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Happy TLoU Part 2 Day! Been a long time coming and now it's finally out in the wild! Remember to be mindful of posting spoilers. Even if it is super minor like the color of the horse or something, keep all discussion in the comments and use spoiler tags!


Took a break from TLoU2 to make a little doodle.


Well look at what came in the post today:D Now just an hour of install and I'm off!


What are your top 5 favorite animals? It's obvious cats are by far my number one. 2. Foxes 3. Squirrels 4. Owls 5. Wolves


Good morning (evening) all!!! Hope you have a C+ day!


Hope you don't mind me spamming the qposts with my pussy drawings lately. I'm quite happy with how this one turned out. Floki Pounce from Box Pose.


From today's doodling session. Definitely a character I want to refine (and figure out how to get my Freyja's coloring onto). Cats and coffee are life!


Yo, Europeans! These gorgeous official Mario themed Hanafuda cards are now up for sale on the Nintendo online store! Hopefully they're still available at the end of the month when I'm paid! Link in comments.


Good day all! Hope you have a great one!


Just noticed P4G has a nice small discount of 15% on Fanatical for those of you who are buying and want to save a few bucks (link in comments). I did have a tech issue with the port but nothing game-breaking (more in comments).


Started Persona 4 and am loving it so far. But the save points seem far between. How long gaming sessions should I reserve for the game? I just got to the first 'castle'. Will I know when a long unsaveable stretch is going to start? Have a great day!


My first attempt (of many) at drawing Totoro. I'm quite happy with it and now feel much more inspired to learn how to draw trees and botanicals so I can really start creating what's in my head. I also need to practice keeping my finger off the paper lol.


Ooooo! These LE Moleskine Zelda notebooks are sexy! Just wish they were unruled options. Gonna get 'em anyway. I've been using Moleskine products for years, and yeah, they're a bit pricey but the quality is there.


And it looks like disqus notifications are borked yet again. Keep up the great work disqus! And I hope all you sexy dtoiders have a great Friday!


I said I wasn't gonna day one a PS5, but hype is getting to me. They really knocked it out of the park! And I need that cyberkitty game!!!!!


Been hooked hard on the new RTJ album since it came out. By far their best release yet. This song is hot as fuck! #TotallyTubularTracks


Good day all! Hope it's wonderful for you!


Doing some tidying up and look at what I found :D


Good day all! Hope you have a great one!


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