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Dear Red Coin Shines, Go fuck yourself! Sincerely, RiffRaff pic unrelated


Yay! Friday! And I should be getting my new Pro Controller, Xenoblade Remake, and 3d All Stars delivered today! (and I bought Hades yesterday) Switch is gonna get a workout! I played and bought more games during the pandemic than any other time. You?


In case anyone is wondering, Hades runs at a near flawless 60fps in both handheld and TV mode. I've made it to the third area, which was the most demanding of my laptop and only noticed the slightest of dips. Looks great in both modes :) pic unrelated


And in even more good news for me today Porcupine Tree have finally release their best album (Fear of a Blank Planet) on streaming platforms and Dead Cells is getting a big update next week.


Dammit! Hurry up and get that sexy Hades action live on the eShop!! Can't wait to start a new save file! Edit: Got it! And it had a nice €5 discount! :) Today's been a good day and I've needed a good win. Pic Unrelated.


So, Gamestop (Italy) is now taking preorders for preorders on the PS5 and they're saying they can't guarantee it will arrive for Christmas. Yeah... Looks like whether I want to or not I'm waiting a bit on one. Luckily there's plenty else to keep me busy.


Just finally passed my driving learners permit test! Sounds stupid but it's a big deal for me. I suck at tests and taking one not in my native language is never easy. Hopefully the universe rewards me with my Xenoblade delivery today :) pic unrelated


I was already sold on a PS5 and FF16 sealed the deal. And Demon's Souls... OFMGOMFGOMFGOMFG!!!!!


What do you think will be the biggest video game blunder of 2021? Sony releases the PS5 for $499 but with sales not bringing in enough money they increase the price to $599. People are not happy. MS uses this initiative to increase their's to 'only' $549.


Been watching the Karate Kid films the past few days so I can catch my wife up before we start watching Cobra Kai tonight. I gotta say, part 3 seems to get shit on, but I really liked it. It was a fun balance of goofy and heartwarming. Part 2 was a mess.


I have very limited knowledge about anime outside of Studio Ghibli. I do however enjoy Aggretsuko immensely. So, yeah, best anime opening theme goes to Aggretsuko #ArbitraryMetalTuesday


Happy Birthday Fuzunga and Roager! Hope you get that game you always wanted and the time to play it too!!! Edit: Oh, wishes should be for Renaud! Happy Birthday you sexy bastard! Anyhoo, Roager, I wish the same for you too! Happy Unbirthday!


Good morning Dtoid! Have a great day!


Gargoyle. They just chill about and make a scary face here and there. Very low effort. Right up my alley.


And Spiritfarer is now finished. What a unique experience and one I wholeheartedly recommend. I do hope someone at Dtoid is doing a FP review so it doesn't get snubbed come GotY time.


Have a great week all!


Hey fellow metalheads! Can you think of any metal bands that are all about making goofy but still solid metal music like the metal tracks heard in The Origami King? The closest I can think of is the always entertaining, folk metal band Finntroll.


Have a great and relaxing weekend all!


Did that backlog site yesterday and went through the first 100 pages of most popular games. I've played 1,025 of them... 8 backlogged games. Not really feeling the site so I think I'll just delete my profile. Anyhoo, Have a great day!!! pic unrelated


Good morning all! Here's to a great day! How 'bout that Dune trailer! I'm thinking to squeeze yet another re-read of the book in before the film.


Well I am ecstatic. New Aesop Rock tune and full length album out in November!!!


Seems you'll be able to use the 'y' button to do the spin move in the Switch port of Galaxy. This pleases me. I'm not a big fan of abrupt motion controls in handheld mode. Anyhoo, question of the day: What game had motion controls you actually enjoyed?


I am having shit luck with controllers lately. First my Joy-Cons (which was an easy DIY fix) then my DualShock and now my Switch Pro. All victim to left stick drift. Bright side, I found a Pro on sale with Xenoblade Remake bundled, so...


Holy shit! This new clipping. track is off the fucking hook!


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