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I caught a Mew in a copy of Pokemon Blue on a second 3DS, transferred it to Blue on my main 3DS to teach a few TMs to it (Softboiled, Submission, and Swords Dance). Transferred it back to my second 3DS to trade to Silver on my main one. Worth it.


Welp. I just found out that one of my favourite bands — Arcturus — is playing in Brisbane tomorrow. I just had to impulse-buy a ticket. Yup. Definitely had to. It might be a poor financial decision, but I guess I'm going to see Arcturus.


Okay, so I’m pretty much in love with Octopath Traveler’s combat system. This is now the game that I’m most excited for next year.


One of the anime streaming services that I use recently added Metalocalpyse to its library. I didn't know that Metalocalypse was an anime, but there you go! I guess I shouldn't complain, as this show is fucking brutal. Even if Adult Swim is ams dildos.


Just got back from seeing It. It was pretty good! Kind of felt like a film ripped straight from the 80's at some points, which I very much appreciated. I still think Tim Curry was a better Pennywise, but overall it was an improvement over the miniseries.


While it may not be #ArbitraryMetalTuesday just yet, I felt the sudden compulsion to share a track from the latest Brendon Small album. Why? Because arbitrary reasons, that's why! It sounds a lot more Dethklok-y than his previous solo album, mind you.


All right! Recycling/rebumping my previous giveaway Qpost just to hand over one final lewd game. This time, it's HuniePop. As per usual, key's in the comments. Enjoy, you sexy perverts!


Oh god, I'm feeling weirdly nostalgic about Nu Metal. Why the hell am I feeling weirdly nostalgic about Nu Metal?


Attempting a randomised Nuzlocke run of Pokemon Fire Red. I managed to catch a Blaziken in the starting route, but for some reason, it wound up crashing my game. Luckily, I found and caught a Blissey after restarting my Game Boy. Also, Ninetales is great.


Holy crap, the latest Septicflesh album is great.


Well, it's Father's Day in Australia now. As such, it's only appropriate that I post something to commemorate such an occasion.


Finally got around to making a U.S. iTunes account so I can play Fate/Grand Order. Figured I'd just use my iPad for it, since I don't want to re-download the 70GB of music on my iPhone — iCloud Music Library deletes downloaded tracks if you sign out.


Been spending a fair bit of time playing Metroid Zero Mission. The GBA Metroid games have aged absolutely beautifully, and it's still a shitload of fun to this day. I'm desperately hoping that Samus Returns manages to retain this level of sheer quality.


You know, I feel as if the Destructoid Community is neglecting the single greatest Pokémon of all time. Which one is it? The incredibly phallic-looking Gen 1 sprite for Golbat. No other Golbat will suffice, of course. Just this one.


I’ve been spending much of my afternoon playing Mario and Rabbids. Given how readily I dismissed the game prior to its reveal, I’m still kind of shocked by how fucking great it turned out to be. By far one of the more pleasant surprises of 2017.


Well, I may or may not have been on a bit of a shopping trip. I now own Yakuza: Kiwami, Mario & Rabbids, as well as Gakkou Gurashi (School-Live!) on Blu-Ray.


Holy crap, I may be taking my time with it, but Mother 3 is absolutely incredible so far. I can definitely see why people adore this game. I'd throw my wallet at Nintendo should they release a proper translation for the Switch, for sure.


I know a few people have said this already, but I hope you lovely bastards can stay safe <3.


Just finished watching the Death Note movie. Willem Dafoe was pretty great as Ryuk, and L has some all right moments? Aside from that, it's not a very good movie, and it suffers greatly from trying to pack too much into a relatively short runtime.


There's something gloriously surreal about playing Pokémon ROM hacks on actual GBA hardware. I can't quite put my finger on it, but it probably something to do with how I mentally associate these sorts of games with emulation on PC. It's weird, but great


Welp, I'm re-experiencing the source of my emotional torment. Currently, I've got it burned and with barely any accuracy thanks to a barrage of Smokescreens. So it's just spamming Milk Drink to stall the battle. This is pain. This is suffering.


So, here's how my attempted playthrough of a Japanese Pokémon Crystal cart is going: I think I gave my Bellsprout a Miracle Seed. I hope I did. On the plus side, my Quilava kicked the first Gym Leader's ass. Terrified of the prospect of fighting Whitney.


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