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Platinum Games should re-release Star Fox Zero on the Switch but make it so that you can ONLY play it using the upcoming Ring Fit, Ring. I expect Bayonetta 3 to also require the Ring Fit, Ring to play too.


May not be able to complete this month's BoB prompt due to an inability to get into the right head space. Then again, I the next 12 days might allow for it, I'm just not feeling optimistic.


#ArbitraryMetalTuesday because I've been really enjoying Cthonic to the point that I would let someone buy my socks to get out to a nation where they tour.


Oh hey, new KoRn! I haven't heard the whole thing yet but I'm enjoying what I've heard of it so far. Can't say I'm enjoying the new Ghost as much though.


Is it Dragon Quest XI-S, Daemon X Machina or, both that allow you to transfer data from the demo to the full game? It's probably both, right?


Not sure how long they've been there but Hulu put a few of the DC-Animated movies up. I watched Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay last night, never heard of it before, but I really liked it. There were stakes, known characters died, and I liked the end twist.


I can't say I give a damn about Gears 5 but I'm hoping it sells well enough on Steam to allow for Steam ports of the Gears trilogy...and 4 I guess...


So a youtuber I followed, GAMetal (or is it Johnny Atma?) recently released a cover of Midnight Carnival from Guilty Gear XX and I'm pretty sure a chunk of it was ripped off from Kurenai by X [Japan] (1:43 of this video might sound familiar to GG Fans)


9/9/29 is 10 years from now. Time is meaningless. There will be more Bubsy games than Half-Life. Shaq-Fu 3, coming soon to VR and AR game units.


What a weird day I've had...oh hey, this is my 1,001st post!


Wait, isn't a Yokai Watch remaster coming out on Switch soonish? Like, within the next month or three?


My opinion of the Xenoblade Chronicles series is that they got better as they went along so the XC-Def Ed reveal didn't do much for me. Goemon as a Mii costume is pretty great and a second DLC Fighter pack seemed inevitable. (little more in comments)


Easy predictions for the Nintendo Direct: Galar starters evolved forms (probably just first evolution)...uh...That's all I got. I've kinda fallen out of the loop with Nintendo stuff recently. Oh, Starcraft: Ghost as a Switch exclusive, launch 15/11


Woooo, impromptu 10 hour shift at work today. It was time and a half which is just neato. I may get a 2019 Switch game this month afterall! Other than the goose one of course.


Shog's August 2019 Gaming Journal

I realize that I probably sound like a Debby-Downer during this time of year but I can’t stress how much I hate summer. August is finally over but it’s not unheard of for September to feature excessively hot and humid days ...


I need my cars title to register it. I can't find my title and I can't even remember if I was given the title after I payed it off. To get a replacement I need to go to the tax/tag office in GA...woooo yay...it's only 600+ miles away.


When I die, the state of Maryland will harvest my organs and potentially save the life of the next Hitler. Also I can vote here now. Gotta register my vehicle now...


At the MVA. I think this is going to be my whole day...it's not even crazy busy today!


Apparently my registration is suspended. I have to wait until tomorrow morning to call the DMV and see word the dillio. I still need to get to work though. On the plus side, when I got pulled over, I only got a warning.


I was curious about how well recieved the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich has been and now I'm in a massive line for one. I think its popular. (edit: I was in line for about 20 minutes)


Well I could spend $20Million on a Type-7 transport but it would only 30T of extra cargo space...I'll stick with my Type-6. I'm gonna keep saving for that sweet Type-9. Elite Dangerous is still Hella Neato.


BoB - Shogka-Shoglee

I like the idea of doing a blog about game characters! Really good characters (or even just one great character) can help get me through otherwise mediocre games and I know for a fact that other people feel the same way (insert dispara...


Who would win in a fist-fight? An anthropomorphic personification of Ludonarrative Dissonance or an anthropomorphic personification of Reader-Response Theory? Let's assume they're in a 711 parking lot at 2am, fighting over a sandwich.


I remember the 11th being a really tough day for me and apparently today is the 17th...the end of the 17th...I'm not missing memories of the last week I'm just not sure how I got here from there. Also I feel like I'm behind on my BoB (I'll post it soon)


I think I liked Static Cling more than Enter the Florpus but I only just watched Florpus once so far. The animation seemed kinda inconsistent in Florpus and it was kind of distracting to me.


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