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Have a beautiful week!


Have a great day all!


Heya Dtoiders in and around NYC. I'm going to visit my family in NJ for a couple weeks next Friday and was wondering if any of you would like to meet up one weekday afternoon for a coffee or Nintendo store visit. Will bump this post a few times this week.


Have a great weekend all!


Have a pleasant Friday!


Awwww yeah! Finally got to the credits in Returnal! What a hell of a damn fine game. Those boss fights were awesome! Definitely want to get the platinum for the game. 10/10 top tier goty.


I wonder who that could be... Already spent a couple hours with Eastward and it's outstanding so far. It's not shy about shouting out its inspirations but still feels like its own thing. I'm getting a strong feeling this is gonna be something special!!


Happy birthday to the most awesome beard bearing flaming bear of Dtoid!!! Have a great one Funzunga!!


Going on almost 2 months without cigarettes and I am feeling pretty great! Hope my fellow quitters are hanging in there and would like to challenge other smoking dtoiders to stop making excuses and quit right now! You can do it! If I can do it so can you!


Well, how about that! Hope you have a sexy day!


Just wanna say The Great Ace Attorney has been nothing but spectacular for me so far (just starting the trail on case 4 game 1). It's shaping up to be a serious GotY contender. A great purchase for anyone who hasn't played the series yet.


My wife noted these things to me but it seems Rayban is taking their turn at smart glasses. I hope these things crash and burn and I have a massive issue with shit like this. I'm getting sick of having cameras everywhere. Rant continued in comments....


Capcom, my game proposal. Also, have a great day all!


Spent the past 4 days scraping off the previous tenets'/landlord's shitty handyman's cracking paint job that was breeding mold and putting up a fresh 2x coat of good paint. Fuckin' done! But can we please go back to a time when wood paneling was king?


Have a great day everyone!


New Mastodon! And holy fucking hot hell does it rip hard! One of the best songs I've heard from them in years! A bit old school and a bit new school. Got a good feeling about the upcoming double album (out Oct. 29).


Well, this looks gorgeous! Very tempted to grab it next week. I do have a few gold points...


Holy shit balls, after around 25 attempts I finally passed biome 5 in Returnal! Half of my losses were me pushing my luck too hard, but damn was that fun and challenging! And biome 6... at least I found its upgrade... I need a break... Pic unrelated


Awww yeah! Eastward pre-ordered and downloaded! Been looking forward to this game since it's first reveal. Love the artwork on the icon. Shame we can't make them bigger because there's some great icon art on Switch. What are some of your favorites?


Dammit Spelunky. Why you gotta make it so easy to accidentally murder the kitty. This game is ravaging my soul.


Gotta say, between the Chrises, Zoey, Noelle, Eric, all the cblogs fronted, and even Ashley even if her stuff is not usually for me, the content on the FP is the best it's been in years. If only I didn't have to fight with Disqus and ads to fully enjoy it


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