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In addition to finding the bad Screwball missions, I'm finding a lot of bugs in the Spider-Man DLC (heh). Things like input lag seem common but I glitched out a mission somehow and had to abort it and retry. In the base game, 1 enemy spawn in a wall once.


OK! I found a really bad Screwball challenge in DLC Ep.2! I wouldn't mind the stealth challenges as much if they weren't timed...Nevermind, I found one that supposedly doesn't have a time limit and it's still ass


2 things: Thing 1, what the Hell kind of ending was that for The Heist?! Thing 2, I MUST have misread that trophy name because it was dumb when I made that joke to myself! Bonus thing: Screwball challenges were alright. I still hate the Taskemaster ones.


I beat Spider-Man and I guess I still can't take any amount of emotional weight. Spider-Verse got me a couple of times too when I saw that the other day...Now, where's my Spider-Ham DLC?! ...Woo, Platinum!!!


Happy Birthday Mr. Westopher! Here's to many more you magnificent deviant!


I kinda forgot that Spider-Man was broken up into acts and OH NO SOMEONE HAS PLOT-BASED BLOOD COUGH!


January is half over and I haven't started my BoB or D-D yet. The D-D is gonna be easy but I have 3 options for BoB...4 once I get Star Fox 64 3D.


Whoops...I need to be awake in about 6 hours but Spider-Man is really good. I really liked the GCT mission and maintain that Taskmaster's challenge missions are the worst part of the game (whereas Taskmaster was one of the best bosses)


Star Fox 64 3D is finally a budget title in the US! It was only a 3DS launch game so better late than never!


Not only do I love this costume (even though 2099 is admittedly hit-or-miss), but it seems like as soon as I unlocked it, Alchemex-based side quests opened up! This is too freaking radical!! Taskmaster Challenges are the worst thing in the game


The first Mile Morales section was kinda, very, extreme. It was really good but it's the kind of thing that couldn't have possibly been done 15 years ago. It might have been too much to have happened 10 years ago.


Spider-Man has completely taken my attention away from Smash and World of Light. Going through and getting the secret photo-ops now while dressed as Ben Ri - er, Scarlet Spider, because sleeveless hoodies are always cool. Also my date yesterday was great


Oh Shit, I have a date today...and by 'date' I mean I'm going to lie in bed watching movies with someone cute for seven or eight hours.


In addition to visiting a medical museum, my housemates and I went to Georgetown and a not-at-all noteworthy set of stairs


I was hoping there would be a big Nintendo Online announcement during a Direct this month and this was because Nintendo hadn't announced any NES Online games for January...then they announced January NES Online games...Oh well.


I went to a medical museum in Silver Spring with my housemates. Who wants to see medical oddities?


Wow, Fisk is kicking my ass! (decreases difficulty) Wow, Fisk is still kicking my ass! (resolves to decrease difficulty again). I can't say I like the QTEs and how little feedback I'm getting from them


Woo! Spider-Man! I can't wait to play it at some point around Midnight or possibly tomorrow!


I beat Undertale for the first time the day before yesterday! I didn't get the best possible ending because I forgot to be friends with Alphys...I still don't like the combat bits too but I'm really glad I got through that game.


Picked up Fire Emblem Echos at Target for $11 so yay! I have a reason to actually play my 3DS and not just carry it around. Also cute work girl and I are a thing now. ALSO-Also, KFC is offering spicy famous bowls so 2019 is just awesome so far.


It's only the 4th day but 2019 has felt incredibly long so far and suspiciously positive.


I'm just gonna assume that Nintendo's January Direct is going to be on the 8th or 9th. They haven't said what their NESOnline games are this month yet so they're probably going to disappoint during the Direct...unless it's Kirby, Deja Vu and Solstice


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