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Quick !! Im in a quandary..which do i start..ghost recon wildlands, nier automata or do i stray from my comfort zone and have a crack at monster Hunter world?


Sheeple..not even a real word but craploads of folk use it. There's summat not quite right with that..


Well... wax my humongous Bat Balls !!!

I get this feeling alot, its part of the joy of being a pc owner When you start down the path of becoming a pc gamer, it dawns on you real fast that, much like that photo of a Thai lapdancer that you downloaded, there's a little more t...


" That's not custard, it's jizz you fuckin' idiot "

Christ what a week ! From the heady delirium of having the pleasure of playing through Spec Ops: The Line ( finally ! ), all the way through to MicroThought receiving a map of the solar system and discovering that the sun doesn't actually s...


Just..Just ..WTF happened ?

Know what i miss more than anything else these days ? Apart from cigarettes and lager both costing under �1 and me still being youthful and good looking enough to not have to pay for blowjobs on a regular basis ? I miss being left the fuck ...


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seriously..i've been doin this shit since before atari used new mexico as a graveyard for silicon. Yup i'm one of those grumpy old fucks who can't understand the appeal of call of duty or battlefield games, can't understand how resident evil 6 even managed to get released and thinks that after super mario galaxy, nintendo should have really just called it a day with the whole fat plumber saga.