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This looks really awesome and I've been hearing great stuff about it.


Have a great day all! What were your top games from E3? 1. BotW2 2. Metroid Dread 3. Elden Ring 4. Advance Wars remake 5. Guardians of the Galaxy 6. SMT 5 7. Inscryption 8. Yokai Inn 9. Mario X Rabbids 2 10. Chaos FF game. Pic unrelated


Oh, and there's a big eShop sale in EU and USA. Grabbed Va11ha11a and Phonotopia finally. :)


I know we (rightfully) give Nintendo a lot of shit. But damn, the smiles they gave gamers today are priceless. Well done N! Our lord and E3 savior!


The hype-train is real!!! What are your unrealistic but very plausible announcement wishes. Thanks Torch for reminding of Pushmo and NES Remix. Ports of those are my biggest wishes!


E3 may be a big letdown but let's remember that this is all caused by Covid bending the world over backwards. Keep the devs who were affected in mind and toss the games industry a mulligan this year. They actually did a great job under the circumstances.


So.... Elden Ring guys!


Cosplay win! Link to more pics in comments.


EA... Player Appreciation..... 'MikeTysonLaugh.gif'


So far my biggest reveal is Diablo 2 remake is hitting Switch. I'm definitely day 1-ing that! And that Guardians game looks neat (hope it runs acceptably on ps4). Capcom and Nintendo, the stage is yours :) Have a great day! Pic unrelated.


What's your most plausible unrealistic hope from Square's presentation later? Mine would be Final Fantasy Tactics WotL and the portable entries getting Switch ports. Pic unrelated, just for smiles.


Have a great Sunday all! Hopefully today's showings are less dull than yesterday's.


Mario x Rabbids looks great and the villains Far Cry dlc looks interesting. Otherwise, that was dull as fucking fuck. They even made the cringe boring!


Have a great weekend all!


In today's edition of "I Have Too Many Games On My Switch Wishlist", this looks really great! Nice to see something other than a film tie-in with Lego. Also, Yooka-Laylee Switch for €10, yay or nay?


Was checking if my laptop can run Chicory and it seems it can :)


Yay! Friday! Have a great one all!


This is definitely going on the 'buy sooner rather than later' wishlist. Looks charming and it's by the Monument Valley team!


Have a terrific day! What's your favorite AIC song. It's a toss-up between Nutshell and Head Creeps for me.


Assert dominance. Smell like ham. Lolol


Interesting article about why the localization of The Great Ace Attorney took so long. (Link in comments) I got hooked up with a few localization gigs during lockdown and lemme tell you, not easy work, but fun!


I have become one with the Gates! The Gates slumber inside me! I shall do only the Gates bidding! Unto the Gates His will! Ïa! Ïa! Gates f'tagn! Give yourselves to the Gates!


This looks really neat! You play as a tiny human and make bug mechs. Definitely gonna be the next indie I purchase. Hopefully the Switch performance is up to snuff because it looks gorgeous!


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