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So, yeah, definitely addicted to Darkest Dungeon on Switch. It's how I'd like all random battles to be in turn based Rpgs instead of slogging through the same commands over and over. Also, this song is the most brilliant thing I've heard in aeons!


My brother just sent me this advert for the local Rocky Horror theater. I don't know how the Switch will be involved but methinks I need to book a visit to the States to find out.


Thinking about finally getting Darkest Dungeon on Switch. Anyone play the port yet? Good? Is the bundle with the dlc worth €30? Also, have a great Friday and weekend!!!


Have a delightful birthday RoboPanda and a big thanks for all you do for the community!!!


So I think Nintendo is going to release my cats favorite game.


And happy birthday to Larx too!! You is hella sexy!!!


Happy Utero-Liberation Day Wes, you sexy beast!!!!


Is #ArbitraryMetalTuesday still a thing? 'Cause this new Summoning record is fucking phenomenal!!! LotR themed folky black metal. Couldn't find a full track on YouTube, but the record's on Spotify and I can't recommend a listen enough.


So I caved and ordered a XBC2 Pro Controller. For the price it better be the most comfortable, longest lasting controller I have ever used. If it tops the Wavebird I'll consider it money well spent. What are your favorite controllers?


Help! I'm trapped under kitties and I really want to play some video games! :p


What is selling me on Dark Souls Switch isn't the portability, but that I may now be able to pause the fucking game somehow. Sleep mode ftw!


Started playing Horizon and am absolutely loving it. Made me realize how much I really do enjoy open world games. What are some of your favorite real-world-ish game worlds? For me it's India like in Uncharted:TLL or Far Cry 4.


Horizon Zero Dawn Complete for €30! Yes please! Can't wait to finally play this, heard it's quite ok :)


Things I want most from the next Nintendo Direct. Mario Golf and Hyrule Warriors 2. Make it happen N! What do you guys want the most?


If you have the patience for a glacial paced 83 minute doom metal song Mirror Reaper by Bell Witch is well worth your attention. Also, album cover of the year! And if you care, my album of the year will be in the comments :) What were your AotYs?


Happy day all!!! Hope it's the bee's knees! What's on your gaming plate for today? I think I'm gonna play a bit of Nioh and FE Warriors.


For the love of god, why, in this day and age when most gamers are adults with responsibilities, can there not be a damn pause feature, especially during cutscenes. Phones ring, doors knock, cats get into something. #firstworldgamerproblemrant


My finalized GotY list. 10.Uncharted TTL 9.Everybody's Golf 8. Arms 7.Mario+Rabbids 6.Mario 5.Nier 4.Hellblade 3.Yakuza0 2.Persona5 1.Zelda. Honorable mention, Stardew Valley and Isaac (Switch ports namely) Xenoblade2 (Not completed yet)


Want to gift myself a little something for my bday, thinking Nioh. Just how hard is it? I couldn't handle DS3 but am 1 trophy away from BB plat. Is the dlc worth the time? Also thinking RE7, would that be a better purchase?


Thinking of getting surround sound headphones. The Sony Platinum are a but pricey but if you guys can vouch for them I may grab em. Any suggestions? Need to use them with PS4 and Switch.


Hey all! Hope you had a great holiday! A couple weeks ago my wife and I adopted our Christmas gift, Floki and Freyja. Best gift ever! I also got FE Warriors, Xenoblade, and Superstar Saga and gifted myself Steamworld 2 for my bday (Friday).


Just dropping in to say what's up! Damn responsibilities have been keeping off the internet the past few months (actually a good thing really) but all is well. In case I don't get a chance to do so, I want to wish you all a fucking awesome Christmas!!!!


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