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Yo! This Freedom Finger game is great! Crude, crass, and absolutely hilarious! The soundtrack is fucking on point! I grabbed it on eShop sale for €9. Well worth every penny!


For all of you who have received FF7R, please put ALL screenshots in the comments. Due to obvious reasons mine is delayed till at least the 14th and I've been looking forward to it for a long time. I want to go in as blind as possible. Thanks! (bump2)


Why did no one tell me Aesop Rock was in Freedom Finger with new music!!!!!! Gotta buy that one asap!! Also, this track is tight!


Rare sketch of Dere and his wife out on their first date.


I went on Facebook today to check in with friends and family. I learned people think that 5G internet is causing the epidemic. May deer god have mercy on their poor, stupid souls. My brain hurts now.


Cool! P.R.R. are back from a 10 year hiatus with a killer new record! This track is terrific! Fans of Porcupine Tree, The Pineapple Thief, or Gazpacho should love this!


I reached peak quarantine insanity yesterday and chopped off my majestic beard. I hate it! I have not seen my chin in over 20 years. Good news, it'll be back in about a week. I really need a haircut.


Seems the marvelous Disco Elysium is getting a Switch port!!! I am so double dipping on this. And boy, I'd pay the ridiculous shipping fees if it gets a physical version. One of my favorite games ever!!! Link in comments!


This new Haken track fucking rips!!! They went hella heavy (and seem to be listening to a lot of Devin Townsend and Fear Factory lately). Can't wait till the new record in June! #ArbitraryMetalTuesday


Hot dogs are sandwiches?


My current music obsession. What's on your playlists? Have a terrific Mowedsatday!!!


Have a great weekend everybody!


Hope you all have a great Friday! Stay safe and stay sane!


Question: I love the Ace Attorney series but never played a VN outside that series (well, Murder by Numbers if that counts). Are VNs like AA where there's some puzzle solving and whatnot or is it just reading a bunch of text? Recs, Switch preferably.


I'm really impressed how well The Touryst runs on Switch! It's not very demanding butt still. Damn beautiful game in motion. I think I'm really gonna enjoy this one! (It's on sale now, go spend money!)


20 hrs into La Mulana 2 and I'm still loving it. But it's puzzle teeth are really being beared now. Haven't had to use a pen & paper for notes in a while (since the last LM or Fez I think). When was the last time you use P&P for a video game?


Look at my pussies! Aren't they just precious! Hope you all have a happy and healthy day!


Difficult gaming choices: Catherine FB for €20 or wait on the Switch (portable may be worth the tax for me) or finally RDR2:UE €35 (I don't like GTA games, love open world and was told I'll probably dig it). Update: got Catherine. I need weird :)


Have a great day all! Enjoy all the April Fools jokes!


Best Buy has physical copies of Divinity:OS2 Switch with some rad alternate cover art up for pre-order! Link in comments.


If you're thinking of buying something on the eShop, maybe hold off till Thursday :) Have a terrific day!


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