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Apparently it's possible to access the Crown Tundra's Dynamax Adventures before even doing the first Gym in Sword and Shield. That's kinda interesting, and I'd like to see if it affects the speedrun meta. Free level 65 (or level 70 Legendary).


Spent a bit of time playing Pokemon before, but now I guess it's time to lay down and continue watching Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Kai. I kinda felt the need to rewatch it due to the new series that's ongoing <3.


Playing around with Regieleki and Tapu Koko in Pokemon Sword. God damn that Pokemon is disgusting. Its ability boosts electric attacks, which it already gets a STAB bonus from. And it's the single fastest Pokemon ever. Brutal.


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Here's Bumpy. He's a piece of shit, but he's my piece of shit. He's vicious and all round terrible, but I love him. #Caturday


My copy of Anaal Nathrakh's Endarkenment arrived! I kinda sorta had to do some tasteful cropping to show it off because it did not, in fact, come with the censored artwork -- unless you count a small card featuring it. Only uncensored.


I installed Genshin Impact and gave it a bit of a look. Honestly, it seems like a pretty solid game. Though I feel like I'd enjoy it a lot more if it didn't have any gatcha mechanics. You know, if it were on Apple Arcade or a premium (paid) game.


My copy of Ahab's The Giant (and an Ahab shirt) arrived today! Some solid, proggy nautical funeral doom metal <3.


So the new Anaal Nathrakh album is out! And it's kind of goddamn amazing. Holy hell. This may be one of their most melodic and decipherable tracks since Forging Towards the Sunset on Vanitas, mind. But so fucking good!


This just arrived! What better way to start the Halloween season than with some Skeleton?


Hey, you. Yes, you. You, the cute person reading this Qpost. You owe it to yourself to take it easy for a bit <3. Do something fun, unwind, maybe watch Nichijou or play something cathartic. Shit's fucked right now, so try to take care of yourself~


This just arrived! It's on yellow and light blue vinyl <3


This just arrived! It's a prog metal rock opera narrated by goddamn Tom Baker, and featuring the likes of Cammie Gilbert from Oceans of Slumber and Dee Snyder from Twisted Sister.


There we go. Set up iOS 14 in a way that I'm quite happy with. Only one Home Screen (since yay, app drawer). And I can open the OS's universal search feature by double-tapping the back of my phone. Sweet.


PS5 preorders are already up in Australia. So I got in on minute 1.


Well, I made a big dumb expensive financial decision.


The neighbours have been blasting pop music over their (very loud) sound system for hours. Normally, I can filter it out, but I've noticed it's been the same two songs on loop this entire time. I... okay, then.


Well, I've been playing a fair bit of Digimon: Cyber Sleuth. Haven't gotten very far, but that's mostly because dammit I want my Beelzemon as early as possible. Beelzemon is so wonderfully edgelord.


Just a heads-up: Anabela won't be streaming today on the Destructoid Twitch account. Instead, I'll be subjecting Eric to Old School RuneScape. Take pity on the poor soul.


I ordered in a thing! I half-considered ordering in the accompanying shirt (featuring the uncensored album art), but I'm not sure how many public spaces would let me wear a shirt featuring a pig with dicks in its eyes. So you know. There's that.


Oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god. This just arrived <3!!


Have a track from Septicflesh's Sumerian Daemons. Because my copy of that album should (hopefully) arrive this week! <3


Eric and I took over the Twitch channel again. It went to strange, horrible places.


A family friend gave me a $60 gift card as thanks for helping them out with their PC. So I’ve pre-ordered the new Mr. Bungle album on translucent red and black vinyl. Oh yeah, also, there’s a new Mr. Bungle album this year. Re-recording of an old demo


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