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#arbitrarymetaltuesday I haven't done this in a while and I don't think I've bothered anybody with this band yet. Ha, and they say you stop listening to new music during you're 20's!


Started a new character, focusing on int, magic &, pyromancy. Stray Demon still murders me hard. Also I typed in my number wrong so hooray for a comedy of errors.


I meant to post this on the 14th but Happy Birthday to all newborn babies, 1 year olds and 3 year olds. I really hope your parents didn't name you Chris and Anna if you were twins. #50shadesbabies


I gave cute, new-hire from work my number a few days ago and haven't heard anything so I'm guessing I misread something...or possibly typed my number into her phone incorrectly. I have embarrassment but I haven't flirted in over a year so progress I guess


I've gone ahead and started a new playthrough of Demon's Souls because apparently it's possible to shatter the game...and I have. Yay, item-duping and running firestorm! Old King was still challenging and Blue Dragon can suck it.(question!!)


If you haven't seen it and want a better idea of Ryan Reynolds acting as an animal then I can't recommend The Voices highly enough. Go ahead and watch it now then watch it a couple more times because it's a really good movie. You may need comedy right now


I don't really know what to say about Stan Lee's passing...I feel like my favorite incarnations of his creations were made by others but his was a personality that you don't see too often and he's absolutely going to be missed. Rest in Peace Mr. Lee.


Double Dipping: Shog Loves Final Fantasy!

Double-dipping is kind of a strange thing to think about when it comes to entertainment and consumer goods. I’ve read each of the Harry Potter books over a dozen times each but the only reason I would see myself buying those book...


Welp: I failed No-Nut November but that Chestnut and Praline Latte was 100% worth it.


My Thanks-Friday schedule dropped and the best thing I can say about it is, I won't have to work on Friday. I'll be free to shop a little bit that day. Can't wait to grab Star Allies finally!


One of the seasonal hires went out of her way to talk to me a few times today and seemed to have committed my name to her memory. Also she's cute. Today's been weird. (700th qpost!)


Last night I got the perk that allows Kiryu to just eat everything on a menu in one sitting and I feel like that's the most in-character thing I could have done for him.


It's cool that I have a youtube app on the Switch now but it would be even more cool if I could post my 30 second videos onto youtube instead of Twitbook. It would also be neato if I could record more than 30 seconds worth of video.


Unfortunately, I can't vote this year. If I am registered, then my polling place is about 600 miles away. It sounds like all of you have voted though so I'm sorry I couldn't go out and do my part.


Blizzard choosing to not reveal Diablo 4 is the rotten cherry on top of the compost heap that is the whole Diablo Immortal scandal.


Question. If I'm commissioning a musician for 90 seconds worth of music, what would be a fair amount to give them? I want to ask my brother to make a 90 second guitar cover of some Final Fantasy music but I have no clue how much would be fair.


Beat NG+! Demon Firesage continued to wreck me, Four Kings Yamcha'd me, I skipped a bunch of bosses and areas and I summoned for 2 of these bosses. For Bed, I quit after smacking it's balls and still fell to death twice. Crapra couldn't touch me.


NG: I thought the Four Kings were going to be a harder fight. NG+: IS THAT A SIXTH ONE!? What happened to my DPS, I should be hitting much harder than this!!


So is it too soon to argue about who the 5 DLC fighters should be? Goemon (Konami) King Hippo (Nintendo) Zero (MM-Zero series) Solaire (Fromsoft) Son-Goku (Dragon Ball)


I'm a bit disappointed that Trophies were axed in Smash Ultimate but using characters in Spirit Mode instead seems like a good compromise. When it comes to characters though, I'm sure I'll get Goku as a DLC fighter.


I need to harass a friend of mine to see if she can cover that song from the end of the Smash direct...


Shog's Halloween Gaming Journal

It just hit me that this games journal isn’t going to hit until November 1st at the earliest so I’m going to apologize now if you’re sick of Halloween theming. Honestly, there isn’t all that much Halloween theme...


Some of you will listen to this and immediately think of anime. Congratulations if you're one of those people: it means you're old.


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