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After 25 years, I really gotta buckle down and quit smoking. I smoke about 10 hand rolled a day. Tried cold turkey a couple times and nearly lost my job, so that's not an option. Any suggestions? Vaping?


Just heard about some scumfuck going GTA in Barcelona. To any fellow dtoiders and residents of Barcelona, my heart to you all. I'm usually an optimist, but the past year has been making it hard to keep faith in humanity.


This absolute classic of a song popped up on my random playlist and it made me think of all yous guys. Dedicated to Dreamweaver\Morpho, may he still be lurking round these parts.


Finally finished Torment:ToN, I can check that off my backlog list.Very decent game with an intriguing story and some of the best writing in the business. Shame the combat is so bad.It's functional, but I'd be lying if it didn't hurt the experience a bit.


Well, I just can't walk away from a sphincter without at least trying to clog it up.


I'm going down the Dtoid Master List and being a whore and adding all of yous to my Switch and PS4. If you get a request from RiffRaff (Switch) or Riff%20 (Psn), that's me. If you're not on the master list and don't mind an add, comment me your info:)


Missed MetalTuesday yesterday :( But will go back and add your picks to my playlist :) Anyhoo, I feel like sharing a few of my favorite songs ever (in comments, actually not all metal ;) ). What are you favorite songs of all time and why?


Played the Rayman Demo on Switch. Please tell me there are more levels like Castle Rock. That was one of the very best levels I've ever played.


Looks like America gets no dick in Conan. Not that they're my sexual organ of first choice, but I never understood the irrational fear of penises that American culture has.Link in comments. #FreeWilly


Started playing Gravity Rush: Remaster yesterday and love that it uses motion controls for fine tuning the aiming. Why can't more PS4 games do this? It just feels right. Motion controls are great when implemented properly.


C\P of a piece of comment I made on Luckrequied's blog containing a funny anecdote about me trying to get my Marriage Certificate in Italy. Seemed too good not to share. BTW, I love Italy, warts and all.


Having an insanely shitty week(company can't pay the €3k they owe me till next month and gave no warning, money I was really counting on). At least one of my all time favorite bands got a new record out today!!! Black Prog Metal.Fun facts in the comment


Got my little prize from NIS America!!! It's so cute! Also, the Prinny Support Squad has amazing penmanship.


Hope you all are having a good day!!!!


How have you guys been using you Switches? I'm about 85% handheld mode, 14.75% TV mode, and 0.25% tabletop mode (brought it to work once for about 30min of Mario Kart). Pic is unrelated.


All this talk of pudding got me like


This made me think of Hotline Miami.


Unpopular opinion: Nier: Automata is a bit overrated and didn't effect me emotionally at all. It wasn't bad by any means, just didn't live up to the hype. I just can't get emotionally attached to androids.


'Sees a Stephen King novel sized article on why BotW is overrated and 150+ comments' Nope. Not going in there. And for shits an giggles, I love BotW, it's sitting at 3 on my best Zelda games list (1. Majora's Mask 2. ALttP)


I see there's a couple birthdays, so Happy Birthday! Enjoy!!!!


I'm about to cancel my Amazon UK order for the Snes Mini because I have 2 other preorders from Amazon Italy (still available) and Gamestop which will cost much less after shipping and currency exchange. If you're quick, you might be able to snag it.


The Switch keeps on improving my gaming time. I can last about 45 min in the living room where the PS4 is before I can't take the heat anymore. The Switch can come into the bedroom with me to indulge in sweet sweet air conditioning with me.


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