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Anyone here read comics/graphic novels digitally? Know any sites where I can buy them other than Comixology (great site and app, I just want more options). Got any GN suggestions for me? (0 interest in typical Marvel/DC (Batman excluded) stuff)pic related


Good morning all! Hope you have a lovely week!


Just grabbed a game on the eShop called Bloodroots on deep sale for €1.59. It's really fun! It's like a cartoony, silly, Wild West Hotline Miami.


Hope you're having a great weekend!


Love seeing all you getting out there and voting! Keep it up!


My ears are happy today! New albums from Clipping (industrial hip hop) and Pallbearer (prog doom metal)! Both are great, but holy shit is the Clipping album incredibile! Horror film fans need to give it a go! Perfect Halloween record!


Why was I never informed that this is a thing that exists!!! And done up by Sam Keith!!! Looks like the collected edition releases at the end of the year. Already pre-ordered!


Gus with a terrific set-up! Lolol Hope you all have a great day!


Played the first couple hours of Amnesia: Rebirth. Very good first impressions. Quite different from the first but still quite similar. Love the art direction. The story definitely has me very intrigued and I can't wait to see where it goes. Pic unrelated


Hope you all have a great day!!!!


Describe one of your favorite games as boring as possible. Man updates his journal.


Haven't heard much hype about it 'round here, but is anyone else looking forward to Amnesia:Rebirth tomorrow?


#Caturday is a trend I full support! Here's my fur babies Floki and Freyja.


The new Aesop Rock track is fucking great! So can't wait for the new album!!!


Odd question: Are there any driving simulators where I could practice city driving and when to change gears? I know it's not an optimal idea, but it's not easy to get irl practice everyday.


Yay! It's Friday!!! Have a great one folks!!!


My wife got me a new tshirt. I love it! My favorite things! Cats, trees, and Autumn.


Hope you all have a fantastic day!


Nothing interesting to say. Just wanted to post this meme that made me chuckle.


Have a great day all!


Shout out to Wes and Dtoid for Ys Origin! Game is hella fun! Would love to see more Ys games ported to Switch. Pic unrelated


Hey mobile gamers, any games in the vein of Darkest Dungeons or Slay the Spire that you'd recommend (basically anything slow-paced I can play while listening to Spotify; I'm on Android).


Looks like Prime Day has a couple okay discounts for ps4 games (Tlou2 and Tsushima for €50 (Italian site)). I got myself a new Samsung tablet to replace my 5 year old Fire and Yakuza Collection. Have a great day all!


Also TVs, Xboxes, and most other things as well.


I started Vampyr last night and am surprised at the huge amount of jank and stilted animation. Is it worth to keep playing or is it better to just move on? Have a great week all! Pic unrelated.


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