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**BUMP WE'RE LIVE** Tomorrow at approx 12 EST, Frosty and me will be tackling the Halo 2 campaign from the PC MCC! We'll be starting off with heroic difficulty to get our bearings then onto legendary! https://www.twitch.tv/perfectlybalancedgus


Got a "new" PS4! Stand by for some more fallout 76 streams!


Why did the burglar steal a shower? He wanted to make a clean getaway.


Part of 4 of the decent into madness is ready with a million more well on the way!


Bad news for those who have been following on my progress with Fallout 76. My PS4 is no longer functioning after a lightning strike on the house :/ Thankfully, I've got enough videos saved up for a few more updates.


The time has come to delve back into the land of radioactive scorpions, winged beasts, and bears oh my. And we're live. Follow along with as our friendships and sanity shatter! https://www.twitch.tv/perfectlybalancedgus


#SongCoverWednesday cruising the youtubes and came across this cover. I think it's pretty cool, but don't @ me cause of my taste in music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MH9FyLsfDzw


Also, thank you for all the birthday wishes! :D


We're taking a break from Fallout 76, cause Limo's internet is borked. So I'm playing...Siege... With Dere and Frosty. Come shout things at us twitch.tv/perfectlybalancedgus


Round Two of Fallout 76 is about to commence! Our quest to insan- er platinum continues! www.twitch.tv/perfectlybalancedgus


Oh no. It's happening. Please send help. Will bump when actually live... *BUMP* I'm live! https://www.twitch.tv/perfectlybalancedgus


I will be descending into madness this weekend along with Prins and the already insane Limo. I haven't been coerced into this. ohGodpleasesendhelphewontlet


Come watch us play Vermintide 2! With Hypno, Amna, and a couple of other people I don't know! https://www.twitch.tv/perfectlybalancedgus


I randomly got sent some dude's nudes. It was a pretty dick move if you ask me.


Hey everyone, I've posted a picture in the comments. I hope it takes the edge off of things for at least a minute. A little respite from all the bad


I recently took a pole and found out 100% of the occupants were angry with me when their tent collapsed.


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