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Oh, shit. I forgot to post something for #ArbitraryMetalTuesday. Oh well. Here. Have some Goblin Cock. Goblin Cock are good. I do like me some Goblin Cock.


Pokémon Let’s GO looks like it’ll be pretty damn entertaining. I just hope it’ll have some form of Pokémon Bank compatibility, since I’d love to see some of my ‘Mons from Ultra Moon on this new platform. I’m talking about Mimikyu, of course.


BUMP. All right, first time doing one of these community question things. So, what do you folks want to see from Microsoft's E3 showing this year? Be it a new instalment of an existing franchise, specific backwards compatible titles, a new IP, or..?


Fun fact: Fighting bosses in MMOs is made just that little bit harder when you've got a cat in the way of your inventory screen.


Well, I just saw Solo. It really did hit every plot beat that I expected it would, but it was thoroughly entertaining nonetheless. It was a little predictable and some fanservice was kind of on the nose, but I had a lot of fun with it.


Took this photo today while playing around with the camera on my phone. Felt it was too adorable not to share.


Going out tomorrow night to see Cradle of Filth. Pretty excited for that one.


After witnessing the dog receive a belly rub, the kitten has decided that she absolutely had to see what the big deal was. Now she spontaneously flops over for belly scratches with great frequency. Apparently she’s a fan.


Today went... unexpectedly. I somehow wound up looking at cats today, and ended up with a very friendly new family member. Her name’s Princess. She’s tiny and loves shoulders.


Just got back from seeing Ihsahn live. Here’s my quick thoughts: HOLY SHIT HE PLAYED I AM THE BLACK WIZARDS HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT YES. I am very much okay with this. Also got a kickass Emperor guitar pick.


Crying right now. One of my cats hurt his paw not long ago. We had him on pain killers, but it didn’t seem to heal. He had another vet appointment today, but we had it changed to earlier after he appeared to be in pain. He didn’t survive the car trip.


Hey, look, I made the latest in a string of poor financial decisions! Or good financial decisions. Who knows?


Here's a quick PSA: the upcoming Aggretsuko anime will be up on Netflix in a couple of days. It's about a red panda who belts out death metal tracks at a karaoke bar to vent her frustrations with her shitty job and coworkers. Need I say more?


Holy shit, a friend got me this as a belated birthday present. It’s so cute, I love it.


Aw hell yeah. My copy of the latest Septicflesh album just arrived in the mail. Since it's #ArbitraryMetalTuesday in Australia, I guess it's only appropriate for me to post this.


Welp. My morning was just spent helping my mother receive a refund after she accidentally bought $160 in microtransaction fun bucks on her iPad. She was trying to get $1.50 worth. Thankfully, Apple’s customer support was pretty understanding.


"Oh man, I need a break. I think I'll go play the new Ni No Kuni. *puts disc into the PS4, waits for it to install, waits for the day one patch to download, inputs DLC code that came with his copy of the game*" Siiiiiiiigh... yup, that sounds about right.


Oh, look. I actually bothered to change my Dtoid profile picture. It was probably in need of a change, and my hair is especially floofy right now. The latter part is most important. #SelfieToid, I guess?


You know, I really wish I could hook my Switch up to a pair of Bluetooth headphones. Both because I could then use my AirPods with them while I’m out (conveniences, yay!), and so I could use headphones with it while it’s hooked up to my TV.


I have come to the conclusion that Kirby is a sadist. Why? Look at him and his mind-controlled compatriots, dancing with joy at the suffering that they have wrought. What cruel and terrible creatures they are.


I managed to get a good photo of one of my cats rolling around in leaves. He’s a fine cat when he’s not satiating his rampant bloodlust.


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