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Happy Thanksgiving yous guys! While I can't interact as much as I want lately (damn adulting) I'm thankful you crazy fuckers are here and cheer me up whenever I pop on with your candid and delightful jokes and observations and love for gaming!!!


Finally got Yakuza Zero. Time to see what all the hype is about. Really hope it's as ridiculous as I'm led to believe.


Attn Metalheads, there's an official Amon Amarth game. Shame it's mobile only as it looks like a neat sidescoller I'd drop a few bucks on if it were on pc or console.


The latest from Wolves in the Throne Room is my current reigning AotY. Such a great return to form and their best work imho. #ArbitraryMetalTuesday


Ya sure,I'll take part in #selfietoid for the first time. Next stop, coffee.


Started playing the Witcher 3 again to get a better ending and do the expansions. I gotta say that it has become one of my top three favorites if all time. Just so realized and even fun to replay (which is something I don't do often with massive rpgs).


Never thought I'd rather be at work than home. Got a combo of the flu and a sinus infection. At least I'll have the opportunity to put a sizable dent in FFXIII.


Gotta thank Mario Odyssey for reminding me how great it is to play with a separated controller. That is by far the most comfortable way I've gamed. I never want to go back to a traditional controller.


My favorite Mario screenshot in the comments.


Well.. That first 'capture' was actually kind of horrifying.


New Dong City. NSFW Nintendo Seal of Quality Mario dong in comments.


Been making my way through the Uncharted series over the past few months, and besides being one of the greatest series I've ever played, it occurred to me, why the fuck isn't there a big budget Indiana Jones game series. They would sell like hotcakes!


Aww yeah! A day off finally!! Time too play games till my eyes bleed. How have you guys been?


Cool tshirt alert! qwertee.com. And I haven't been around these parts much and interacting lately because work and a mission to really pound into my backlog, but I still love yous guys!! Have a great weekend!!!


I don't know if it's the same in the States, but all the proceeds of Hellblade sold tomorrow will go towards a UK mental health charity. Guess it's time to grab that game :)


Is #Socktoid still a thing? Found these beauties at an Old Navy.


I got 20 left in my gaming budget for Oct. tough choice between Axiom Verge, Thimbleweed Park, or Stardew Valley. Leaning AV. What say you?


Playing Castlevania 4 and marveling at how amazing the ost is. Get to level 3-3 and now I can't get this scene from Anchorman out of my head. Happy to see many of you are getting yours! What did you play first? I went SMW.


Look what I got in the post today! Have to head to work now, but I see a long evening gaming session in my near future!


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