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I've spent a good chunk of the last 2 days playing Final Fantasy XIII-2. I'm enjoying this which is great considering how much I disliked XIII.


So I made it to Sheol and the fight with Satan for the first time and I'm so pissed! I was so damned close! Graaaaaahhh!!


So I just spent $50 at a candy store...it was worth it for Boost, Mars Bars, Maltesers and, sarsaparilla. The Buffalo chicken and PB&J soda though I'm unsure about but I'll report back on it.


So I finally had my copy of Isaac for Switch replaced and I'm able to play the game to my heart's content. ... What do you mean it's 4am?


Hey so I was wondering, could we please bring back jokes and memes about Duke Nukem Forever being vaporware? Please? Those were happy times and I'm pretty sure it'll never launch on switch so...?


So I'm watching Big Mouth...Haaaaaaaaaaaate but I was expecting worse. It's like Drawn Together but without subtlety...somehow...I liked Drawn Together


My TV mount fell off of the wall and I'm pretty sure my Retron 3 is fried...Woooooo


Happy 11th Birthday to gen-4 Pokemon, specifically Diamond/Pearl.


So I'm playing Demon's Souls at my new place with my PS3 connected to the Internet thinking nothing of it because Fios. I see the fog door that will let me fight Penetrator...then the connection is lost and I'm booted from the game. I have fury.


I really hope the Prime trilogy is brought onto the Switch...the Wii trilogy is just unplayable for me.


Just beat Samus Returns!! Clear time of 12:59:29 and 100% I don't know if I want to open up my amiibo for Fusion mode but I may try again on hard.


I finally had a chance to play Job Simulator! Motion controls continue to hate me so I had to do a chunk of it with only my left hand. Office job was a great intro though, can't wait to do more tomorrow or so.


Hey...I'm playing a PC game now. We'll technically: Rusty Lake roots is also on mobile but this is also on PC and unlike Demon's Souls, I'll be able to beat this one eventually! Wooo let's play!


Guys, that youtube channel I keep threatening you with is back! This is part 22 of my Demon's Souls let's play. It was actually recorded months ago so...yeah. Feed my ego!


Our Internet is all sorted out and a TV is set up at the new house so I finally finished season 4 of Bojack! That second to last episode fucking killed me! I'm gonna be a pile of nerves for a while now!


#Wallpapertoid ? Sure, I can get in on this: This is a place-holder until I either find or make something better. This was something I found and didn't make, just to be clear.


After a decently long shift I come home and find this. My body is ready!


So how 'bout that Octopath demo? I hate the name but that demo sold me 100%. I haven't had a demo win me over this completely since Parappa the Rapper.


I hope Doom on Switch lets me shoot Reznor.


OH SNAP, WE GOT FIOS HOOKED UP! Now when you're all whomping my ass in Mario Kart, Arms and, Doom I won't be able to blame it on connection issues.


I wasn't expecting Xenoblade 2 to get a release date...especially a 2017 release date


What do I want from today's direct? Let me use screenshots as wallpapers. Announce a switch port of Persona 5 or Tokyo Mirage Session. Diamond/Pearl remakes on Switch. New joycon colors. Crash n-sane trilogy on switch.


Got my amiibo and my limited ed-Metroid paid off! Just have to get through the rest of today, a Nintendo Direct and, tomorrow.


Plugged in the PS3 since it's been in storage for a while to see how/if it still works and yes, it does. Unfortunately I just played through all of Turtles in Time Re-shelled and despite my pleas it did not get any better.


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