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Well, I've been out all weekend, so I've not had a chance to play Let's GO in docked mode until now. Turns out that yes, I much prefer handheld mode. It's a shame that the game won't let me use the Pro Controller, since I find the motion controls fiddly.


Played Pokémon GO for the first time since it came out after being reminded that an Apple Watch app exists for it. One that fixes a couple of issues that I had with the game, as it were. I think I may finally see the appeal.


Well, I went out to get one of the last things that I needed for Christmas present shopping. Then I decided to pick myself up a little present, too. I look forward to tearing through demonic hordes with my new Necromancer, Illya.


We're in for some unseasonably hot weather starting tomorrow, and up until around Thursday. I'm not looking forward to this. If I suddenly disappear, it's because I've probably melted into a puddle of horror and grotesqueness. I'm not good with heat.


Oh good lord, Red Dead Redemption II's install size is bigger than my ego.


Just saw the new Halloween. It was a genuinely solid horror movie. I loved how the film went to great lengths to discuss the emotional states of the cast, and how the events of the original film affected three generations of Laurie’s family.


Walked over to the shops this afternoon and picked this up. It'll be pretty fun to juggle between this and Dark Souls, for sure. Never tried the original Disgaea before, but I enjoyed the crap out of 5, so I'm looking forward to checking it out more so.


Been spending a fair chunk of today playing Dark Souls on Switch. So far, it’s a pretty solid port. This makes me unreasonably happy.


Holy crap, I just got back to my hotel room after seeing Dimmu Borgir (and having a couple of beers). They were fucking excellent live. I’ve wanted to see them for over ten years now, and I’m so goddamn happy that I’ve finally been able to.


Oh my gods, tonight I’ll be going out to see Dimmu Borgir. I’m unreasonably excited for this show. They’re just so fabulously cheesy!


Contest: Win one of five PAX Australia day passes!

Well, it’s that time of year again. PAX Australia -- which will once again be hosted at the Melbourne Convention Centre from October 26-28 -- is just around the corner, and thanks to the lovely folks handling PR for PAX, we’ve g...


I went ahead and filmed Panda sleeping for #PandaToid. I hope that's allowed. After all, Panda deserves only the comfiest of naps!


Oh, right. It's Tuesday. I guess that means I should post something metal-y! Here's the first single from the upcoming Sigh album. They're one of the more interesting black metal groups out there, so I'm pretty damn excited for it.


Define: Procrastination. Laying around trying to see what websites and services you can access on the web viewer on your Apple Watch. Incidentally, here's what YouTube looks like on a 44mm screen! Shame the video player doesn't work.


Well, I spent this afternoon fighting with WINE to get the Windows version of Steam up and running on my Mac. But it is finally done, and I can now play some completely tasteful visual novels without booting into my Windows 10 partition. Convenience!


Well, I'm enjoying the crap out of Spider-Man. Also, the photo mode is fun to dick around with. Like so!


Hey, you sexy, sexy people. We’re still getting a hell of a lot of spam comments. If you come across any, please flag it so we can easily spot and nuke it. Thanks <3!


Well, my laptop battery started dying on me, so I need to get that replaced. But until then, I’ve found myself doing a hell of a lot more mobile gaming. Admittedly, this is because I got into the closed iOS beta for Old School RuneScape, but still!


Went out to see BlacKKKlansman. It was definitely a well-made movie that was worth watching. I also picked up this:


So I just found out that Dimmu Borgir are touring Australia in October. I may or may not now have a ticket. Kind of unreasonably excited for this one, since oh my god it’s pure cheese and I love it.


Not quite #ArbitraryMetalTuesday, but I got myself a ticket to see Therion next month. This pleases me greatly. Yay for cheesy as hell operatic metal.


Well, I got 99 Prayer in Old School RuneScape. Somebody please save me. Help.


Well, my little friend here no longer has to wear the cone of shame, since her stitches were finally removed. She's very much enjoying her newfound freedom, and is currently adventuring. What a fine kitten.


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