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All of Studio Ghibli's films are coming to Netflix in EU! Sorry Americans :( I have the full dvd collection already but will still stream them for the higher quality while I work on completing it in BluRay. What's your favorite Ghibli film? Mine's Totoro!


Went to the cinema last night and saw Jojo Rabbit. By far the best movie I've seen in recent years. So funny and heartfelt. Definitely go see it if you haven't yet!


Been really hooked on Slay the Spire this weekend. First card video game I like! Messed with Hand of Fate 2 as well, seems pretty fun! And I've been playing Gungeon again (so good on Switch). Guess the rougelite bug has bitten me again.


Happy Birthday RoboPanda! Hope all is well! Everyone should add more dtoiders to their friends lists with Panda's amazing guide! (Link in comments)


Any excuse to herald Disco Elysium. ;) The devs posted a recommendation list. It's really good and has some terrific games, books, and artists on it. Give it a look and check out the recs! Link in comments.


Figured I'll give Slay the Spire a go even if I don't necessarily like card games (dig rougelites tho'). Enough people told me to try it anyway. Anyone play on Switch? Any benefit over PC? Or is it easier to play with K/M? (update: Got PC due to 50% sale)


Hope you all have a terrific Friday and weekend!


To one of the nicest guys on the planet, Happy Birthday Tacos! Have the best day ever!


I know y'all salty 'bout the Smash reveal. Let me help alleviate it with some #Kittytoid! Floki for Smash!


Anyone here suffer from Tinnitus? I've had it for about 3 weeks now and have been to the ear doctor, given medication, and booked an appointment with a specialist. I just need someone to tell me it's manageable right now (not a good day) Pic unrelated.


And the credits rolled on my 'normal' run of Disco Elysium last night. Fuck! What an extraordinary experience. So much to say but I don't know how to say it. Tears of happiness, sadness, and empathy were shed. This experience will stick with me.


Odd Death Stranding isn't there. I finished the game with exactly 60 hours according to the endgame score card. I'm also highly considering making DQ11 Switch my next purchase. Really want to play that retro mode!


Have a terrific day all!


Man, I really suck at RE2. How shooty can I be early game? Am I going fuck myself over killing a some zombies?


Late into the fun thing. I'll give you an easy one :) "Go for the eyes Boo!" Pic unrelated (hilarious gallery link in comments) Have a great week all!


So, what say you? What should I get for €20, REmake 2 (ps4), Dragon's Dogma (Switch), or Ace Attorney Trilogy (Switch)? Leaning towards REmake 2. (update, Got RE2! Thanks for all your input!!)


Interesting article about the making of Disco Elysium. Link in comments.


Posted my Best of the Decade cBlog. If you really can't find anything better to read while you poop you can give it a look :)


RiffRaff's 10 Best of the Decade List!

It has been an amazing decade for games, especially in the second half. I could have made this a top 100 list, but time is not on my side. Anyhoo, here are my arbitrary rules. I'll give a top 3 for each year and then from those nomina...


Hope your day is filled with joy and love!


Good Morning you sexy beasts! Hope you all have a great day!


Nintendo Direct predictions: Luigi Dating Sim made by the Dream Daddy team; New Ace Attorney entry; Disco Elysium port with Switch exclusive option to play as Wario; Bayo 3 news and snippet of a new P* game; Jimmy and Bimmy in Smash!


I don't know if there's the same deal in the States, but on the EU eShop the Oniken + Odallus dual pack is only €5 (down from €20). Really great deal for 2 very fun games!


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