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And sorry for the double post, but thought it worth sharing the Divinity series is on sale dirt cheap on Steam this weekend. I never played the original Divinity games and look forward to trying them.


Even tho' I limited myself to 45 min of the Baldur's Gate 3 reveal, I am beyond hyped and love the direction they're taking. It's tied with Cyberpunk and Zelda as my most anticipated game. What are your most anticipated games? (Pic unrelated)


Well, if this Coronavirus mania hasn't fucked me over enough costing me 2 weeks, my vacation to India I was leaving for tomorrow has just been cancelled and now I have to argue with the travel agency and airlines for a full refund. 'sigh' (pic unrelated)


I would love to go to this! Luckily it's going to be live-streamed :)


Give a shout out to some hidden gems!!! Marlow Briggs is a low budget (old) God of War clone that replaces Greek mythology with Aztec, 90s action movie drug cartels, and explosions. It's far from perfect, but over quick enough its faults don't annoy.


Yo! You can get classic Doom 1, 2, and 3 for a total of €6 on the eShop right now! Are the ports still borked with Bethesda's horseshit? (edit: Also in North America too :) )


Good morning you sexy fuckers! Hope all is well. Ein's post got me thinking, what's the worst thing you've ever tasted? For me, in India they make a masala spice flavored cola. It's worse than it sounds. Beetroot is horrible too. (Different cola pictured)


In the hype wave of the upcoming Baldur's Gate 3 reveal, I booted up BG2. Got sucked in so hard! I haven't played it in like 20 years and it feels like I'm playing for the first time again. Who's your favorite BG character?


Humble has a nice bundle including the outstanding Slay the Spire and Reigns for €9. You should definitely play those games. Lots of fun!


So, the city of Milan and surrounding regions is under quarantine... No work for me for the foreseeable future. On one hand, it'll cost me a good chunk of money being out of work for a few days, on the other, VIDEO GAMES!!!!!!


Happy Friday all! Have a great one!


Saw some nice street art today. Wonder what Donky Kong ever did wrong to get destroyed. And what the sheep has to do with the Mario-verse.


Yakuza is top tier best game series of all time. That is all. Pic unrelated.


Happy Monday all! Finally finished Leon's path in RE2. Was good but I don't think survival horror is for me anymore. I much prefer stealth (Alien Isolation), walking simulator (SOMA), or action (RE4,5) horror. Still gonna eventually do the other path.


What's your favorite video game love story? Geralt and Yennefer (my pick), Princess Beach and Sam, Luigi and Daisy, Tidus and Yuna, Travis Touchdown and his toilet?


Happy Valentine's Day you sexy degenerates! Love you!


Just finished my 2nd run of Divinity OS2! Thanks Larian for cross-save!!! Lohse and Ifan done, who should I go for in my next run? I'm leaning Fane, but the Red Prince is intriguing too!


As if Metacritic's user reviews weren't absolute shit and broken as it is, one guy single-handedly review bombed AI: Somnium Files from 8.2 down to 1.9. Link in comments.


Happy birthday fellow brother in metal! Have a head-banger of a day! Just not too loud; you're old and it's bad for your ears :P


OMG! I love the new Mushroom Boi weapon in the Dead Cells dlc! He's my new best friend. I do sense a nerf incoming tho'!


This is one of the most adorable kitty videos I've ever seen!


Reminder: The Dead Cells dlc is out today! Go give the wonderful devs 5 bucks! Can't wait to get home to play! Anyone here actually make it to 3 cells yet? I can make it to the last boss on 2 but he just keeps whomping me lol.


Started playing that Pathfinder game I got with Humble Monthly. Four hours flew by! It really captures the mood of Baldur's Gate more than the other cRPG revival games (PoE, Divinity). It has a controversial mechanic (time limit), but I kinda like it.


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