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I'm in Facebook jail because I like Burzum. I wonder how much Burzum music I have to post before I'm perma-banned...


Shog's November 2020 Gaming Journal

Behold the month of the Friday which is blacker than the blackest, black. This is prime-time for picking up recent games, especially this year since it seems like all of the games dealers are hosting sales. Then again it’s often ...


Just checked the Zunos app proper and it looks like I won a code for Demon's Souls too...I'm just going to scream internally for a while and move up my PS5 plan from "in a couple years maybe" to "next year maybe".


Bruh!! I won digital copies of Miles Morales and Sackboy!! They're for PS4 but they're both upgradable, right? Happy Black Friday indeed!


I put in a request for a couple days off, it was autodenked but the schedule for that week is out and those days off were seemingly given to me? Go figure...I need a short break and can't wait for January.


So, did anybody win one of those Spider-Man mini figures or has that drawing not happened yet?


Clopening (a closing shift followed by an opening shift) sucks. My next 2 shifts are kinda like that so I might be out of it by Wednesday night/Thursday morning. Fun-fun-fun! Tis the season.


BoB - Let's Genoshog Dark Souls 2!

Emergent gaming has been around for a very, very long time. The concept of getting a perfect score or beating a game as quickly as possible are examples of emergent gameplay types. For this month’s band of bloggers prompt, I had ...


Good idea, Bad idea: Good idea: Playing a Persona or Megaten game. Bad idea: Playing a Persona AND Megaten game. (Just started Persona 4 on Steam, and grinding to get past Medusa in SMT4)


What the Hell even launched this year...Oh right, Kakarot. I'm angry about that not being a sequel to Attack of the Saiyans all over again now. Doom 64 launched on Steam in 2020? Bam: my GOTY. I made it through Hectic.


Hmm...could get a free week of Nintendo Online for 100 Platinum coins, but is that a one-time thing? I wouldn't be playing anything online, and a week probably isn't enough time to beat Breath of Fire and II...Star Fox 2, definitely.


Good: I just made an excellent bacon sandwich. Bad: I am now out of bacon.


A Decade in Review; Shoggy Runoff

What started out as a way to stall for time as I desperately tried to assemble a “games of 2019” list has turned into a year long project made up of a dozen blogs about the games launched over the past decade and what I tho...


Weird question to new console owners who opted for the ones with the disc-drive: They can read standard DVDs and CDs right? Being able to use consoles as a media-hub without being online is a big deal for me. Spotify and Youtube are cool but...DVDs...


Watched a couple of videos about the Nocturne HD re-released. Well, it seems to be better than what happened with XIII, kinda. I'll hold off until SMT3 launches on Steam out of nowhere next summer or whenever.


In all of the hype for the PSX/S and the Xbox 5 I can't help but feel like I'm forgetting about something...


Help, I don't know how light or nylon work. I wanna do Bulma in Shantae's usual outfit next.


Now that we have results and can move to the next stage of things, I think it's important to let everyone know that Yooka-Laylee is a much better game than A Hat in Time.


Woah woah, hold up, Sands of Time is getting remade!? Has Yahtzee been informed?


No matter what the results of this election turn out to be lets not lose sight of the most important thing: Jingle All the Way is a better Christmas movie, indeed a better movie in general, than Elf.


For the fun of it, I had a look at the mail-in ballot requirements for a few states. In Georgia, MiBs need to have been received by 7pm on the 3rd (yesterday). In Maryland, the deadline is Nov 13th. Texas: 5pm Nov 4th. California: Nov20th. Uuuuugh


No matter what happens tonight, never forget that Night in the Woods >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Life is Strange


Band of Bloggers November 2020 Prompt!

The month of November isn’t a particularly exciting one, unless you happen to have a birthday in it. Maybe that’s why November is the subject of a very specific type of challenge that I don’t think I need to name-drop...


Shog's Halloween 2020 Gaming Journal

October is usually the best month of the year, and while this has been a really good month for me, there are little factors that kept it from being as good as it could have been. It’s basically November now, and yet my area is st...


Today is Halloween AND a full moon AND daylight savings. It's a triple threat of goodness! I hope everyone has an incredible day and stays safe and all that <3


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