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#PetToid, huh? Well, here's one of my cats. I'll post more cute animals in the comments <3~


Oh my gods. Saw Eluveitie tonight. They were so, so good.


Well. It's Tuesday, and I feel like arbitrarily posting some Celtic folk metal. I guess you could call it #ArbitraryMetalTuesday <3~ Seeing this band on Friday, and I'm pretty fucking excited. Wanted to see them for a little over a decade now.


Saw Detective Pikachu last night. I’ll agree that the plot is predictable, and it falls apart at the end. Where it succeeds is with its fantastic world building and loveable cast. Despite its faults, it’s an absolute delight to watch. Would recommend.


Well, I enabled custom firmware on my Vita. The first thing I did with it? Changed my boot message to "Hello, Smithers. You're quite good at turning me on."


Got myself a ticket to Devin Townsend's acoustic tour later this year! This makes me happy. So, so happy.


Metaphorically dusted off this rather goddamn pretty console so I could replay Fire Emblem: Awakening. Been in the mood to replay a Fire Emblem since a new one is out soonish. It was just a little difficult to decide which one to replay, haha!


I got bored and added quickly added Sonic's teeth to Jar Jar Binks. You're welcome.


My hair's a little messy and damp because I just had a shower, buuuuut yay, my new Devin Townsend shirt arrived <3! #SelfieToid.


Just got out of Endgame. Holy fuck. Just holy fuck. I... wow. That was a damn good movie.


Spent some of my eShop rewards coins so that I could finally perfect my most brilliant of Smash Bros. Mii fighters. Behold!


I try not to get caught up in hype. It doesn't always work. This is one of those times. Because holy fuck Rivers in the Desert! In Smash Bros! <3!


@Wes Tacos once offered to steal Occams' guro collection for me. This was years ago, and he now just evades the topic whenever I bring it up. I never received any of the ill-gotten artwork and literature.


@Wes Tacos never pays for beer. Like, ever. He just expects me to foot the bill each and every time. Even when I politely ask him to pay my share. What a scam!


Replaying Gravity Rush 2. God damn does this game never cease to make me smile. The world traversal is just so fun, and Kat is such a genuinely loveable protagonist. It's just one of the most heartfelt games that I've ever had the sheer joy of playing.


Been listening to the new Darkcell album. God damn this is some good industrial.


Well, I was considering doubling down on the sheer edginess with my PSN name change for fun, but then I remembered Poe's Law is a thing and also that's a stupid and terrible idea. So instead I went with something a hell of a lot more adorable.


You know how I know I got old? I’m getting all excited about buying a fancy new laptop bag to replace the cheap one I picked up a decade ago. But dammit, it’s pretty.


Finally getting around to watching Into the Spider-Verse. Ordered it in on a whim because dammit, it looked like something that'd be glorious on UHD based on what little footage I'd seen.


So there's a new Devin Townsend album and it's kind of fucking amazing. That is all.


Just got home from seeing Heaven's Feel II. It was fucking excellent. Ufotable with a cinematic budget is a goddamn sight to behold, and while the previous film was mostly setup, things really pick up with this one. Also, it has much more of best girl.


Put a few hours into Sekiro. Christ, despite my hundreds of hours of game time invested into the Souls series, it’s finding all sorts of ways to fuck me up. I kinda love it for that.


Earlier today, there was a shooting in Christchurch. While there is allegedly footage of this incident, the Dtoid Community Team would like to ask you to please keep it off the site. Discuss the event if you may, but please keep it to just text. Thanks.


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