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So, ummmm... That Bo Burnham special is... ummm... it's something... something alright.. you should watch it... and he deserves some kind of accolade for it... it's certainly a thing you can watch... and feel emotions... maybe laugh... maybe cry... idk.


Have a great day all!


Just finished watching Total Recall for the millionth time and was curious what your favorite Arnie flicks are? I can't decide between Total Recall, Terminator 2, and The Running Man. I feel an Arnie marathon coming on!


I've never played what's in the box with you! So let's! Hint: plenty of head trauma.


Have a great day everyone!


Thanks Zerot0nin for recommending Green Room. Some delightful intensity and nazi punks fuck off.


Maybe Demon's Souls isn't the best choice of games to play while trying to quit smoking...


So, should I watch the 4k Theatrical version of Midsommar or the 1080p Director's Cut? Leaning towards 4k theatrical because 2.5 hours is already long and it seems like a movie where 4k will shine. Also, thanks for all the movie suggestions last night!


So, my wife is away visiting her mom for a week so I want to take advantage of this to watch weird, fucked up movies she won't watch with me. Saw The Lighthouse tonight (outstanding!), Midsommer (DC) tomorrow. Any other suggestions? Pic unrelated.


Looks like Sony themselves have accidentally leaked the August PS+ games. Tennis is at least kinda maybe a little bit un poquito interesting to me. Hopefully Sept has a decent game or two.


Finally the weekend! Have a great one all!


Happy birthday Mr. Heston!


Check out today's Google Doodle. It's a playable kitty game about the Olympics. It's adorable!!! Have a great day!!!


Have a great day all! What's your favorite healing item in games? I like classics and simplicity, so Wall Chicken gets my nod. :)


After a couple days with the PS5, I love it and feel it was worth the investment. But I do wonder, does anyone actually choose graphics mode over performance mode? Ray tracing is nice but not worth giving up the smoothness. Pic unrelated.


Daddy, what could be more important than giving me snacky snacks right now?


Posted this in Reddit but I'll pop it up here in hopes that one of you guys might have a solution. Not a major issue for me, but would be nice to do this.


Have a fucking awesome day!


Hope the company keeps you when your internship is over! Have a great birthday, Coffee Getter!


Holy Shit! A Souls game has a pause feature! If you open the photo mode in Demon's Souls it pauses the game! Revolutionary! What's next, an Easy Mode hidden in the audio settings?


Astro's Playroom is the best pack-in game I've played since Mario World on SNES and it's the most adorable tech demo ever! I'm loving all the little Easter eggs strewn about!


Have a lovely day! You are all awesome!


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