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I've been spending far, far too much money on clothes recently. But also, clothes shopping is fun. And I now own this cute-ass dress. So really, it's all worth it.


Been playing the Skyward Sword Switch port. On my Switch Lite, it's pretty great. The new button controls took a bit to get used to, but I find it more accurate than the waggle controls of the original. Definitely been craving 'old school' 3D Zelda haha!


Oh right. #ArbitraryMetalTuesday. Getting some real Sunny Day Real Estate vibes from the clean vocals in the new Deafheaven track? Interesting.


Picked up FFVII's remake yesterday. EB Games was selling the PS4 disk for $20 AUD, whereas the PS5 one was sitting right next to it for $115. Given that the former gives you a free upgrade to the latter, it was honestly kind of hilarious.


I'm well past the half-way point in A Rift Apart, and after screwing around with the settings, I absolutely see no reason to play it in any performance mode but Performance RT. That should have been the default, as it's pretty much perfect.


It's Tuesday where I am, so for #ArbitraryMetalTuesday, have some Pupil Slicer. They're a UK-based math-y death metal group with some grindcore influences, fronted by a trans woman. Been listening to their album a bit lately. And ordered in the vinyl.


Um. So I just got the nicest goddamn message from Wes and the Dtoid community team. Holy crap, thank you all so much <3. I truly mean it. Definitely not crying right now haha...


God damn. A day after releasing Avow, Portal stealth-released a second, more drone-inspired album. Welp, guess that's another record I need to order in.


Haven't bought as much vinyl this year because of other expenses (namely: new wardrobe, amongst other things), but my copy of the new Dr. Colossus album just got sent outtt <3. Simpson's themed doom metal that has no right to be as good as it is.


Those feelings when you have your single best run in Returnal so far (seriously, it was going unbelievably well by my low standards!) but then it ends prematurely because a cutscene doesn't trigger, causing the game to soft-lock.


Decided to pick up Returnal. It's something to keep me off my feet, given that I broke my toe yesterday in a mishap involving sheer clumsiness and an asshole cat.


A few weeks ago, I submitted my resignation to Destructoid. It's been a heck of a time. Thanks to the front page staff, the mods and community managers, the editors, as well as lovely folk such as Eric and Panda for all the support and kindness.


I took my niece out to see capybaras.


Well, I picked up some new clothes while I was out today. The overshirt and the torn jeans. They're heckin' cute ahhh <3~


Well. That's it. I'm officially out to everyone in my real life circles. Friends, acquaintances, folks I hang out with in mosh pits, people I haven't spoken with in a decade but went to high school with. Everyone. I earned this beer, god dammit.


Well, I guess I impulse bought Monster Hunter Rise. Oopsies.


You know what? I'm bored. Fuck it. AMA.


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