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One of genius design decisions of ARMS I think is it never says 'You Lose'. Even when I'm on a losing streak, I'm not getting frustrated and am having fun.


What's going on here!? I go to the gym and come back and it reeks of maple syrup and there are hosers I don't know everywhere. :P


I started reading a series called Caverns & Creatures by Robert Breven. Loving it so far! If you've played D&D (or even have a passing interest) and enjoy dick and fart jokes, it comes highly recommended. http://www.caverns-and-creatures.com


The more I play of Nier Automata the more it keeps getting more tweaked out! Shaping up to be a damn great story. And deer god! That OST! You guys are right on how great it is! Just got past the part of this song.


Been chipping away at Tales from the Borderlands and Gortys is like the best, most adorable robot ever.


I did a Google search for an ARMS meme to go along with this post and unwittingly found way too much Switch Puppy porn. Wtf is wrong with people! Anyhoo, ARMS tips and tricks thread. What things have\haven't been working for you?


Hope you're all having a great weekend! Happy Father's Day to those of you who engaged in a bit of procreation!


Made an E3 Report Card. Yay!!! Bumped for Tacos. Results and grade in comments (my laptop is being an asshole right now and I dont feel like doing all of the work on a tablet. Sorry)


I'll be gaming on ARMS as much as possible this weekend. Add me up and let's punch each other! 0616-9497-1790


Take it a step further and remove Mario's iconic moustache along with his hat and... Deer god!! Mario isn't Italian!? He's Canadian treasure Rick Moranis!!!!!


The local piadina place went all out with the presentation of my lunch today. Salmon, avocado, lime. Time to work it off with some ARMS!


Due to a public transportation strike I've got the full day off tomorrow and ARMS set to land in my postbox. Hells yeah!!! Laziness here I come!


Can any of you at E3 give Call of Cthulhu a shot and report on it? I am highly interested in the game. Ïa! Ïa! Cthulhu f'tagn!


Amidst all the E3 buzz, I haven't dropped your reminder that you are all fucking awesome. Keep on being fucking awesome you awesome beasts!


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