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To the interest of no one besides myself, I posted my top 5 albums of 2020 over in the blogs. If you're really that bored, check it out and tell me what your favorites were. #Cursedmas


NVGR- My Arbitrary Top 5 Albums of 2020

I like listening to music. You all probably know this by now. So let's skip the intro and get to it. Here's the top five albums released in 2020 that made my earballs happiest. Be sure to tell me what your favorites were!   #5. Ri...


Good morning and Acceptable #Blursedmas to you! Link to a bunch of these album covers in the comments. There's too many funny ones :P


Good morning all! Hope you have a beeutiful day!


#Cursedmas edit: So to not double post, my Spotify 2020 list link in the comments.


What's your holy trinity of Christmas films? Not a year goes by where I don't watch Elf, Christmas Vacation, and Gremlins.


Cool! The new Switch update made it easier to share screenshots. Not sure how I feel about that gaudy Switch Online button on my homescreen though. Also, I get some Amazon credit for x-mas/birthday every year, what games should I get?


I made through all of November without eating a single nut! I'm proud of myself! Have a great day all!


Iceborne was on sale for €20. I finally got Iceborne. I also ordered Iceborne complete for my brother for Christmas. Between this and MHGU I hope I don't burn myself out on MH before Rise releases.


I'll still be participating in Cursedmas, but how about this year we add a little Yin to the Yang with some wholesome #Blessedmas mixed in :)


The new NFO Christmas single is delicious 80s butt cheese rock goodness. Definitely gonna be jamming this for the holidays.


Why does my dumbass always start a bunch of massive games at once with other massive games on the horizon... 'sigh' Current goal, plow through Xenoblade Remaster (25hrs in) and chip away at Hyrule Warriors 2 and Monster Hunter. Pic unrelated


Happy Thanksgiving all! I am genuinely grateful for each and every one of you! Much love!


Happy birthday to the sexiest Seymour on Dtoid! Have a great day!


Been Monster Huntering on Switch and nearly forgot how damn addictive these games are. Been thinking what improvements I'd like to see in Rise, and number one on that list is the most detailed Palico creator to date. World's was great, but I want more!


Floki and Freyja are so sweet when they're not trying to tear the house down :P


As if I wasn't enjoying Hyrule Warriors 2 enough, I just had a major squee of nerd joy. MASSIVE SPOILERS for chapter 3 in the comments.


So, my dumbass impulse bought Monster Hunter Switch because it had a deep discount (I already have too many huge games to play). I think it plays significantly better in portable than on the TV. Any other games like that iyo?


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