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Post 300! I've finished up the main 4 from the Gambare Goemon series: Goemon, Ebisumaru, Yue and, Sasuke. I might do their mid-2000's variations next.


I started playing Knack yesterday and in about 2 and a half hours I can go home and do laundry, shower, continue drawing the Goemon crew and, doing other things that include not playing Knack.


#fanartfriday ? I have no foxes at the moment. This one took me a couple of hours. (another is in the comments)


I got a game over in Crash Bandicoot so now I'm looking up ways to farm lives because apparently it's 1997!


It's of course it's time to play with my rice cooker


The best way to end Valentine's Day, nay any day, is with a big, refreshing, BJ.


Well maybe next year Miss and I will be able to enjoy valentine's day with a cute rope bunn...oh wait this isn't fetlife...*quick exit*


Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Don't be sad if you're alone today, I'll happily share some love with you. There's more than enough room in my love dungeon


2 truths 1 lie: I've sought employment as a crime scene clean up person. I've swapped dead baby jokes with Voltaire. I've written a best selling erotic novel, available now on the kindle direct store thing.


Spoiler alert for Fifty Shades Freed: One of Christian Grey's eyes are bigger than the other and it was really distracting. Also I think Anna femdoms an architect.


On this day in 1990, James 'Buster' Douglas did the unthinkable and knocked out Iron Mike Tyson. This incredible upset is almost definitely why the Genesis game Final Blow was named after him when Taito localized it to the west.


I paid my taxes've got the payments spread out though so that's a good.


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!! (translation: I'm pleased to announce that I've beaten the hidden boss in Mementos, Persona 5. I've also beaten Persona 5 for a second time (150 hours). Unfortunate, I haven't yet completed the compendium.)


I played with my birthday present this morning! First thing I made was a big, dense pancake. I got some frozen shumai and rice for later.


These are just chillin' in the back room of my store because apparently nobody gives a fuck here. Maybe if I get money back from my taxes I'll finally get one


I should not have lost to the secret boss in Persona 5. Imma blame RNGsus though and my unfamiliarity with it. Stupid recarm...addition: I caught that stupid fish at last!!


Yesterday I went to Dave and Busters just long enough to get good and mad: Nintendo, what the Hell? Why isn't this on the Switch!? Give me more arcade racing Nintendo, you cardboard shilling, dino-jockeys!!


The vet who euthanized our cat last week sent us a card in the mail with copies of his paw print for us. It's kinda funny coming home from a fun day, opening a letter and, crying with my roommates. I think I have whiplash!


I'm at 83% completion when it comes to the Persona 5 demon...dex but I was able to get Satanael (and the components needed to summon it). Those high level judeo-Christian personas look freaking awesome.


I hit up Its Sugar before I left Baltimore this afternoon and found some Nintendo Wonder balls.


Woooo, Midnight! I'm officially old. Sure I wasn't actually born until 1:55p but forget those details. It's finally my actual birthday now.


I'm back at that point in Persona 5 where I can grind in Mementos in a ludicrously easy sort of way. Let's see how long it takes for me to level up enough to evolve my Jeudeo-Christianemon into Sataneal.


Hanging out with my mom and siblings this morning because birthday. I'm meeting Cradle of Filth in April!! Also got a rice cooker and Dissidia...and a nifty jacket. I think I'm going to a casino in a few hours so wooo! Pre-Birthday day!!! (Me, newborn)


Okumura's palace wasn't as bad the second time around. Still kinda annoying though.


My bastard roommate gave me my birthday present early. I can't wait to get Yamcha'd repeatedly


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