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Oh Man...Romancing Saga 2 looks great but it was announced a week ago and launched...not 7 hours ago so of course nobody reviewed it. Maybe there's a review for the SNES ver-oh wait it was never translated. Well...guess I'll play the waiting game.


I just got back from Last Jedi! Spoilers in the comments.


It was only $5 so I double-dipped on Volgarr for Switch. I died a bunch and was killed by the first boss for daring to climb it's big leathery shield.


It seemed like Roy Moore did everything right...he campaigned, he held rallies, he got the support of the President, he kissed babies...and toddlers...*sweats* small children...*licks lips* Teeeeenagers


Pro tip: if you waited until today to get an advent calender, you are entitled to a dozen pieces of chocolate. 13 if you wait until tomorrow.


For everything it's done right, Doom 2016 had a really sudden, out-of-nowhere ending. I like that it's open for a sequel I guess but...eh.


There is so much good stuff on the Switch eShop and what do I do? Drop $5 on a crummy dungeon crawler because yokai are in it xD


Today would have been my Dad and Uncle's birthdays but unfortunately they've both passed away.


I haven't given up on The Punisher series but after 5 or 6 episodes, I'm taking a break...now Luke Cage on the other hand has me hooked from e1! (Pic unrelated)


Not sure if I'm doing over night shifts for the rest of the week or for the rest of the month...I need the money but the last 2 nights haven't really agreed with me in a mental health sort of way. Pic Unrelated:


As much as I'd like to see VC hit the Switch...I mean...Capcom and SNK have their classics out or lined up. Just need Squeenix to get classic FFs on Switch and I'll be all set.


Boss Baby is actually pretty good


The Disaster Artist was the most inspirational film I have ever watched. I can't wait to watch it again.


I had a terrifying dream the other night but not for the obvious reason (details in comments)


I just wanted to take a cute pick with my girl and she just wanted to adjust my ceiling fan


I'm not sure how I feel about DB-Xenoverse 2...it's a good enough action RPG. I mostly like the OC creator. But then I also feel like there are arbitrary walls stopping me from progression and the simulator mini-game thing is boring as Hell.


Planet Robobot is a great argument for Nintendo making a full on schmup.


Super important question! Fuck, Marry, Kill: Toucan Sam, Tony the Tiger and, Sonny the cocoa, Cuckoo bird.


I'm a selfish jerk and it's black friday...and holy crap, the (north american) Switch eShop has a lot of stuff on sale right now...has anyone played Violett?


Ok so I'm apparently getting a (base) PS4 for x-Mas and I need to know what I've missed out on over the past 4 years. J Star is on the top of my list but what else do I need? How's the import scene?


Hey we're back! I've been working for the last 4 and a half hours! At 330 of get to go home and eat so that's a thing to look forward to


In 2016 your favorite celebrities died. In 2017, they became dead to you. In 2018, they will just straight up murder you.


Fun idea: schedule me to work in a department that I'm not trained to work in, without a trainer, and have me work it alone. Woooooooooo yay


I haven't beaten Tokyo Mirage Session so I'm going hard on it in the hopes of beating it before New Year and as I'm playing it I just can't get over how creepy and weird Barry is.


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