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I took a chance and prepurchased the Dark Crystal game because I've wanted a Dark Crystal game since the 80s. You ever blind buy games? Any blind buys ever turn out great for you!


"What do you need? What do you want? Can I not just live here, without having to occasionally deal with you Belmonts?"


It's been a long time since I've been interested in watching a Superbowl. Both teams are commendable and I'm happy if either wins (though I'm leaning towards KC). Let's hope for a good game and no blowout bullshit! Who you rooting for?


It looks like only a single island can exist per each cart/console of Animal Crossing. On one hand it's cool I'll share an island with my wife and she'll keep it clean for me. On the other, it's kinda bullshit. Link in comments.


This needs to become reality! Have a great Sunday all!


Just noticed Fanatical has Switch keys for Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove for $25. Not a bad deal since the base price is up to $40 now. If you want this game on Switch it's a good deal to jump on :) Link in comments.


Is Sony considering allowing Remote Play to Switch? Would be a great move imo. I would definitely use that feature a lot! And it would push me to buy a PS5 sooner. It's nice to dream...


My cats' new names are now Sucrose Haunches. Have a wonderful Friday all!


Hope you guys are having a terrific day!


Hope you all are having a great day!!!


Unsuccessfully Coping with the Natural Beauty of Speaking to the Manager


With Kentucky RZ releasing it's final episode today (and me finally booting up my copy after having in my library for so many years), let's celebrate by talking about our favorite adventure games? What are yours, recommendations, hidden gems?


2, 3, A (and no sugar, trve black!). You?


I've been on a roguelike kick for a couple weeks now (Holy shit Hades is 10/10 for me!). What are some of your favorites, deep cuts, and/or flawed gems in the genre? What do you think would be a better name for the genre? Did you take a moment to hydrate?


Good morning you wonderful people. Hope you have a great week!


Having a Supergiant weekend! Surprised I've yet to play Pyre till now. Really interesting game and enjoyable even if I'm rather clumsy with the controls right now. But most importantly, it has a dog with a mustache!!!


Grabbed Hades and after just an hour I gotta say, for an Early Access game it is hella legit and polished as fuck! I'm loving the shit out of it! I see myself getting way hooked! And it runs great on my (modern) potato with integrated graphics.


Fashion and design peaked in the 70s. Everything in muted Autumn colors and wood paneling needs to make a serious comeback.


Happy Friday all! Have a great day! Here's a dumb meme for the metalheads. I laughed way too much at it :P


Was having a nice long poop thinking that the next Horizon ZD is going to be something real interesting if only for all the work and things Guerilla learned from working on Death Stranding. Thinking like rebuilding its world like the online in DS.


I pop into Dtoid and notice a massive #Petoid happened. :D Consider all your marvelous furry friends Awwwwwwww-ed! Here's my precious Freyja!


Matt 2020: Stop digging dammit! I just cleaned it 10 min ago! You're not going to get to China. They'll probably eat you anyways.


Tangy take: GTA5 is godawful and has some of the worst gameplay I've ever experienced. The other ones (not including Chinatown Wars) are pretty meh too. Watch Dogs 2 is way better! (Vice City had a bitchin' soundtrack tho' ;) )


Reminder that there's still 2 days left to get the Humble Australia Fire Relief Bundle. It's got some great stuff in it, namely Hollow Knight! I tried out Armello, Hand of Fate 2, and Void Bastards. All very enjoyable!


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