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Cool tshirt alert! qwertee.com. And I haven't been around these parts much and interacting lately because work and a mission to really pound into my backlog, but I still love yous guys!! Have a great weekend!!!


I don't know if it's the same in the States, but all the proceeds of Hellblade sold tomorrow will go towards a UK mental health charity. Guess it's time to grab that game :)


Is #Socktoid still a thing? Found these beauties at an Old Navy.


I got 20 left in my gaming budget for Oct. tough choice between Axiom Verge, Thimbleweed Park, or Stardew Valley. Leaning AV. What say you?


Playing Castlevania 4 and marveling at how amazing the ost is. Get to level 3-3 and now I can't get this scene from Anchorman out of my head. Happy to see many of you are getting yours! What did you play first? I went SMW.


Look what I got in the post today! Have to head to work now, but I see a long evening gaming session in my near future!


Not a bad PS+ line up this month. MGS5, Amnesia Collection, and Hue. I haven't played a MGS game since 3 so I think I'll give 5 a go. Story is so convoluted that I don't think I'm missing anything by skipping 4. Amnesia will be a good Halloween game.


My Snes Mini is in the post!!!! Yay!!!


Watching Paprika right now for the first time and was giddy when I found Mr. Dtoid's origin!


Besides Studio Ghibli films I'm not versed well in the world of Japanese animation. Other than Akira, which anime films are the must watch ones?


Started playing the FF xii remaster and besides the reminder of how great the music is, what I really appreciate about the remaster (and most remasters in general) is the text for everything is nice, big, and readable! More of this in modern games please!


Happy Utero-Liberation Day to those celebrating the anniversary of that time you rubbed your face all over your mom's vagina! Enjoy!!!


Hey all! Back in EU from my trip to the States. All is good back in NJ. Got to spend a few days in Seattle which was cool. Watched about 15 films between flights and cinemas.IT and Logan were my fave of the bunch.Switch travels nicely. What have I missed?


Have a good weekend!


Just saw mother!. And.. It was a movie. A really good movie. Def want to see it again if only to try to figure it out some more. Go see it as blind as possible. I don't think any studio is giving Aronofski a big budget and free reign again any time soon.


Dropping in to say what's up! How bout that N Direct! XBC2 looks hella tight. Loved how the presentation went from all serious to goofy. Surprised it didn't get delayed!


I @Dere you to have a Happy Birthday!!! Thanks for all the laughs, they always brighten my day!


I have a few games in my 'finish up' backlog. What should be next? Odin Sphere, Witcher 3 dlc, or Uncharted 3 from the remasters. Considering platinuming Bloodborne, but those Chalice Dungeons are just not fun.


Not even Geralt can escape the Slav Squat!


After pc crashes, sudden hard drive failures erasing my save data, starting a new game on console getting backtracked hours because of a bug, after two years I have finished Divinity:OS. A huge check off on the backlist.


A somewhat famous Brazilian\Italian surf rock band, Selton, lives in my building and gave a a free show in out apt building(Milan, Italy). Was pretty neat. They got a new record out, it ain't half bad. Check it out. Music in comments


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