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Well, I'm enjoying the crap out of Spider-Man. Also, the photo mode is fun to dick around with. Like so!


Hey, you sexy, sexy people. We’re still getting a hell of a lot of spam comments. If you come across any, please flag it so we can easily spot and nuke it. Thanks <3!


Well, my laptop battery started dying on me, so I need to get that replaced. But until then, I’ve found myself doing a hell of a lot more mobile gaming. Admittedly, this is because I got into the closed iOS beta for Old School RuneScape, but still!


Went out to see BlacKKKlansman. It was definitely a well-made movie that was worth watching. I also picked up this:


So I just found out that Dimmu Borgir are touring Australia in October. I may or may not now have a ticket. Kind of unreasonably excited for this one, since oh my god it’s pure cheese and I love it.


Not quite #ArbitraryMetalTuesday, but I got myself a ticket to see Therion next month. This pleases me greatly. Yay for cheesy as hell operatic metal.


Well, I got 99 Prayer in Old School RuneScape. Somebody please save me. Help.


Well, my little friend here no longer has to wear the cone of shame, since her stitches were finally removed. She's very much enjoying her newfound freedom, and is currently adventuring. What a fine kitten.


Poor little kitten had to go out and be desexed today. When getting her back from the vet, I was told that she’d probably be lethargic devoid of an appetite due to the painkillers. She did not get the memo. At all.


Yay, this showed up in the mail today <3.


Well, it's now officially Tuesday where I live, so I think it's only appropriate for me to start off #ArbitraryMetalTuesday with some Dan Swanö. Synth-heavy prog/death metal is a thing that I approve of quite highly, as it were.


Aw, hell yeah. Two of the things I've ordered in online arrived today. Volume 3 of Devilman G (which I might have had to crop in my photo because the cover art is boobs), and the second half of Hyouka, which I had to import because licensing. Yay <3~


Welp. Found out that Sólstafir are the opening act for an Enslaved concert that I was considering buying a ticket for later this year. That's it. That's enough to make me throw my wallet at the screen. I've wanted to see them live for years, dammit.


We now take a break from my usual metal posting for some prog rock, instead. Seriously, this shit is excellent. Go listen to it.


Well, I just did some shopping. Picked up the Blu-Ray box set for the original Fullmetal Alchemist. It came with a goddamn 300 page art book and everything. Good god, it’s sexy. But expensive. My wallet is crying, even with a $30 discount.


Well, I just got back from seeing the new Jurassic World. It was dumb and terrible and the ending really jumped the mosasaurus. Needless to say, I left the theatre laughing pretty damn hard. It was a mess, but at least I had fun with it.


Oh, shit. I forgot to post something for #ArbitraryMetalTuesday. Oh well. Here. Have some Goblin Cock. Goblin Cock are good. I do like me some Goblin Cock.


Pokémon Let’s GO looks like it’ll be pretty damn entertaining. I just hope it’ll have some form of Pokémon Bank compatibility, since I’d love to see some of my ‘Mons from Ultra Moon on this new platform. I’m talking about Mimikyu, of course.


BUMP. All right, first time doing one of these community question things. So, what do you folks want to see from Microsoft's E3 showing this year? Be it a new instalment of an existing franchise, specific backwards compatible titles, a new IP, or..?


Fun fact: Fighting bosses in MMOs is made just that little bit harder when you've got a cat in the way of your inventory screen.


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