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Hey hey! We’ll soon be promoting the heck out of this shirt designed by Triggerpigking! What do you folks think? <3


I ordered in a copy of Portal’s Ion on vinyl! Portal are potentially the single most twisted death metal band out there, and I adore the shit out of them. Outré was a real formative album for me when I was getting into extreme metal.


We're bringing back two old school Destructoid shirts

Today, we’re proudly reintroducing two old school Destructoid shirt designs to our merch store – both of which were designed by Meanderbot; a highly talented member of our own community.  The first shirt is a reference...


So here’s an offer that might appeal to a certain Soulbow: you can get 10% off your GFUEL if you enter the code “DTOID” at the checkout. Just saying.


Just a reminder that you still have a bit of time to be featured on the Destructoid community ASCII shirt! https://forums.destructoid.com/threads/get-your-name-on-the-2020-destructoid-community-ascii-t-shirt-instructions.140/


Finished the new She-Ra earlier tonight. It was a pretty enjoyable series all round. Though I've decided that it needs more of the delightfully smug non-binary shapeshifter, Double Trouble. I love smug characters, so they're just fun as heck.


Replaced my old AirPort Extreme router with a Google Nest mesh network. Holy hell, I'm finally getting a stable and reliable connection in my bedroom. And the drop in speeds is pretty much a rounding error. I am impressed.


Gonna shill a bit more, here. We're currently collecting feedback and suggestions on three proposed shirt ideas for the merch store <3! https://forums.destructoid.com/threads/a-handful-of-new-shirt-ideas.162/


Hey! Just a reminder that you still have plenty of time to sign up to be featured on the 2020 Destructoid community ASCII shirt! https://forums.destructoid.com/threads/get-your-name-on-the-2020-destructoid-community-ascii-t-shirt-instructions.140/


Well, I've nearly finished the story in the Switch port of Xenoblade. God damn, the game really holds up well. And the conversion is just excellent.


And here's another #ArbitraryMetalTuesday pick for today. Have some Southeast Desert Metal. They're an Aboriginal Australian heavy metal band, with some pretty... heavy... lyrical themes. They're damn solid if you're into old school heavy metal.


Well, RiffRaff's Qpost made me want to listen to Oceans of Slumber. So here. Have some excellent doom metal!


Put on the first episode of Ash Vs. Evil Dead. Only a few minutes in and I'm already really happy with it. The idea of Ash reading from the Necronomicon again because he was high amuses the heck out of me, and there's already some fun gore.


I just realised that it's Tuesday where I am. So for #ArbitraryMetalTuesday, have a Devin Townsend song where he samples Barbie Girl at one point.


Hey, you sexy, sexy people <3. Our incredibly attractive forum mod, RiffRaff, posted this adorable thread full of wholesome stuff! Feel free to check it out <3 https://forums.destructoid.com/threads/wholesome-happy-place-thread.134/


Finally got around to actually getting a case for my phone. Seemed fitting to get a nice, simple red leather one for a red phone.


I still can't get over just how much better side questing is in the Xenoblade remaster. I'm far more motivated to actually get them done now. Monolith could have gotten away with a straight port, but I'm glad they went above and beyond and improved it.


Holy fuck. To those in the US, stay safe.


You know, I really wish we had the ability to feature Qposts like we can with comments. Because it's that time again where I shill our new forums! Feel free to join up at forums.destructoid.com! We don't bite! Well, we do. But we bite lovingly.


Another reminder, here!~ Destructoid is bringing back the forums. We're still in the process of slowly rolling things out, but you're all welcome to join up at forums.destructoid.com <3!


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