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A few weeks ago, I submitted my resignation to Destructoid. It's been a heck of a time. Thanks to the front page staff, the mods and community managers, the editors, as well as lovely folk such as Eric and Panda for all the support and kindness.


I took my niece out to see capybaras.


Well, I picked up some new clothes while I was out today. The overshirt and the torn jeans. They're heckin' cute ahhh <3~


Well. That's it. I'm officially out to everyone in my real life circles. Friends, acquaintances, folks I hang out with in mosh pits, people I haven't spoken with in a decade but went to high school with. Everyone. I earned this beer, god dammit.


Well, I guess I impulse bought Monster Hunter Rise. Oopsies.


You know what? I'm bored. Fuck it. AMA.


Pretty well-known mashup, but hey. The songs fit way too well.


Oh my goodness, thank you all so much!


Here's a game that I reviewed back in 2017 that absolutely deserved the 9/10 that I awarded it. It's an absolute delight, and it includes a glam metal pug. #IndieToid


Oh right! It's Tuesday where I am. So I guess this means it's time for #ArbitraryMetalTuesday! Here's some trippy, experimental black metal to celebrate such a momentous occasion.


Well, I changed my name on this site a few weeks ago, and I guess I should probably explain why (although a few of you already know <3). Details in the comments. (EDIT: Holy shit you folks are all amazing <3. I could hug each and every one of you!)


Got my ears pierced! Teensy bit sore, as you'd expect, but they're super heckin' cute. Feeling pretty damn good about myself right now <3.


Yep, my Nioh 2 character is looking badass as heck.


Well, I rerolled my Nioh 2 character's skill points. And now my mage build is incomprehensibly broken compared to what it was like before. Elemental traps + elemental shots and things just melt in stupid and amazing ways.


Nioh 2 lets me be a cute catgirl with a massive fuck-off flame scythe. That is why it is best game.


So I might've spent some money today. But I needed a new laptop, as my old one was six years old.


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