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And that's Resident Evil 4 done. I went through the first chapter of Separate Ways, but I don't know if I'll stick with it to the end. That Chicago Typewriter is a nice incentive though...


Just spent the morning drawing and watching Daleks in Manhattan/Evolution of the Daleks, and Human Nature/Family of Blood (and Lazarus and 42). Those two-parters were great, with the later kinda blowing me away, AND BLINK IS NEXT!


Thanks Fanatical! I can't actually install Nocturne for 11 days, but hey, that sense of anticipation is pretty sweet! In the mean time, I have a minecart to survive and an Ashley to rescue...again...


I found these when I went to Wonderbooks yesterday! I haven't taken a Japanese class in years, but reading simple books like these helps keep some of it fresh in my mind.


Father Grigory Rasputin is tough! He's just eating bullets, no matter what's spitting them at him! *checks an FAQ* ...Oh, he has a Pokemon-like weakness to fire and I have a ton of fire grenades. Still haven't beaten Resi4! Still having a good time!


I had (have?) Space Marine on PS3, but I only just beat it this morning on PC. Good campaign! I should check the Codex...er, Nexus to see if there's a furry mod. Or at least a Helmet-at-all times mod. Titus is ugly.


Just wrapped up the demo for Village. I couldn't find mouse sensitivity options, and that glitch that makes the right mouse button activate and stay active forever is still present from either 7 or RE2Make. I love that there are a billion video options!


The part of me that drove several towns over in 2011 to get the last copy on Wii wants to take advantage of the Xenoblade DE Switch sale. The rest of me remembers how disappointed I was with it though, and picked up Fire Emblem: 2000's Hogwarts.


Beat Ultimate Alliance 3, but not finished with it. Time to do F4 content and beat down Dr. Doom! I really like this game, but the long load times give me something to complain about, because I've played older UA games with shorter load times.


I started reading Heir to the Empire, and I get why Thrawn is such a beloved character before hitting page 50. I'm really liking Captain Pellaeon so far too, and looking at the Imperial Remnant through his eyes.


I stole the template from...uh...I think it was Seymour but I forgot to save a blank copy. Oh wait, I found one. Favorite Protagonist is Rydia from FF4. I loved her arc and couldn't think of a better protag to mention.


Three Houses is on sale for some reason...I think I might finally bite since NIntendo games never go on sale. (At Target, other Switch games are on sale too, $40 instead of $60)


Over the last 4 days I got mail!


Shog's April 2021 Gaming Journal #BOB

Good news, the joke month is over and done with. Bad news, it felt like the last 4 weeks passed by at an accelerated rate. When I wasn’t gaming or working this month, I’ve spent more time outside walking about and trying to...


I re-read Circle of Blood while I wait for some books to come in. It seems like a great outline for the Netflix series: Punisher is used as a template for a privet army developed by an underground group of rich people. Maybe the MCU will use that plot...


Found some wireless headphones at work, on clearance. I picked them up, opened up the box to check them out on my 30...aaaaand Lucky I caught it before I made it home :/ people suck sometimes.


Internet stores want between $60-$80 for this, but Target only wanted $30. Consider this another PSA: Target is where media falls between the cracks and breaks street date. My store still has 3D All-Stars and SMB Game & Watch too!


I've never used Half-Price Books before and I don't like how my order is shipping everything separately...but overall I still think I'm saving this way. I'll report back in 8 - 14 days to report on what they mean by "used - good condition"


My butt was already ready for the Alex Kidd remake, but I didn't know this was a thing until the other day. Now if only Rocket Knight were given another chance...


It's ironic: the smell of the 420 leaves cause a panic response in me, but the smell of skunks and maned wolves instantly calm me down. Happy 420 if that's you're thing, and please stay the fuck away from me.


Some friends I made on Discord aggressively got me into Armello. Jokes on them though, I've been sweeping with Scarlet. I'm having fun with the SP too.


I wonder if there's a physical edition of Armello...


A new OlliOlli is happening? Fantastic!


I'm in the land of late-to-the-party, and I get why David Tennant is such a beloved Doctor. Until now I've only watched Eccleston, a bit of Smith, and that one REALLY good Colin Baker episode. The Girl in the Fireplace was excellent T%20


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