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I continually asked the track coach about joining the team, but he just kept giving me the run-around.


I really like the music by The Cars, you auto listen to it.


What do you call a tunnel engineer who always talks about his business? A bore.


I think every morning that I'm going to make pancakes, but I keep waffling.


Cost of living balloons due to high inflation!


The English Teacher felt odd after being fired: it was post-grammatic stress disorder.


First time hunters were arguing over which kind of animal tracks they had found when they were hit by a train.


The man that pointed out the burning building was a fire distinguisher.


Palace guards usually eat sleep and drink securi-tea.


Why are there no knock knock jokes about America? Cause freedom rings.


I got fired from my job as a software engineer. I just couldn't get with the program.


The Three Little Pigs order off the vegan menu, but Mary Had a Little Lamb.


I started dating the girl across the street. I know what people say, but honestly, lawn distance relationships aren't that hard.


I need to cut my fingernails before they get too out of hand.


I saw the new uniforms for the Space Force, and it left me all starry-eyed.


The shareholders of a compass manufacturer were concerned that the company wasn't heading in the right direction.


I love Wi-Fi so much because we just have that connection.


Overcome with the beauty of Earth seen from space, the astronaut removed his helmet. The view was breath taking.


A quarter-acre of undeveloped land may not seem like much to some people, but to me it's a lot.


In honor of the 24 Hours of LeMans: The first fuel used in auto racing was called formula one.


People might think I'm a bit of a square, but that just means I'm exactly right on every angle.


Training in the morning makes you feel better in the long run.


When I suggested that my wife should alphabetize her recipes, she would have nothing of the sort.


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