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Calling it now: Final Fantasy VII-R Episode 2 is going to be called Kalm but in reality, it's just going to be an HD Remake of Crisis Core only you play as Cloud instead of Zack and every so often you see Tifa in the present shift, uncomfortably. 04/2021


I played through Doom 4 when it launched on Switch and thought it was great. I'm playing through Doom 4 on PC now and am feeling a little bit blown away to be completely honest.


Welp, I've gone ahead and picked up the Borderlands bundle thing. It's been a few years since I've played anything Borderlands so maybe I'll finally see the light and stop saying mean things about Borderlands Gearbox now.


I'm a bit disappointed that Rare Replay hasn't been announced as coming to Switch yet but New Super Lucky's Tale, Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair look great!


I haven't been talking about Dark Souls 2 because I don't want to talk about things that happen 10 videos on from the latest video I've posted but Holy Shit, compared to Shrine of Amana, Black Gulch is actually fine.


Oh hey, Lightsaber discorse! Dual-Bladed lightsaber is best lightsaber.


Nintendo introduces a new Waifu and the Animal Crossing trailer made me cry.


I'm legitimately hyped up for FFVIII.


Oh shit, my Zaku came in a couple days early.


SO hey, remember about 5 years ago when the Final Fantasy VII tech demo for PS3 happened and I said FFVII-R wouldn't happen until 2020? I'm almost confident in saying 'I told you so', we just need to see how much of VII-R is launching in March.


BoB - Shoggi-Shoggi...Olli...

This month’s band of blogger’s prompt is all about extreme sports and since I was a child of the 90’s, I consider myself something of an expert on the extreme. Well maybe not an expert: I was never really good with a ...


I've got my Band of Bloggers post ready and it'll be up in a few minutes! Ecks-TREEEEEM


Father's Day is coming up so for everyone of you who's ever called me 'Daddy' ...Why don't you call anymore? I miss you, Sport. Let your mother know that the check is in the mail. It's not ALL there but I'm working on it.


Homer Simpson was mistaken about what exactly the Ballet was but, bear in mind, he did agree to go.


Giant Pokemon fighting Giant Pokemon doesn't do much for me. Giant Pokemon vs 1 Mega Evolved Pokemon or several small Pokemon sounds engaging to me.


I'm a little surprised we didn't get to see the awkward middle stages of the starters but hey, there's still plenty of time to be disappointed by that reveal!


I can't believe Pokemon Sword/ Shield actually takes place in Lordran...


So after surgery yesterday Freyja was really lethargic and just kinda out of it. Tbis morning she's more herself and aware. I made her purr so she obviously doesn't hate me. Wooo!


I just dropped my cat off to get fixed and vaccinated. She's going to hate me when it's time to pick her up.


Shog's May Gaming Journal

Geeze, 2019 is flying by at record speed. I have no idea why that may be but it could be because I’ve finally done something I’ve been threatening to do since February: I’ve built myself a PC. This is the first time I...


I don't know what Obduction is but it's free on GOG at the moment.


By far, John Wick 3 was my favorite.


Going on a movie-date in an hour or so. Looks like I'll be seeing John Wick 3 after all!


Wooo, posted my BoB thing today! I really wish I had more of my SNES games here with me instead of in storage...in another state...Oh well, I'll be able to get that stuff back sooner or later.


Looks like Daddy Wes gifted me a steam copy of Godly Corp! . . T̛̠̺̟̤̖͈́͐͌̕͢͜ͅi̥̥̰͓̖̣̍͐̐̀͛͛̈̎m̢͔͍͚̱̥̝̬̔̂̀̒͌̽̅̾̇̕e̢̢͈͖̫͈̫̞̯̩͑͊̉̂̀̏ f̷̛͚̟̰̠̰͈͔̫̭̆̈́̽̐̂̕͢ö͕̫͉͔́̿̽̽̚


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