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*New* PS4 Gold Headset Review

The other day my chunky old PS4 Gold Headset finally broke at the cheap, and useless, plastic hinge. I tried duct taping it and hot gluing it back together, but it just kept feeling like the headset was falling off my head. It lasted ...


I always feel bad when I have to kill cute enemies or animals ('glares at Far Cry series) in games. How 'bout you? What enemies do you feel the worst about murdering?


Well, ummm, ok. A little alarming. But, sure, fire's cool.


Deer god bless you Florida. You keep being your wonderful selves.


Bought Ori on Switch yesterday and intended to play for 30-60 min before bed. 4 hrs later.... It has run at a stable 60fps in handheld so far and nary a hiccup. Loving it and can't wait to get home so I can play more! And deer god that music is great!


The hinge on my PS4 Gold headset broke yesterday and is now held together by duct tape. Should last a couple months. Anyone have experience with Turtle Beach headsets? Stealth 600 in particular. Reccomendations? Needs to work with Switch also.


I know I get hyperbolic with Opeth as they are my favorite band, but, their new album is just, wow! They hit stride for their 'new sound' on their last album (Sorceress), and In Cauda Venenum is them firing on all cylinders. Best since Ghost Reveries.


Now 50 hours in and a long way to go (side-questing like mad. Thank deer god for level scaling), I think I can honestly say Pillars 2 is one of the very best RPGs I've ever played. I love the title theme so much. What games have your favorite title theme?


Rumor mill is saying Gary Larson may make a return to The Far Side. Oh deer god yes please! Have a great morning!


Saw the new Tarantino flick over the weekend and really enjoyed it. But I have the feeling most people will hate it. What did you think? What's you top Tarantino list?


Anyone have any good game time with D:Original Sin 2 on Switch? In particular portable mode. Impressions? I have it on PS4 but having it portable would get me to actually play it more as it's a bit hard for me to read the text on my TV.


It's so beautiful! Especially that art book! A few more errands to run and then I can squeeze an hour or so of actually playing it in. Can't wait!


Really looking forward to Link's Awakening tomorrow. It looks too fucking adorable! Really hope it scratches that top down Zelda itch that hasn't been scratched since A 6.5 Between Worlds.


Beat Astral Chain last night! While I think it was slightly overrated, I still had an absolute blast. That Chapter 11 had one of the coolest looking environments of any P* game! I think I'm going to enjoy my NG+ run more than my first. 4/5!


"Profanar la tumba, al ritmo de la rumba; Con Fenriz y Darkthrone, Norwegian Reggaetón. Esta vida loca, a mirar la foca; Asando un salmón" Norwegian Reggaetón The best feel-good summer song ever! Can't get it out of my head. Hilarious video too!


Finished The Dark Crystal the other day and it's by far my favorite series this year! So much passion put into it. Also, I don't think my wife appreciates my new pet name for her is SkekTek :P


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