Gamnesia: Three Minutes to Midnight was E3's hidden gem
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I haven't watched the past couple seasons of South Park. Do I need to to get the jokes in Fracured?


These are my adorable kitties, Floki and Freyja. I love them so much. Enjoy this picture of my kitties! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Dear Summer, Fuck off please.


That Game Over shirt always did irk me. Would definitely sport a New Game + one.


Very important news! Valentina Nappi is playing Tifa Lockhart in the FFVII movie!


Do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior Dino Crisis?


Seeing as worst movie sequels are the rage on the fp, what's your favorite? Mine? Big Trouble in Little Vagina. Very different direction than the Carpenter classic, but after 1 viewing I watched it 100 more times :p. Seriously though, Gremlins 2.


Why is it people often come out of the woodwork only to bitch about something or be negative? So, let's buck the trend. What's something you love about gaming, Dtoid, movies, humanity, life, whatever?


Started a replay of Bioshock Infinite and this time around it feels more poignant given the current political climate (last time I played was before Cheeto in Chief). Love this game, warts and all.


I'm laughing way too much at this.


Is this what rock bottom looks like?


Assuming a game has competent gameplay, what is you biggest factor in the garnering of your interest in a game? For me it's art direction. Give me an interesting visual style that pops and I'll swoon.


Pro-tip: Got a newsletter from Nintendo saying an E3 sale is starting tomorrow. So if you were thinking of buying something for Switch today maybe hold off and take advantage of that massive 5 percent discount.


A buddy pointed this band out to me today and I'm absolutely smitten! By far the best new band I've heard in years. Afro American Gospel music twisted with black metal. Real visually striking video for this tune as well. Check it out!


So, I gave Fortnight a try and I have no fucking clue what I'm doing. A playable tutorial would be great.


All around I enjoyed the reveals and updates of e3. Everybody won! Except my wallet. Most hyped for DMC 5, Smash, Death Stranding, Fire Emblem, Ghost of Tsushima, and that P*\Square game. You?


I fell asleep before the Sony conference and am catching up on it now. Some neat stuff so far. Nice that Nintendo understands their audience are old geezers and scheduled the Direct accordingly. Pic unrelated.


Bethesda really should have got the rights to use this song for the Doom trailer. Perfect fit! "Nocturnal Infernal The suffering eternal"


I really want to love Shadow of the Colossus but holy hell is the camera frustrating me to no end. Just beat colossus 11 and 40 minutes of that fight was just me trying to situate the camera to figure out wtf to do.


I'm going to miss EA's conference because I need to do family stuff, but I will be jamming on some Huey Lewis to compensate.


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