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Dammit Spelunky. Why you gotta make it so easy to accidentally murder the kitty. This game is ravaging my soul.


Gotta say, between the Chrises, Zoey, Noelle, Eric, all the cblogs fronted, and even Ashley even if her stuff is not usually for me, the content on the FP is the best it's been in years. If only I didn't have to fight with Disqus and ads to fully enjoy it


I can't believe I'm saying this and I do say it as a huge Iron Maiden fan, but I think it's time the band retires. Yet another overly long, paint by the numbers, 80 min of boredom. I'd have preferred a bad album that did something new. 'Sigh'


Have a nice day everyone!


Neat! The more you look at it :) artist: https://jeffleejohnson.com/ more cool stuff on his site.


Have a great week you sexy people!


Have a great weekend all!


My Great Ace Attorney game was finally attempted to be delivered after nearly 2 months of delivery hell. Annnnd they want €219 of customs.... lololol. Fuck that! Rejected. Now to fight for a refund. Already bought the digital version. Pic unrelated


Everyone always be talking about how terrible pumpkin spice is but not how apple cinnamon is low-key the g.o.a.t. Says a lot about society. Anyhoo, have a great day all!


Something seems familiar. Can't put my finger on it...


Been really hooked on Returnal these past couple days. Deer good God these boss fights are fun! Tough, but hella fun! Have a great day all!


Happy birthday to my favorite Estus flask on dtoid! Have a grand one buddy!


I've only watched the first few episodes, but if you are in the mood to visually assaulted with copious qualities of nightmarish wtfuckery and some great acting, do check this limited series out ASAP.


Have a great weekend all!


Have a nice day you lovely people!


Watched Princess Mononoke for the millionth time the other day and I'm amazed at just how perfect that film is. I could easily watch it a million more times and not get sick of it. What are some movies you could rewatch over and over?


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