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So I might've spent some money today. But I needed a new laptop, as my old one was six years old.


Fleshgod Apocalypse covered Eiffel 65. You're welcome.


So I might have impulse bought the entire Yakuza series. Already had 0, Kiwami, and 7 so yeah.


At the start of the year, I didn't think I'd have to say "the guitarist from Iced Earth and Demons & Wizards is wanted by authorities for allegedly breaking into the Capitol building in an attempt to overthrow a democratic election" but here we are.


I have come to the realisation that the majority of games on my PlayStation are either Dark Souls, games inspired by Dark Souls, or a remake of the predecessor to Dark Souls. I may have a problem.


Picked up Nioh 2, since it was on sale and apparently you'll be able to transfer your save to the PS5 release once it's out. So yay. Took a little bit to get used to Nioh's playstyle again, but I'm enjoying it. Switch Glaive is so fun, dammit.


Well, this is amazing. I found out that the iOS and Android port of KotOR II has mod support. Though for iOS you have to hook the phone up to iTunes and drag/drop the files over from there. Still! Restored Content Mod on mobile!


For some reason, I have a stage theme from a Ratchet and Clank game that I haven't played in at least 12 years stuck in my head. Brains are weird, god dammit.


Picked up Jedi: Fallen Order since it was on sale. Not very far in it, but I am more than okay with it starting with the protagonist listening to The Hu. That, and I guess it's nice that it runs at 60FPS on PS5. That's pretty neat.


PS5 storage Tetris is a real thing. Just had to uninstall Miles Morales (which I'd Platinum'd) to make room for Ys VIII today. The SSD explanation slot unlock update can't come soon enough.


My copy of the Undertale soundtrack arrived! <3. God damn, this is such a pretty box set. The entire OST spread out on to five vinyls.


Picked up Persona 5 Royal on a discount. Wasn't willing to pay full price since it's mostly identical to a game I already own, but with a price reduction? Yeah, I'll bite. I'ma probably disappear for a bit because unholy time sink, haha!


Yeah, all right. Ghost of Tsushima is infinitely more fun on Lethal difficulty. Holy crap. I kinda love this game now.


I've got to say, I'm enjoying Spider Man: Miles Morales just that little bit more than the OG PS4 game. It's just much more concise and focused, with far less of the superfluous cruft. It's what made the previous game great, without the baggage.


Oh lordy. Souls PVP is still Souls PVP. This invader took absolutely no damage after I backstabbed them.


You know you're in the right place to rescue Yuria the Witch when you spot a message someone left saying "Cute person ahead." Oh, Demon's Souls.


Holy heck, the Old Monk fight is a real treat in the Demon's Souls remake. It's nice to be able to see that with a genuinely flourishing online playerbase.


Getting my fourth (!) Pure Bladestone before getting a single chunk is the most extreme and terrible example of RNG going utterly fucking insane. Took a slight break before and oh god why is this even happening?


What even is RNG? I got my first Pure Bladestone before even getting my first Bladestone Chunk.


Fucking hell, PS5 backwards compatibility is absolutely transformative for some games. Sekiro is now running at a completely unflinching 60FPS, it's amazing.


What the fuck the Demon's Souls remake character creator is so good! Anyone has access to any body type and feature (including voices, facial hair, animation types), with no gendered language used. It's inclusivity by way of giving folks more options.


iCloud save support should be available for any single-player iOS game. It's annoying that I can't transfer my Danganronpa saves between my phone and tablet. Though at least with Stardew Valley, I can AirDrop my save folder between devices.


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