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You could win a PlayStation 5 from Daily Esports GG

[Just a friendly reminder we're giving away a brand new PlayStation 5 -- just participate in the Daily Esports forums for your chance to qualify to win!] Well, this is a pretty big one. The next console generation is nearly upon us, which m...


I might have missed #ArbitraryMetalTuesday with this, but have this! It's a new track by Anaal Nathrakh. Comparatively one of their more melodic tracks, and all round pretty solid.


Looking at the new Google Pixel phone. I’m more than happy with the iPhone SE that I got a few months ago, but damn is it nice to see more and better devices in that mid-range category. Flagship devices have gotten so expensive, it’s ridiculous.


Well, it's Tuesday where I am. So I feel like I should share a track from an album that I just ordered in for #ArbitraryMetalTuesday. It's only fair.


And the Torchman/Dreezy stream is live! Come check it out! Watch Dreezy, RavMenace, and Torchman play Gundam together! https://www.twitch.tv/destructoid


At 10:30PM EST tonight, tune into our Twitch channel to watch Torchman subject a very drunk Dreezy (one of our resident streamers) to Gundam. Because this shit's really happening! <3


This arrived today <3! I do like me some Goblin Cock.


Eric and I have taken over the Dtoid Twitch channel. God have mercy on us all. https://www.twitch.tv/destructoid


Heya! Eric, a dude who has helped Destructoid out a tonne and deserves all of the credit in the world, made some absolutely lovely Dtoid wallpapers for you all <3. Check out his Cblog~


Can I just give a huge shout out to the ever-wonderful Chris Moyse for helping me rebump the AMA article each and every week? I really should be asleep when half of these take place, dammit. But insomnia being what it is. Either way, he’s a huge help!


I just came up with an idea for a game. A survival horror title where your only flashlight is a Galaxy Note 7. You know, that phone that had issues with spontaneous combustion. So if you rely on it too much, it might explode.


Damn shame, but one of my Galaktikon II vinyls was damaged. So it'll loop at two set points, no matter what I do. Considered getting a refund, but I instead ordered a second copy in. I'm gonna frame the two disks and hang them up on my wall!


God damn this is a pretty, pretty album.


So I wrote a front page post about this, but on August 1, Torchman is going to force a potentially quite drunk Dreezy (our streamer) to play Gundam with him. Yup! Torchman stream!


These just arrived! More importantly, the Sigh album is on transparent purple vinyl, which makes it so, so goddamn sexy. Holy heck <3~


Get retro once again with this classic Destructoid shirt

Today, we’re bringing back a Destructoid shirt that’s nostalgic in a couple of ways. Designed by the highly talented Drew Wise and inspired by the box art for a certain retro games console, this shirt was first fe...


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