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I got a neato key that opens a door I found hours ago! Huh? What do you mean there's a spider-lady at the bottom of Blighttown with her hobnobs out?


Woe to you oh Earth and Sea For the Devil sends the beast with wrath Because he knows the time is short Let he who hath understanding reckon the number of the beast For it is a human number Its number, is six hundred and sixty six. (like my total p


Whoops, I slipped in Best Buy and accidentally bought a classic (which I didn't like playing but I'm giving it another chance)


I've come to the conclusion that the Valley of Drakes isn't suitable for a level 30 character. Even an awesome level 30 character with a black knight AND Drake sword.


Wooooooo Dark Souls!! Current boss order: Asylum Demon 0 Taurus Demon 0 Bell Gargoyles 1 Moonlight Butterfly 1 ...yeah, the Butterfly killed me once. It kept using magic needles and those are hard for me to dodge.


Dark Souls is awesome! I think I'm set for the rest of the year, at least until Smash comes out. I don't forsee myself needing or even wanting anything else this yea...


I have to wait until tomorrow morning to pick up my copy of Dark Souls Switch and honestly, if I end up not doing anime USA this weekend, that'll be why.


Hey guys, this is just my daily reminder to all of your that I'm funny and cool and you all think I'm cool and, funny and you all want to be friends with me and be nice to me.


Today was fulfilling. More car upkeep/repair happened, I caught up with family, almost beat Mega Man 11 on superhero and I talked to a friend from high school and my heart rate is still high and I'm still coming down because I didn't say anything dumb.


#selfiesunday (?) Because it's finally cool enough out that I can wear my favorite shirt. Wooo! Long-sleeve waffle top!!


Despite my initial reservations, Mega Man 11 on Superhero mode is Hecka' fun.


I've just realized that my time off work starts on a pay day and that pay day happens to be the first day of anime USA. Please either talk me out of it or tell if you want to meet me.


Hey if you guys and gals wanna learn about #shibarisaturday all you need to do is say this character's name. (I made this with absolutely no shame)


I kinda passed out for 15 or 16 hours after work yesterday so I missed spread-eagle cat day apparently? I probably would have been banned for participating in that. I also missed most of coming out day so I'm just gonna cast Demi here and now.


My most of me hurts but that concert was great. I hated the first band but Ninja Sex Party and TWRP were incredible. Did I mention that my most of me hurts? Going to a concert you care about is surprisingly tiring at 30.


Imma be at the NSP show tonight! Anyone else gonna be there?


I was approved for time off of work! So in a couple of weeks I won't have anything to distract me from getting that tube thing in the back of my car checked out and, maybe road trip to GA to get things from storage. Oh, and also Dark Souls.


GUYS, GUYS, THERE'S NEW DIR EN GREY, 2005 me is crying tears of happiness and also the tears that come from knowing they're probably never going to come to the US.


I went ahead and took out Wind Blight Ganon first during my latest playthrough of BotW but since I haven't even been East yet, I don't have the camera app on my Sheikah Slate. Good thing photographing things isn't a major side quest like it was in WW!


I did a minor car repair today because life is more than just day-long depression naps and furry comics.


The spookiest thing of all is the reality of life surrounding us so I slept for a majority of the day after work yesterday and didn't wake up until my usual work time. Wooo!!! Spoops!!


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