape Collection though I strongly prefer the later. I almost want to say SwS is falsely advertising itself. Anything Rusty Lake though is fantastic.


Me @ my cat: We do not bite and scratch to show affection. My cat @ me: You and I both know you're full of shit.


Night 1 of ??? Complete and I think I'm going to pass out when I get home! I expected to hit the wall much harder by now. Man, I really missed overnight shifts on this was a great first night!


I just finished the Titanfall 2 campaign and I believe the hype about it being the best FPS campaign ever. Absolutely outstanding stuff there!


Tonight is the last night I'll need to go to bed early and tomorrow is the last morning I'll have to wake up before dawn (until about January). Night Shift, here I come! I'm hoping to hard-reset my sleep schedule tomorrow so...


Despite its problems, I'm definitely going to double-dip on The Outer Worlds now that it's on Steam. Probably going to get the expansion pass too.


The Tom Holland/ Nathan Drake thing is real!?


So. Any recommendations when it comes to animation software? I hear Vegas is good for video editing in general, but I haven't tried animation on any platform in...like...12 years


I fought Darklurker for the first time, and even though it killed me after it cloned itself I'm still going to say I'm better than HBomberguy. Pic unrelated #feetfridaytoid going into #sockssaturdaytoid


A Decade in Review; Shoggy-19

It’s the end of a decade and maybe it’s just me but 2019 just seemed to be really, really lackluster compared to the rest of the decade. That shouldn’t seem possible since this was the year Nintendo launched its first...


I'm a few days late to the party, but I watched The Watch trailer. They should have let the project die when Terry Pratchett did, but I guess murdering something with a broken bottle is more fun than letting it die.


Me playing World of Final Fantasy: "I'm not sure I'm feeling this writing." Me reading codex info on DLC Mirages: "lol, 4th wall go crunch."


Someone left an annoyed comment on my Steam profile because I quit-out of DS2 when people invade me. I checked their profile and it looks like they're not the best person to play with anyway since there are a lot of annoyed comments on their profile.


Starting on the 25th, I'm going to be working over night. I haven't found a new job, it's just that Target is doing overnights during Q4. On the one hand, transitioning to overnight is going to be hard. On the other, I'll be up all night on Halloween.


Oh snap, Persona 4 is on sale over on Steam and it will remain on sale for at least a week. It's nice to have my payday figured out.


Demon's Tilt is half off until the 12th. Buy it. Buy it now. Pinball is freaking awesome, and this is spooky pinball with great music and visuals.


What's that? It's Mike's Birthday? Oh, go ahead then Birthday Boy...


I found the audio books on youtube. Listened to some Discworld and Hitchhiker's Guide. Wasn't feeling Dirk Gently, but Starship Titanic was mostly good.


American "cheese" ruins everything.


Another DLC reveal, another day I realize I stopped playing Smash the day Piranha Plant launched. Note: I'm not upset, I just lost interest in Smultimate long ago. I think I've played Smash3DS more recently than Smultimate.


Shog's September 2020 Gaming Journal

I just realized that I’ve played a few games in this, the month of September, that I probably should have waited to play until the spooky month. It’s fine though, because any month can be spooky if you try hard enough, espe...


And suddenly my Dualshock 4 isn't wanting to connect to my PC...dammit. I'm not M+Keyboarding Dark Souls. On the plus side, I managed to clear out a few more areas earlier today!


I hit a snag with my DS2 Genocide run: the zombies and rats in Grave of Saints keep respawning! Maybe killing Royal Rat Mohawk will stop that, but I don't want to kill bosses quite yet.


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