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Hopefully the next Switch update will introduce a shopping cart to the eShop...also auto-deleting things from wishlists if you have purchased those things, that would be neato.


I've given Phantom Pain about 90 minutes, maybe 2 hours, and and I liked Ground Zeroes more. I remember being excited about this game pre-launch but actually playing it just does nothing positive for me. MGS1 is just the only one in the series I like.


Since I play Pokemon Go! everyday, I've got to the point where I'm catching Legendaries. This morning for example I got myself a Regice which I nicknamed Freeze-Aime. I am clever.


Pokemon Go won't let me name my Bunery 'Bunloli' but it lets me call it 'Bunlolee' so I guess we're good.


Got my VR rig mostly set up. Red Alarm is incredible and definitely in the top 3 Star Fox games. I think my retinas are bleeding though...


Nioh, more like Neato, amahrite!?


Went back to give Ground Zeros a second chance and I'm still not feeling it. I found both kids and beat that first mission but I think I'm done with MGSV and I can still say I only ever liked the first MGS.


Is there a dance party going on? Cool!


I got a new phone a couple of weekends ago so I'm back on my Pokemon Go nonsense! Be my friend, there's a Pokestop at my work. 7737 8199 2444


TurboTax has a bee in its bonnet about the money I owe it so I'm being charged on Friday. I resolved the issue with my taxes but I'm probably not getting my refund until May. I wanna build my PC dammit, gimmie my money.


I've played Ground Zeroes for about an hour or two and MGS is still the only Metal Gear I've played and enjoyed.


At first I was a little annoyed with fast travel restrictions in Morrowind but after going from Khuul to the Bitter Cup tomb to, Maar Gan on foot was incredible. I think I'm almost ready for main-quest shenanigans.


Shog's Smarch Gaming Journal

Spring is here and with it comes all of the usual things I’ve come to expect: out-of-nowhere cold snap, tree pollen making my face melt, seasonal depression making a 31-day Month go by as quickly as a 3-day-weekend and, me finall...


I simultaneously loved and hated the Nintendo Direct april fools video but mainly because I would like Fallout 3 on Switch...and Wand of Gamelon


March kinda just came and went in a flash...so did February. I didn't even really do anything either, just kinda had horrible anxiety and depression days. I'm feeling a bit better now but it's still there. Can't wait for Fall and Winter...


BoB - Shog and Jolly Cooperation

This month’s BOB is actually going to be difficult for me because of this awful habit I have of playing games almost exclusively in single player. Looking at the games that I did play this month, all I really see are single playe...


I've never rolled up a fatty before but here we are.


I got a new phone this evening and am having all of the fun that comes with setting myself up on a new bit of hardware. Apparently my previous phone was discontinued a long while ago


Spam Musubi! I didn't think it would have made as much as it did and yet here I am...in flavor country.


Cooked again! I made the gravy myself but I used left over beef since I didn't have pork. It turned out nice and I've still got biscuits left over. Woo, cooking!


I'm home alone for the weekend so I'm completely free to play in the kitchen without my anxiety yelling at me.


Thanks again to Sharkukurusu for Dark Sek-Niho Born. The note was an added bonus and I will absolutely talk about this game as I play through it and then probably some more after I've played it.


So much to my surprise, Morrowind and Oblivion run on my PC...So...What quality of life mods do you guys recommend? Question 2: Fallout FIXT is amazing but is there an equivalent for Fallout 2?


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