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An Unbiased Look: Fallout 76

DISCLAIMER: If you are only interested in a verdict of the game, please jump to the last summary paragraph. It's November 14. Fallout 76 was launched way earlier than most folks anticipated, for certain regions. I was able to get righ...


An Unbiased Look: Elder Scrolls Online

To say that Elder Scrolls Online is the best game ever would be really pushing it (because as we all know, it's impossible to make "the best MMO ever"), but itís the opinion of this one unbiased gamer that itís definitely a fantastic entry ...


On Razer's "Project Christine"

I think I'm going to go up against "public opinion" on this one, because I just find the whole concept to be fascinating. For those who are not in the know, "Project Christine" is an experiemental program by Razer to make a modular computer...


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You can just consider me a PC gamer passionate about gaming as a whole; I go into brand new games with a fully unbiased opinion to help others determine if whether or not said games are worth their time. I'm an amateur Twitch stream that plays a variety of games spanning across different genres and styles.

At home, I'm a twenty seven-year old college dropout still living with their parents due to financial issues. Thankfully this hasn't deterred me at all from doing what I love most.