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Divinity 2 physical edition for Switch are up now! I really want one, but, Limited Run can go fuck themselves with that shipping fee. Looks like I'm waiting on a sale to get my digital Switch copy.


I'm not a huge modern jrpg gamer but enjoy them from time to time. I see Trails of Cold Steel 3 is coming to Switch and there's a cat in the game. How much of a role does the cat play and how troupe-y does the game get?


Back in Italy after my yearly Thanksgiving bonanza. Mainly got clothes on BF but did grab The Outer Worlds for a great price and my brother gifted me The Switcher (great port!). Here's a pic of an abandoned kitty that adopted my mom a couple weeks ago.


Shout out to Pat Bateman for inspiring me to make the most Jersey thing I've ever made. Pork Roll Egg and Cheese stuffing. And yes, that's NJ written in ketchup. Turned out amazing actually! Hope you all had a great day!


The best day of the year begins! Happy Thanksgiving all! Have a wonderful day of overeating!


Yay! Flight delayed 4 hours! Uhggg. At least I'll arrive after the rush hour traffic from the airport. Hope you all have a great week and terrific Monday! Start getting hyped for Thanksgiving!


Have a great Sunday gang! I hope you overcome that really difficult part in the game you're playing and be the best video game player you can be! #Wholesometoid


Getting ready to hop the pond to be able to cook turkey next Thursday. We're having a ton of family over this year so I'm making 2 turkeys. I want to try something different with one of them. Any interesting tips/reccomendations for me?


Finally Friday!!! Have a great one!!! Enjoy your weekend!!!


Yay! I got an invite to GoG Galaxy 2.0! Can't wait to try! And I brought Children of Morta on Switch. First impressions are great. Absolutely beautiful and I like the loop idea. Have a great day! Pic unrelated.


I can't wait for the next Carlos the Spinning Mouse game!


ProTip: eShop is starting a big sale on Friday (in the EU at least, probably also for US) so hold off buying anything till then. Except Children of Morta, I'm definitely buying that tomorrow. 30% off on a lot of 1st party games :)


It's getting to the end of the decade and while I'll put more thought into this question in January, very quick, off the top of you head, 3 best games this decade (2010-19)? 1. BotW 2. Witcher 3 3. Gaj of War 2k18


Well, that's an interesting dildo. Pic in comments for obvious reasons.


Good morning and happy Monday! Have a great day! Link for delicious recipes in comments! Get on that Amna!


This meme keeps on giving.


I would love a game like this. Like a Chibi Robo x Goose Game. What are the most wholesome games you've ever played?


Finally finished Pillars of Eternity 2! What a terrific game! Deep lore, great narrative, memorable characters and setting, and gorgeous art direction. If you're in the mood for a massive RPG I can't recommend it enough. Next up, actually finishing D:OS2!


My biggest gripe with Death Stranding is the text size. A good trick is to use the zoom option in the accessibility options of the PS4 settings. Hopefully this gets patched up so I don't have to keep using this workaround.


TGIF! It's been a whirlwind of a busy week and I'm happy it's over! Looking for to delivering some packages over the weekend and going to visit family in NJ next week! Have a great Friday and weekend all!


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