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I went and triple dipped on Disco Elysium and got the Switch version the other day because it was on sale. I've played the PC, ps4, ps5, and Switch version. If you're undecided which version is for you check the comments. Screenshot: Switch (portable)


I'm finishing my motherfuckin' coffee. Have a nice day all!


Do you find my screenshot posts spoilery/annoying? If so, just say the word and I'll stop. Anyhoo, #Contextoid


Yes, lawyers are the pinnacles of society and can be unconditionally trusted! Oh, and happy new year's and all that. Hope you have a nice weekend!


Now your speaking my language!


Have a great day! My final holiday game haul list in the comments if you're interested.


Dear Universe, Make this happen! Sincerely, Everybody


It's another Kena screenshot no one asked for! I wonder how much thought went into intentionally setting up particular areas as photo op spots? In case you haven't noticed, I'm really enjoying the game! Combat has a nice, mid-spicy bite to it too!


A rare look into the RiffRaff household. Have a great day!


For as much as the West loves forensic, detective, lawyer, and investigation shows I'm surprised we don't have many games developed here on the theme. Fortunately Japan has been picking up the slack :) Also, when is RGG gonna just write a TVseries already


I'll be playing 2021 games well into '22 but my top 3 as of now is: Returnal, Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, and Resident Evil 8. Defacto best game of '20: Yakuza: Like a Dragon. Honorable Mention: Disco Elysium: The Final Cut. Have a great day!


I usually never mess with the photo mode in games, but have been having fun with it in Kena. Such great art direction in every corner. What are some of your favorite games to screenshot/photo mode?


Gotta say, I'm enjoying F.I.S.T. more than I did with Dread (and I do think Dread is great if slightly overrated). There's some jank and first time devs growing pains, but there's tons of 'vania fun to be had. Don't overlook this one!


Hope you have a great day!


My appointment for my next tattoo later this week got postponed a month because the artist tested positive this morning. I blame my hubris for booking ink for Christmas week. Hope the artist recovers well. Can't wait till the end of Jan.!


Have a great week! Bonus maybe NSFW meme in comments.


RIP to one of the greatest people who ever walked this Earth. Thank you good sir.


Kena: Bridge of Spirits is so damn beautiful. Screenshot-able at any given moment. Game is very fun too, like an old-school PS2/GameCube action-adventure but now with prettier graphics. And the physical edition comes with adorable stickers!


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