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Happy I found a morsel of internet today to be able to see it's dtoids bday!! Thanks to Niero, staff, robots, and the community for being so sexy and awesome! Love yous!!!!


Greetings from Varanasi, India! Hope yous are all well! Will post a few more pics when I get back home in a couple weeks.


I'm passing on seeing my favorite band, Iron Maiden, because none of the venues have seating and are outdoors during June and I hate festivals.(Seen them 9 times though) When did I start turning into a crotchety old man? This happening to anyone else?


Happy #CatGirlFriday Here are my precious bundles of mischief Freyja and Floki. Floki's a boy but I hope you can make an exception. Also, happy belated birthday to Limo Vxxy and anyone else who had one these days!!!


We're getting the rare bit of snow here in Milan. Bonus points to whoever can name what famous game\level is modelled after this cathedral.


What's a well regarded game\series you've never played and probably won't ever that seems the rest of the gaming world has? I've never played Shenmue or a COD game.


I'm absolutely loving the latest record from The Atlas Moth. They really jacked up the heaviness on it. What's some good aggressive metal yous guys been digging on lately? #ArbitraryMetalWednesday


On my way to get my first platinum trophy with Horizon Zero Dawn, just need to play the last couple missions. What a damn fun experience this game has been. Easily one of the best game worlds. What are some of your favorite open world worlds?


Hope you all have a great Friday and weekend.


I usually don't get political on here, but since that orange shitgibbon is bucking the blame on games.. Fuck Trump, fuck anyone who still supports him, and fuck the empathy-less whores lining their pockets with the blood of children.


Sooooooo. I'll say broth.


Yakuza Kiwami for €15. Fucking sold so hard!


Finally saw 3 Billboards, Shape of Water, and Get Out over the past week (takes a bit for the original language versions to hit the big screen here) and each one was amazing. Can't believe the Academy chose such great films this year.


Tough decision. Monster Hunter or double dip on Bayonetta.


I hope all your genitals end the day on a happy note! Love yous guys!!!!


I'm laughing way too hard at this.


I am absolutely loving Celeste! So charming and endearing. I suggested it to a buddy and he said a pixel art indie game isn't worth €20. Not the first time I've heard people undervalue indie games like this. Anyhoo, What are your favorite pixelart indie


I haven't been this disinterested in a superbowl in a while. Of course I'd love it if the Pats are upset, but, meh, skipping it this year. May the squad who hattricks more touch gols get a birdie.


I'm starting to warm up to rouge-lites as I've sunk tons of hours into Darkest Dungeon and Isaac (and Don't Starve when I had a pc, Switch port please!). Any quality ones you'd recommend I should put on my wishlist (pref Switch).


The new Humble Book Bundle is a must buy! Can't wait to read "Angry Man Pounded by the Fear of His Latent Gayness Over a Dinosaur Transitioning Into a Unicorn"!


Trying to use as little hyperbole as possible, the new Orphaned Land record is really really really good. One of the most unique bands in music these days. #ArbitraryMetalTuesday


I'd like to actually see this!


Hope you all are having a nice week!!!


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