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Is anyone else's daily run counter bugged in Dead Cells? I've been stuck at 4 more runs for days now.


A very popular song translated to Aramaic and then back to English. Guess what it is :) Happy Wednesday!


Koch Media acquired the Timesplitters license and seems to be interested in actually doing something with it! Even a port of TS2 would make me thrilled. Link in comments.


My favorite song by one of my top tier favorite bands. The word 'epic' is often superfluous, but it describes Moonsorrow perfectly. I get goosebumps every time I hear this song, especially the intros and outro. Check it out! #ArbitraryMetalTuesday


So far there's been 4 games this year I'd give a 5/5 to. GoW, Dead Cells, Celeste, and Hollow Knight. And then there's Smash Bros and Spiderman on the horizon which also have 5/5 potential. Gotta say, the past 3 years have been incredible for games. :)


Had The Hand of the King down to a sliver of health and then blinked. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! On the plus side I can burn through Clock Keeper and Concierge in like 10 seconds. I haven't been hooked on a game this hard in a while. Dead Cells is great!


Could anyone explain the stats in Dead Cells weapons? Ex. Sword with 189 (452) dps and +25% damage. What does the number in brackets mean and is the +% dealt or received? Thanks!


As requested by @Soulbow here's my Iron Maiden tat. Let this be a lesson, take care of your ink lest it end up a blurry, colorless mess 20 years down the road. Sunscreen and lotion do the trick. Pic with flash in comments.


More like Fartnight. :P


Soooooooo, Jean Ralphio is gonna be Sonic.


What are the best games you discovered via emulation? For me, Earthbound (which I've purchased multiple times since), Gunstar Heroes, and Zombie Nation.


What's your favorite Dead Cells weapon combo so far? I'm loving the boot paired with the ice blast and a sinew shredder thrown in for some range when needed.


Heya. I got a bunch of you on Switch but if your Switch name isn't your Dtoid name I don't know who's who. Fill me in? Add me up if you want so I can creep on what games your all playing:)


Even more relevant after that Direct. Now, where is Geno, Goku, and Waluigi!


I have a Steam key for La Mulana 2 from when I backed it and no laptop to play it on (and I'm not buying another, tablet does just fine). Promise me you'll actually play it and not let it rot in the backlog and it's yours :) 1st come 1st serve!


Man, between Dead Cells, Hollow Knight, and Iconoclasts it is an amazing time to be a Metroidvania fan with a Switch. All 3 are best in genre but each for very different reasons.


Digging on Saor a lot these days. Great band from Scotland. His music beautifully calls to the nature of his home country. FFO atmosheric folk metal in the vein of Panopticon and Moonsorrow. #ArbitraryMetalTuesday


Happy Monday! Questionably NSFW pic in comments.


I haven't written a cblog since my laptop died. So it's been quite a while. I finally wrote one today, entirely on my tablet.... Not suggested. Anyhoo, it's got 23 quick Switch indies review in it. Check it out if you're bored. Link in comments.


23 Quick Switch Indie Game Reviews

Like many of you I've been using my Switch quite a lot. Especially for indie games. Between the portability and that glorious dpad on the Pro controller I see no reason not to grab every indie that interests me on Switch if available ...


Happy Utero Liberation Day Gaj and Kerrik!


Started playing Thumper again. I absolutely love/fucking hate this game. Now braving level 6. This team needs to make the next F-Zero game. I don't think I've seen this kind of speed since F-Zero on Gamecube.


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